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How It All Works: PSA and Membrane Technologies Made Easy

A variety of manufacturers utilize Nitrogen and Oxygen gas for numerous applications. The ability to generate gas on-site is more economical and efficient than gas delivery.

In order to achieve the proper nitrogen purity level, nitrogen generators rely on either membrane technology or pressure-swing adsorption (PSA); whereas, oxygen relies solely on pressure-swing adsorption technology.

Pressure-Swing Adsorption Vs. Membrane Technologies – What is the Difference?

Adsorption is a physical process where one substance fully integrates into another. Pressure-swing adsorption (PSA) technology is designed to use the concept of adsorption as a means to separate gas molecules from each other. The process of adsorption involves molecules temporarily adhering to the surface of certain materials they come into contact with.

PSA Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators – The Process

A pressure-swing adsorption nitrogen generator usually consists of at least two towers. These towers contain carbon molecular sieve. Carbon molecular sieve is adsorbent material.

PSA System for N2 Generation

When compressed air is forced into the towers, they become pressurized. Once pressurized, the O2 gas molecules become trapped within the carbon molecular sieve. As the pressure is released, the nitrogen molecules are collected in a tank; meanwhile, the oxygen is released back into the atmosphere via a vent. Once the unwanted gas molecules are released into the atmosphere, they rapidly convert back to their ambient conditions.

Companies that frequently use PSA systems for nitrogen generation include:

  • Plastic Molding
  • Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Metallurgy
  • Fruit Storage

PSA System for O2 Generation

O2 generators with pressure-swing adsorption technology works very similar to the N2 generator however zeolite is used to isolate O2 molecules; thus, separating them from the other molecules within the compressed air. Oxygen generating systems are perfect for use in wastewater treatment plants, for ozone production applications and fish farming; furthermore, the portable O2 generators available through On Site Gas Systems are ideal for use in the medical field.

Membrane Technology for N2 Generation

A nitrogen membrane generator is designed to remove nitrogen from the atmosphere. This is accomplished by pushing compressed air through a set of polymer fibers. As the compressed air moves through the membrane, the nitrogen molecules are separated from the other molecules. Tiny microscopic holes in the membrane fibers allow oxygen to pass through and return to the atmosphere as waste gas: The nitrogen molecules are too large to pass through the microscopic holes; therefore, the N2 molecules are captured at the opposite end.

Nitrogen Cylinder Filling Station

An N2 filling station is the perfect solution for manufacturers who purchase bottled nitrogen. A nitrogen fill station from On Site Gas Systems, allows for easy cylinder refills. With an on-site nitrogen filling station, concerns related to running out of nitrogen gas and/or waiting for a delivery are in the past.

On Site Gas Systems offers its clients systems of the highest quality. All the systems On Site Gas Systems offers are designed to operate for decades. These systems are reliable even in the most remote locations around the globe, under the harshest climates and in a variety of hertz and voltage combinations. To learn more about the innovative products available, contact On Site Gas Systems today.

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