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Join OnSite Gas at Pack EXPO International Trade Show

OnSite Gas is excited to participate in the PACK EXPO International Trade Show in Chicago, from Nov. 6-9 at the Windy City’s McCormick Place. Given our wide array of gas-generation solutions for food and beverage production, storage, and packaging, the show is right in our lane.

The PACK EXPO International Trade Show is the year’s biggest devoted to processing and packaging. More than 2,300 exhibitors participate (including OnSite Gas) and some 50,000 are expected to attend. Combined with the Pharma EXPO happening concurrently in McCormick Place’s West Building, the shows encompass 1.2 million square feet.

This year’s PACK EXPO will highlight the latest in industry trends and technology (at the “Showcase of Packaging Innovations,” for instance), offer educational presentations (such as a breakdown on incorporating reusables into the packaging process), and facilitate valuable networking.

There’s even a performance by famed magician duo Penn & Teller on tap as part of the annual “PACK Gives Back” benefit evening, which, this year, is raising money for the No Greater Sacrifice charity that supports children of fallen or injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The PACK EXPO International Trade Show allows us to chat with current and potential customers and partners. And we’re always eager to be exposed to cutting-edge trends in the world of processing and packaging, from technological breakthroughs to emerging new needs and creative new solutions.

OnSite Gas Solutions for Food/Beverage Storage and Packaging

At OnSite Gas, much of our fine-tuned technology has applications in the packaging realm. Through the process called modified atmosphere packaging, our nitrogen generators can be used in the storage and packing of fresh and processed foods and beverages: wine, coffee beans and grounds, fruits and veggies, packaged snacks, and more.

Using nitrogen to buffer food products from oxygen and moisture — two agents that can hasten spoilage — modified atmosphere packaging keeps them fresher longer. The gas also helps vintners stave off the vinegary influence of oxygen at every stage of the winemaking process, from flushing and sparging to bottling.

Our nitrogen generation systems can integrate with just about any form or method of storing and packaging, from vertical form filling and canning to shrink-wrapping and bagging.

OnSite Gas nitrogen generators are also perfect for rendering the controlled atmosphere storage necessary to precisely manage oxygen levels and maintain a particular ripening timetable of stored fruits and vegetables. It can also be used on the processing side of things to ward off pests and store ingredients.

From a small boutique winery to a huge food distributor, OnSite Gas delivers innovative nitrogen-generation setups to satisfy your storage and packaging needs. And if you’re among our fellow exhibitors or attendees at PACK Expo International Trade Show, we’ll see you in Chicago this November.

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