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What Applications Oxygen Generators Are Used For

So, what are oxygen gas generators used for? Oxygen generators are used in a variety of industries to supply oxygen, operate equipment, or help in certain manufacturing processes. Common industries where our oxygen generators are used include mining operations, welding and cutting operations, metallurgy industries, glass making, wastewater treatment, and in laboratories and medical facilities. Some oxygen generator applications include:   Mining…

Advantages of a PSA Oxygen Generator

There are many reasons why PSA oxygen generators are ideal for commercial, industrial, and medical use. One of the main PSA oxygen generator benefits is that they have the ability to create 95 percent pure oxygen. Here are a few more PSA oxygen generator advantages:  Ability to Change Parameters  Affordable Purchase and Installation Costs  Automated Process Fast Installation Low Energy…

PSA Oxygen Technology

At On Site Gas, we utilize Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology for oxygen generation. This method uses variations in pressure to create concentrated oxygen.   Oxygen generation with PSA technology has the ability to create oxygen with a 95 percent purity. This is accomplished with our Pure Convenience line of PSA oxygen gas generators. In order to achieve higher oxygen levels, our PSA oxygen generators…

What Applications Nitrogen Generators Are Used for

Nitrogen generators are useful for multiple industries that utilize purified nitrogen. So, what are nitrogen generators used for? Some nitrogen generator applications include: Food and Beverage – Generators produce nitrogen to displace the oxygen that harbors bacteria and other microorganisms. Nitrogen inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause aging and decay in food products. Tires – Many high-performance tires,…

Advantages of a Nitrogen Generator

The primary reason why  nitrogen generators are used is to provide an on-site, cost-effective alternative to nitrogen gas delivery. Other nitrogen generator benefits include: High Nitrogen Purity – Generators can produce up to 99.9995% nitrogen. Low Operating Costs – Nitrogen generators are relatively inexpensive to run, even as compared to other forms of on-site nitrogen generation, such…

PSA Nitrogen Technology

PSA nitrogen gas generators utilize pressure swing adsorption technology for nitrogen production. This technology works much differently than membrane technology in that it uses a carbon molecular sieve (CMS) made up of a special material the size of a grain of rice. This porous material is packed into cylindrical vessels, which is then filled with…

How Do Nitrogen Generators Work?

The air on earth is composed of several different gases. The largest component of atmospheric air is nitrogen, at 78.2%. The remainder of the air contains 20.9 % oxygen, as well as smaller amounts of argon, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and other gases. Since certain applications utilize purified nitrogen, it is beneficial to use nitrogen…