R&D leadership in nitrogen membrane, PSA and oxygen generating technology

Long-term commitment. Consistent leadership.

On Site Gas has always been a leader in nitrogen membrane, PSA, and oxygen generation. To ensure that we’re not only staying ahead of the curve, but also defining it, we decided long ago to dedicate a substantial portion of our resources to research and development. We bring an extraordinary depth of experience to bear. In fact, many of those involved in R&D at On Site have been with the company for decades.

Our founder and President, Francis X. Hursey is a veteran of the Apollo Breathing Air Team and has been awarded multiple patents in noncryogenic gas technology, medical products and nitrogen applications. He invented QuikClot® brand hemostatic agent and was recognized as a top scientist in 2003 by Scientific American.

Our philosophy is to keep the simple processes simple, while making complex processes less complex. This way of thinking has formed the basis for our growth, and has enhanced our reputation. We use COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) parts so that our systems can be serviced by a mechanically inclined person, anywhere in the world. We have worked with and tested all technologies involving PSA gas production, and continue to find that our technology, improved over time, makes the most reliable systems in the world. We constantly seek new ways to apply our proven technology.

We’re not called On Site for nothing. While many of our systems have a dedicated location in a physical plant, many of our customers need gas systems on demand—ready wherever and whenever. Our engineers went to work, and the result is portable systems that range from small, self-contained units like POGS (Portable Oxygen Generating System, used as emergency medical oxygen by the military, first responders, and disaster management teams) to large, nitrogen-generating trailer systems that can scramble to a remote mine location in a matter of hours. Flexibility and dependability are two hallmarks of On Site’s R&D.

Many of our customers need more than one purity of oxygen or nitrogen. On Site’s solution is a purity flow exchange (PFX) design that allows us to meet your specs rather than selling you a higher-purity machine than you need. This allows the customer to change between purities on demand. We offer up to three different purities on one machine—another way to significantly lower your costs.

To remain a leader in the gas generation industry, On Site Gas Systems persistently seeks the latest, most advanced sieve materials. At the heart of our generators is the sieve material contained within the sieve bed vessels. This material separates the constituent gases from the desired gas; either nitrogen or oxygen. On Site Gas Systems continuously conducts research and testing with new sieve materials that may improve performance characteristics such as higher adsorption capacity. Improving adsorption capacity directly diminishes the amount of compressed air required to generate the product gas. Higher efficiency systems reduce the footprint of the system, improve the ROI, and diminishes operating cost by decreasing electricity consumption.