Nitrogen Generation for Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit Orchards / Storage

The controlled atmosphere (CA) storage method is an agricultural application for storing fruits and vegetables. Like most living things, bacteria need oxygen (O2) to survive. If oxygen is removed from a product, bacteria cannot live and grow to cause food to spoil. By controlling the amount of O2 in a food storage container, ripening can be directed to a point where fruits and vegetables will mature at a perfectly controlled pace.

The CA surrounding the product is a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen (N2), and carbon dioxide (CO2). Low temperatures are regulated along with high relative humidity to keep the nutritional value and flavor of the fruits and vegetables while reducing or eliminating food degradation or loss. On Site Gas Systems has provided controlled atmosphere storage and nitrogen generation solutions to growers and packers for over 30 years.

The Value of Nitrogen Generation in the Controlled Atmosphere Process

Nitrogen prohibits oxygen from reducing the flavor or quality of fresh produce after being harvested and readied for processing. If O2 comes in contact with fruit or vegetables during processing, the crop can become weakened or mottled.

Nitrogen generation is effective, affordable, and dependable for preventing unwanted oxygen levels from entering the system. When you have a nitrogen generator on-site, it saves you expenses in production, too. Nitrogen generator systems are routinely used to generate a controlled atmosphere. With thirty years of expertise, On Site Gas Systems can configure a superior nitrogen generator to help you maintain the perfect balance in CA. Contact our team today to find the right system that fits your needs.