Nitrogen Generators for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Operations in the pharmaceutical industry are predisposed to certain undesirable or even hazardous atmospheric conditions. One way to avert these undesirable conditions is to substitute for an inert dry atmosphere. Nitrogen gas decreases the presence of oxygen that can become a fire hazard or have a negative impact on quality control.

Nitrogen is the gas of choice to help provide the clean and sterile environment that is required for producing pharmaceutical products, as well as regulate the oxygen levels in the packaging of pharmaceutical products.

Instances in which nitrogen gas is utilized in pharmaceutical manufacturing procedures include:

  • The blanketing process used for high purity (or active) pharmaceutical ingredients during manufacturing.
  • Eradicating the presence of oxygen to inhibit rapid oxidation.
  • Inert atmosphere packing.
  • Safeguarding the inert environment that is required inside vaccine vials.

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