Nitro-Blast Nitrogen Gas Generators For Beer & Coffee

In the realm of coffee, cold brew is a hot commodity.

On Site Gas Systems Nitro-Blast on-location nitrogen generator system infuses nitrogen into cold brew coffee at point of service, ensuring quick, easy delivery of frothy, smooth coffee in less time than it takes brew a cup of traditional coffee. The Nitro-Blast system can also be used to infuse nitrogen into beer.

Our Nitro-Blast system infuses coffee or beer with gas, allowing it to develop a foamy, cascading head (like the topping on a pint of Guinness). As nitrogen interacts with coffee or beer, the bubbles enhance the flavor, texture, and frothiness.

Our Nitro-Blast nitrogen generator can be used in storage and tap delivery of cold brew coffee (and other beverages) from small coffee shops to larger breweries.  It is a safer alternative to cylinders and liquid Dewars.

The Nitro-Blast nitrogen generator is furnished in a cabinet and is equipped with air compressor, filters, sieve beds, HMI, oxygen analyzer, flow meter, nitrogen tank, pressure transducer, and auto-switch over to a back-up cylinder (cylinder not provided). It can service up to five tap lines simultaneously.

If you would like more information about On Site’s Nitro-Blast Nitrogen Generators, please contact us.