Nitrogen Generation for Bacteria Elimination

Bacteria Elimination

Nitrogen generation prevents the growth of all bacteria types. This is important to packaging beverages, cosmetics, food, vitamin supplements, and more. When a nitrogen generator is used to replace oxygen (O2) with nitrogen (N2), bacterial contamination is significantly reduced. Preserving products with N2 has an additional benefit. It can inflate every space in your packaging, push out the O2, replace it with nitrogen, and prevent moisture from getting inside.

Nitrogen Systems for Bacteria Prevention & Elimination

There are many benefits to using nitrogen systems to prevent and eliminate the growth of bacteria. Nitrogen is an inert gas that does not react with foods and is inexpensive and readily available. Plus, it is a non-chemical preservative that keeps products fresh and safe.

Nitrogen applications for bacteria prevention and elimination include food processing and manufacturing, packaging industries, and more. With over 30 years of expertise, On Site Gas Systems is the trusted supplier for nitrogen generation systems across multiple sectors. With our superior nitrogen generators, you will receive nitrogen generation that is second to none. You can choose from any of our standard systems or have our engineers build one custom for you.

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