Oxygen Systems for Sewage Treating

Sewage Treatment

Injecting oxygen into your sewage treatment basin dramatically increases bacteriological survival and regeneration. Your aerobics are well protected by using supplemental oxygen (O2) to keep your oxygen level up — regardless of the conditions, even in hot climates or summer months when O2 levels are at their lowest and consumption highest.


The process of de-compounding sewage wastewater using O2 uses the water’s bacteria to eat it away. The most effective way of doing that is to feed the bacteria. Aerating the wastewater with oxygen boosts the regeneration of the bacteria, which, in turn, increases the bacteria’s survival. The bacteria then process the material that is organic and stabilizes the wastewater. It is an efficient way to break down wastewater and prevents methane gas or hydrogen sulfide from developing.

Using supplemental oxygen in the wastewater maintains sufficient levels of oxygen. Especially during warm weather conditions when oxygen levels are at their lowest. When oxygen levels drop, wastewater levels rise from land runoff, sewage discharge, or industrial plants. Wastewater can also be water drained away from household appliances, toilets, and more.

On Site Gas Systems’ is the leading expert in oxygen generation for sewage treating. For over thirty years, our expertise has helped customers by supplying top-notch oxygen generation precision-tuned and reliable for all of their needs.

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