Nitrogen Generation for Semiconductor Manufacturing


For years, component level manufacturers and semiconductor producers have been using nitrogen inertion. Whether in the fabrication of stacked dies, rework, or component solder bumping, nitrogen gas allows for a larger process window in the safety of minimal oxygen. With the advent of mandated lead-free soldering, the critical issues of flux chemistry aggressiveness have again been raised. When this aspect of process control is coupled with the smaller Delta T temperature window, N2 inerting boosts production success.

Controlled nitrogen atmospheres in reflow, wave, selective, and rework applications give engineers a larger process arena to work in. Nitrogen also helps during the liquidous state while the solder is completing surface wetting for a good bond. We began testing PSA N2 generation with reflow and found that nitrogen purity levels required for reflow, wave and selective soldering range from 99.5% to 99.99%.

Recommended Nitrogen Systems for Semiconductor Manufacturing

The production of semiconductors is one of the most delicate manufacturing processes. It involves a steady supply of nitrogen that is essential for reliable solder lines. Lead-free soldering is an industry requirement, and the nitrogen generation systems from On Site Gas can help you maintain consistent production at your semiconductor manufacturing site. High-purity nitrogen is used for all semiconductor and assembly processes, including reflow, wave, selection, and rework. A controlled atmosphere with the use of a nitrogen generator system can provide the production parameters that a semiconductor manufacturing operation demands.

A nitrogen generator on your assembly floor can help manage your nitrogen costs while eliminating the possibility of running out of pure nitrogen sooner than anticipated. A PSA nitrogen generator separates compressed air into a high-pressure stream of nitrogen and a low-pressure oxygen waste stream however this technology can also be used in lower purity applications. A nitrogen generator allows complete control over your nitrogen supply. A pressure swing absorption (PSA) nitrogen generation system can eliminate surface tension and dross issues in semiconductor manufacturing.. Our team can help you determine the most cost-effective nitrogen generation solution for your business.