Nitrogen Blanketing for Adhesive Curing

Blanketing for Adhesive Curing

Adhesive curing involves a chemical procedure that materializes the adhesives completely. The adhesive reaches its conclusive properties during this process which then puts the adhesive’s optimum strength in place. The particularities of the adhesive are also entirely changed throughout this process which concludes with forming an absolute and durable bond.

What is Nitrogen Blanketing?

Nitrogen blanketing (tank blanketing) is at times referred to as nitrogen padding or tank padding. In simple terms, it is a process that intentionally places nitrogen generator gas into the vacant space inside a storage container, tank, or furnace. The existing oxygen that is inside is effectively reduced in the “vapor area” (the space inside the container). By doing this, the negative effect of the oxygen is deactivated, and at that same moment, the risk of a fire, explosion, oxidation, or other unwanted consequences in said storage tank is successfully eliminated.

How Does Nitrogen Generation Impact Adhesive Curing?

Nitrogen blanketing is perfect for using nitrogen generation. The top-grade nitrogen eradicates oxygen from the furnace where the adhesive composite is affixed to tape materials of all kinds. Using a nitrogen generator ensures quality control, while simultaneously delivering quality assurance of superior adhesive bonds. At the same time, a nitrogen generator reduces the risk of creating a hazardous atmosphere, which can often result as a byproduct of using certain chemicals during the bonding process.

A rapid drop in O2 levels is achieved by a surge tank that is suitably sized to inert the oven while the reliable, uninterrupted flow of a dependable nitrogen generator system supports the atmosphere throughout the entire sequence.

On Site’s Reputed Nitrogen Generation System is the Perfect Choice for Your Adhesive Curing Needs

The superior nitrogen generation systems that On Site Gas manufactures are an ideal match for the adhesive curing process. The best nitrogen generators for the adhesive curing application are our nitrogen cylinder filling station, nitrogen membrane generator, and PSA nitrogen generator.

To learn more about which nitrogen generator option is best for your needs, contact a member of our customer care team today. Our experts are here to help you choose a nitrogen generator solution that best suits your needs.