Nitrogen Generator for Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machines

Vertical Form Fill Machines

The vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machine is used in the food packaging industry to prolong the shelf life of baked goods, snacks, sweets, and more. The VFFS system packs products into bags on the production line while purging oxygen (O2) from their packaging to keep food fresher longer. This machine is high-performance, equipped with nitrogen adapters that inject nitrogen gas into the packaging before it seals to prevent the product from expiring during transit and on grocery store shelves.

Nitrogen Systems For Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machines

Nitrogen generation is effective when used in tandem with the vertical form fill sealing machine. It is an affordable way of eliminating O2 and removing moisture from mixing into packaging. When using a nitrogen generator on-site, the final product is fresh food free of imperfections and discolorations. On Site Gas Systems has an array of nitrogen generation systems for vertical form fill sealing machines to keep food fresh.

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