Nitrogen Generation for Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

In many cases, industrial manufacturing processes choose laser cutting over traditional methods of cutting for many applications. Both the degree of precision and the integrity of the edge that is cut by a laser cutting machine are far superior. The technology invested in laser cutting machines is adept at cutting complex shapes at a faster speed, as well. A nitrogen generator can improve the quality of the product.

The direct application of laser cutting uses the productivity of a high-power laser that is usually generated through optics. This efficiency allows the laser to operate effectively in cutting materials such as aluminum and steel sheets while drawing less energy. Another benefit of using laser technology is that it also reduces contamination in the factory or workplace. The precision of laser cutting also results in less waste realizing additional savings in costs.


A nitrogen generator removes oxygen surrounding the cutting area as a laser beam processes the material or metal being cut. By purging the oxygen with a high level of pure nitrogen, the result is a smooth metal surface that is free of the unwanted effects of oxidation. A nitrogen generator set to the right specifications for this process yields optimum results for the metal’s preferred finish while reducing waste and saving money.

With more than thirty years of expertise in nitrogen generation, On Site Gas Systems can configure a superior nitrogen generator for your laser cutting needs.

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