Nitrogen Generation for Heat Treating

Heat Treating

Kilns and furnaces used for heat treating may be under pressure; that classifies them as autoclaves that require a greater volume of N2 gas. Kilns and furnaces may also be used as a melting device. All of these processes can utilize a nitrogen generator to combat their one enemy – oxygen. O2 discolors the product, and can dangerously weaken it. Any metal over 600° F will oxidize in the presence of O2. The purity for most metal applications is at most 99.99%; pressure 30-100 PSIG. Most are purge and fill nitrogen applications that can be accommodated with larger or multiple N2 surge tanks instead of pressure-boosting compressors.


The heat treating process involves both heat and pressure. Heat treating entails warming the metal to a designated degree and maintaining that hot temperature. The high heat changes the microstructure or physical properties of the metal. Once the desired effect is obtained, the metal is set to cool.

The purpose of heat treating is to make alloys, metals, or other materials suitable for different applications. Heat treating can change specific features and physical properties of a variety of metals. Incorporating a nitrogen generator into the process can improve product quality and reduce waste.

Nitrogen Systems for Heat Treating

There are five ways to process heat treating:

  • Annealing
  • Case-hardening
  • Hardening
  • Normalizing
  • Tempering

Each process involves three essential stages:

  • Heating
  • Soaking
  • Cooling

During each step, oxygen (O2) must be eradicated. When O2 comes into contact with any metal heated over the 600-degree Fahrenheit mark, the metal oxidizes. In other words, when oxygen touches the metal during any of the five heat treating processes, the result is a tarnished and weakened finished product. Heat treating facilities utilize a nitrogen generator to prevent O2 from entering the system and eliminates the oxygen from the surrounding air.

Our superior nitrogen generators are reliable for all of your heat treating needs. Each one keeps the air oxygen-free, which is the quality assurance that your heat treating process needs to produce steel, iron, and other metal products that are strong and tarnish-free.

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