Oxygen Generation for Gold Mine Sparging

Gold Mine Inerting

On Site oxygen generation systems are operating now in some of the world’s most remote gold mines. Regardless of the altitude, climate, or conditions, our O2 generators are increasing gold yield at a rate that pays for the generation system in a matter of months. By using oxygen to convert mineral sulfides to sulfates and processing them, gold yield can be more than doubled over standard ore gravity separation and concentration. By sparging 94-95% oxygen into a thickened flotation concentrate (which has been heated under pressure) an oxidized slurry results. Not only are sulphides converted to sulphates by the O2, but arsenic is converted to ferric arsenate. After neutralizing the oxidized slurry with lime, the slurry can be leached, and gold-bearing solutions recovered and filtered to create the additional yield. The volume of O2 required for the process dictates that the facility have easy access to either cryogenically produced, bulk liquid oxygen, or have the ability to produce its own oxygen with a generator. Even if cryogenic O2 is available from a reasonable distance, access for a bulk liquid carrier to the facility is usually a major issue. PSA produced O2 lends itself perfectly to such an application.

Recommended Oxygen Generation Systems for Gold Leaching/Mine Sparging

Oxygen Container Systems
Our oxygen generators can be integrated with a compressor or cylinder filling station up to 99% purity within a container for easy shipping and on-demand, low-cost oxygen generation.

Oxygen Filling Station/System
A cylinder, oxygen filling station can be easily incorporated into an oxygen generator at 93%, 95%, or 99% purity. This gives you the ability to fill your own cylinders for a fraction of the cost.

Oxygen Generation up to 95% Purity
For more than 25 years, On Site Gas Systems has manufactured Pure Convenience® oxygen generators in purities up to 95%. Our rugged and reliable oxygen generators are precision-tuned and ideally suited for ethanol/bio-fuel production.

Required Gas: Oxygen
Purity Range: 90 – 95%