Medical Grade Oxygen Generators (POGS) for Ambulance Services & EMS

Ambulance Services

On Site Gas Systems’ medical-grade Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) (POGS) O2 generators provide breathing O2 for ambulance and emergency services. Our PSA oxygen generation systems distribute a continuous flow of oxygen to operate life-saving equipment.

Many countries have followed the Federal Drug Association (FDA) lead and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) by setting required oxygen purities at USP 93%. For those governing bodies who cannot be moved from 99%, On Site provides the only proven reliable source of 99% PSA O2 globally. On Site was the first company to gain acceptance for its PSA portable oxygen generators (POGS) O2 generation system to provide O2 and medical-grade air and fill cylinders for the military.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) specialists give medical attention to patients of all ages and encounter a broad spectrum of trauma and medical situations, too. Similarly, they need wide-ranging gear and necessities essential for Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). The oxygen generator is designed to be sensitive to both adult and pediatric needs.


A precision oxygen generator for optimal oxygen generation is principal to the critical operations of an ambulance. Pure oxygen needs to produce a measured and variable flow that can be easily regulated by a panel. Increments of 0.5 liters / minimum value are key.

Depending on the situation, the oxygen generator can provide oxygen to resuscitators and respirators. It is an automated source of purified and pressured air to deliver oxygen to ventilators. ICU criteria for ventilation may be required during ambulatory transport, too.

We manufacture and install high-quality custom oxygen generator systems to meet diverse needs. On Site has low-cost oxygen generation options such as our oxygen container systems, cylinder oxygen filling station, and custom-built designs.

Want to learn more about which system can best suit your needs? Contact a member of our team, and they will customize the oxygen generation system for you!