Laboratory Nitrogen Generator (N2)

Laboratory Nitrogen Generator

A laboratory nitrogen generator is designed to carry a constant and steady stream of purified gas to various analytical instruments. On Site Gas Systems carries the most trustworthy nitrogen generation systems, which are known for delivering up to 99.999% ultra-pure nitrogen by simply pressing a button.

The primary purpose of a nitrogen generator is to monitor and control the atmosphere to ensure optimum performance of delicate equipment and processes. Nitrogen gas, specifically, adjusts the atmosphere to acceptable levels of humidity, oxygen, and temperatures (and sustains these levels throughout).

Some examples of the types of laboratory equipment that require these atmospheric-level specifications are cell incubators, dry boxes, glove boxes, IVF incubators, and mass spectrometers.

What are the Benefits of a Laboratory Nitrogen Generator?

Nitrogen generation systems are engineered to manufacture an on-demand supply of ultra-pure nitrogen jots that are phthalate-free. The nitrogen generation system utilizes high-pressure swing absorption (PSA) to eliminate carbon dioxide, oxygen content, and water vapor.

Studies have also shown that by using a laboratory nitrogen generator at 99.9% purity, your business can use up to 30% less electricity.

On Site Offers Various Options for Top-of-the-Line Nitrogen Generation Solutions

On Site’s expertise and our proven nitrogen generation systems are perfect for your laboratory applications. We offer the best and highest-quality nitrogen generation systems, including our nitrogen cylinder filling station, nitrogen membrane generator, and PSA nitrogen generator.

Learn more about which nitrogen generator option is best for your needs by contacting a member of our customer care team today. Our experts are here to help you choose the nitrogen generator solution best for you.