Nitrogen Generation for Explosive Atmospheres

Explosive Atmospheres

Flammable gases, vapors, or dust easily mix with air. When this occurs, the atmosphere is at greater risk of an explosion. Combustible gases and vapors have flammable (or explosive) ranges with a lower exposure limit (LEL) also known as the lower flammable limit. Likewise, they have an upper exposure limit (UEL) also referred to as an upper flammable limit. Both the LEL and the UEL make up the flammable range at which the flammable air mixture will burn.

When the atmosphere reaches a level of dangerous concentration, this is referred to as the most easily ignited concentration (MEIC). When the air is in this state, it takes only minimal energy to cause an explosion.

A flammable and explosive atmosphere is pertinent to an underground coal mine, oilfield, offshore platform, grain silo, chemical facility, or manufacturing plant. It is an utmost safety issue to ensure the oxygen levels within these particular atmospheres are low. The dependable gas of choice to displace oxygen and maximize a safe environment is nitrogen.

On Site Excels at Delivering Reliable Nitrogen Generation for Explosive Atmospheres.

Any operation that is subject to flammable and explosive atmospheres calls for the valued nitrogen generation systems produced by On Site Gas. The best nitrogen generators for negating an explosive atmosphere are our nitrogen membrane generator, and PSA nitrogen generator.

Benefit from the know-how of our On Site Gas experts today. Contact a member of our customer care team and learn more about how the nitrogen generator systems operate. Our team members will help customize the nitrogen generator solution that is best suited to your particular business.