Beverage Mixing / Dispensing

For years, On Site Gas Systems has provided nitrogen (N2) generation systems for beverage storage, CO2 mixing, and beverage transport/dispensing to end users such as breweries, large venue contractors, and vintners of beverage dispensing systems. The low nitrogen flow and constant demand required by beverage systems lend themselves ideally to nitrogen generation.


Nitrogen has many essential uses in dispensing, packaging, and storing different beverages, such as beer and coffee. For example, when beer is exposed to air, it degrades its aroma, taste, and quality. Pure nitrogen is used to stop this undesirable process by removing any oxygen in the empty container before filling it with beer. Nitrogen also eliminates the headspace in the container once it is filled.

Pure nitrogen from On Site Gas is used to pressurize the package or container that any beverage is dispensed in, extending the length of time that it can be stored. When used in dosing machinery before capping, it ensures a smooth pour and texture that create “nitro” beverages. Likewise, when other types of lower carbonated products are dispensed into cans, nitrogen is used to pressurize them for more extended stability.

Our thirty years of expertise goes into every nitrogen generator we build. The On Site Gas generators, such as the Nitro-Blast Nitrogen Generator that infuses coffee or beer with Nitrogen, are superior in nitrogen generation. This particular system is a turn-key solution and comes in a cabinet system that can stand alone or be mounted to a wall, perfect for the beverage mixing and dispensing sector.

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