Modified Atmosphere Packaging

An acceptable way to preserve food products naturally and achieve a longer shelf life is with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) using nitrogen. It maintains the taste, texture, and color of food products while creating a protective atmosphere for the food to remain the highest quality. The most common products you’ll find being used with MAP range from fresh meat and poultry to pasta, fruits and vegetables, and even dairy products. On Site Gas Systems offer nitrogen generation applications to meet all customers’ food protection needs.

With an on-site nitrogen generator, you can avoid bacteria, moisture, and other deteriorates from affecting the longevity of your food product. From vertical form fills, cup filling, bottling, bagging, or packaging for liquids to solids, shreds, grated paste, or gel, nitrogen is the gas of choice. Learn how an on-site nitrogen generator can improve your modified atmosphere packaging application by contacting On Site Gas today.