Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals

On Site Gas Systems’ portable oxygen generation systems (POGS) provide life-saving, medical-grade breathing O2 for hospitals and shelters. On Site PSA oxygen generation systems can provide a safe, efficient, low-cost solution to the high cost of cryogenic oxygen delivery and oxygen cylinder filling. Oxygen generators may be hooked up directly to a manifold in emergency shelters, as well as provide medical air for ventilators and anesthesia units.

On Site was one of the first companies to gain acceptance for its PSA POGS military oxygen generation system to provide O2, medical-grade air, and fill O2 cylinders in the field for the military. Our durable, self-sufficient, man-portable USP 93% POGS is designed to easily deliver medical oxygen in remote locations and harsh environments. Not only are our generators customizable based on your needs, but they operate automatically to ensure patients in critical care units – like mobile army surgical hospitals – receive the oxygen supply they need at all times.

On Site Gas’ precision-engineered portable oxygen generation systems are used throughout the world in mission-critical applications for surgical hospitals and dozens of other industries. Contact us today to learn more about how portable oxygen for mobile army surgical hospitals can benefit you. We’ll ensure you have the oxygen you need no matter what emergency comes your way.