Nitrogen Inerting & Blanketing for Health & Beauty Aids

Health and Beauty Aids

In many processes, raw materials and various ingredients in health and beauty aids would be compromised if exposed to oxygen. The answer? Nitrogen inerting. Nitrogen is used to inert the packaging of finished health and beauty products, as well as other portions of the production process. Learn how nitrogen inerting can improve both the storage and shelf life of these beauty products.

PSA Nitrogen Generation for Health & Beauty Aids

Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generation is preferred for health and beauty specifications. A PSA nitrogen generator provides your operation with a ready-to-go system to ensure your nitrogen supply is of the purest quality.

Why Nitrogen for Health & Beauty Products Manufacturing?

  • The health and beauty sector relies on nitrogen inerting and blanketing to preserve the ingredients in various products. With many health and beauty aids, oxygenation of the air will hurt commodities. By using nitrogen as inert, the risk of oxidation can be avoided.
  • Industry requirements mandate critical care to avoid enzymatic oxidation and bacterial growth on these highly regulated products. The above-mentioned inerting and blanketing serves to displace any oxygen with stable nitrogen and fill the headspace in the packaging with a nitrogen blanket designed to prevent degradation and spoilage due to oxygen.
  • However, in order to actively prevent inundation with oxygen during the production and packaging phases, health and beauty applications require a consistent source of nitrogen that is difficult to achieve with standard nitrogen tank systems.

Fortunately, a nitrogen generator is capable of providing this critical type of nitrogen source for health and beauty sector businesses. Nitrogen inerting with a PSA nitrogen generation system will ensure high-quality products with an improved shelf life. If you are unsure which On Site Gas system is best for your application, give us a call at 1-860-667-8888!