Oxygen Generation for Fish Farms / Hatcheries

Fish Farms / Hatcheries

If you’re in the aquaculture industry, you’re very familiar with the benefits of O2 — for fish growth, health, and maximizing population density. On Site Gas Systems has been providing 95% oxygen generation systems to fish farms around the world for over 20 years. Reliability, simplicity, and ease of maintenance, particularly in the remote locations where most aquaculture is located. A few of our oxygen generator’s benefits are relativity & simplicity.

Recommended Oxygen Systems for Fish Farms / Hatcheries

Oxygen Container Systems
Our oxygen generators can be integrated with a compressor or cylinder filling station up to 99% purity within a container for easy shipping and on-demand, low-cost oxygen generation.

Oxygen Filling Station/System
A cylinder, oxygen filling station can be easily incorporated into an oxygen generator at 93%, 95%, or 99% purity. This gives you the ability to fill your own cylinders for a fraction of the cost.

Oxygen Generators up to 95%
For more than 25 years, On Site Gas Systems has manufactured Pure Convenience® oxygen generators in purities up to 95%. Our rugged and reliable oxygen generators are precision-tuned and ideally suited for a range of commercial applications.

Required Gas: Oxygen
Purity Range: 90 – 95%