On Site Gas Systems Testimonials

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We bought a refurbished second-hand N-25 nitrogen generator in 2017, and I have to say this was the best purchase we ever made.  We relied on liquid nitrogen Dewars to supply nitrogen for a synthetic lab (16 fume hoods) and an LC-MS instrument. A pair of 250L Dewar typically lasted less than 2 weeks and we would spend 8-10k every year just for the nitrogen.  It was a hassle to keep track of the nitrogen supply—some Dewar had faster self-vent rate than the others and once in a while we would run out of nitrogen in the middle of a day and had to scramble to get rush orders.  After buying the generator, we’ve never had any issues with the nitrogen supply.  The only time the nitrogen stopped was during power outages.  We spend merely $300 a year on replacement filters, and now have an extra $8000+ budget on research and other equipment.  This is huge for a university research lab.  A big round of applause for OnSite!

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We have been using the On-Site Gas Nitrogen generator for approximately two years.  Thus far the unit has worked flawlessly, supplying a consistent rate of required purity Nitrogen for our selective equipment.  Each time we have contacted your company, the response & service provided has been above & beyond our expectations.

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Can’t say enough good about our PSA unit built by On Site! The system supplies our Laser machine with high purity nitrogen all day, every day. After exploring all the other nitrogen options it was clear On Site was the right choice based on ROI and dependability. Since installing the unit we don’t even think about our nitrogen needs. Just perform the yearly maintenance and that’s it. I would definitely buy from On Site again!

I would like to start off with the help your team gave us on how your system works and the simplicity of your Generation system along with suppling us with contacts of current system owners. This was truly a turnkey system and your teams help with suppling system foot print along with compressor requirements needed to support your Onsite Generation System.

We have been running your new system for 8 months now with no system errors and nitrogen purity of 99.99% consistently. This was Liberty’s first go around with a Fiber Optic Laser machine and with the cost of Bulk gas tanks programs we realized the cost of nitrogen was astronomical so we started researching nitrogen generations.

The only company that was up front and honest with us was Onsite Gas and wasn’t afraid of sharing your success stories and current customers stories along with contact information with us to verify what you’ve been saying to us all along. To wrap up my testament the Onsite Gas Generator System was by far 1/3 cheaper than their competition and we at Liberty have determined that our system will pay for its self in 14-16 months.

Bulk Systems programs want you to sign contract for 5-7 year lease and you have no control over gas rates and you only lease the system and pay twice as much and when you’re all done nothing to show for your investment!


Nextek has now been using the On Site Gas Systems for 10 years.  We have had no issues or down time with the system in all that time.  The system operates in the background with little intervention and maintenance routines for filters are easy.  Nextek was spending approximately $125K yearly on liquid N2 and after installation of the On Site Gas System we were able to meet all of our requirements and discontinue the Liquid Gas system.  The savings were immediate and the ROI was right at 1 Year.  I would and have recommended your system to many of my customers.


I am the maintenance supervisor of C.E. Electronics, Inc. located in Bryan, Ohio. We are a company that invents electronic circuit boards for the elevator industry.  We have been with OSGS equipment since 2007, when we bought our first N-30 Nitrogen Generator. Since, we have purchased two more and have been working fantastically.  There has only been 2 times that we had a unit go down, but got on the phone with OSGS and their tech support help me analyze the problem within minutes and had a part shipped out that day. Thank you for your help, you know your generators. If you’re looking to buy a Nitrogen Generator, these units work great. Ours run 24 hours a day. As long as you keep water out of your system they well do great. You can tell when you change out your filters.  If they look brand new, your dryers are doing a great job of protection your equipment. They produce enough nitrogen to keep 4 machines busy. We used to do tank rental from a gas broker and this units have paid for themselves already.