Nitrogen Generation for Jewelry Manufacturing

Jewelry Manufacturing

The production of jewelry in the manufacturing process encompasses multi-level procedures and techniques from design and engineering to cutting precious metals, soldering, and lost wax casting. Phases such as laser cutting, soldering, and melting valuable metals involve vigilant precision as it directly impacts quality control.

In jewelry manufacturing, oxygen is the #1 enemy in creating long-lasting pieces. This is because it discolors and dangerously weakens metals. Using an On Site Gas nitrogen generator offers a direct solution by removing oxygen and assuring the highest standard of quality gold and other materials.

Recommended Nitrogen Systems for Jewelry Manufacturing

Every metal over 600°F corrodes when exposed to oxygen. The purity required for most metal applications can be manufactured with nitrogen generators. All types of use profiles can be accommodated by a nitrogen generator. We will use our 35+ years of experience to provide the best specification to meet your needs.

The nitrogen generation systems manufactured by On Site Gas are a perfect match for the jewelry industry. To learn more about which nitrogen generator option is best for your needs, contact us today! We can help you choose the nitrogen generator solution that is suited for your business.