Nitrogen Inerting


To prevent spontaneous combustion in the workplace, keeping the mix of gases in the atmosphere with low oxygen levels is important. This can apply to any work area, including a manufacturing plant, heat-treating facility, offshore oil and gas platform, oilfield, chemical facility, or other mining operation.

Inerting, also known as inertization, is a process that uses inert nitrogen gas to limit the amount of oxygen from forming an otherwise volatile mixture. An application is designed to use the inerting process to eliminate the oxygen content and keep the interted area explosion-proof.

Nitrogen Systems for Nitrogen Inerting

Nitrogen is a gas commonly used to displace an eruptive mix of hazardous gas that can explode from mixing with oxygen. Nitrogen is a dry gas that is not combustive and is interjected into areas that need to be protected from possible explosions. With inertization, nitrogen displaces the oxygen in the atmosphere to such low levels that it prevents an eruption.

Since nitrogen is inert and does not support combustion, it is safely used to displace flammable liquids and explosive mixtures. It is chosen to remove oxygen and avert corrosion from lines, tanks, systems, and facilities. On Site Gas is the leading manufacturer of choice for trusted nitrogen generator solutions to prevent explosions. We put thirty years of expertise and attention to detail into every nitrogen generator that we build.

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