Nitrogen Generator for Sintering


Sintering is a heat treatment that is used to boost the sturdiness and strength of certain materials. The process is often used in the manufacturing of steel for producing alloys or complex shapes. Sintering is applied to metals that have very high melting points and compresses them into molds. The oxygen must be removed from the manufacturing atmosphere to eliminate rusting the materials. This is achieved by introducing nitrogen into the process.

A nitrogen generator produces nitrogen, an inert gas, during the sintering process. The sintering application is used in the powder metallurgy process, too. Metal powders and other unique materials are converted into end-use parts.

The nitrogen generator solution is low-cost and eradicates any negative impact of oxidation, and enables the manufacture of a superior product.

Nitrogen Systems for Sintering

On Site Gas is reputed for manufacturing well-engineered nitrogen generation systems for optimizing the sintering process. If you opt for customizing your own system, you can spec your system, and our experts will design and build your solution.

To learn more about nitrogen generator systems, contact our experts! We can help you choose the nitrogen generator solution that fits your needs.