High Purity Nitrogen Generator for SMT (Surface Mount Technologies)

SMT (Surface Mount Technologies)

High purity nitrogen is required in many solder applications and provides several benefits in surface mount technology (SMT) manufacturing. Nitrogen gas inertion reduces the dross on the solder pots. It also reduces the surface tension, allowing the solder to break away from the solder site more cleanly. Typical nitrogen purity can range from 99.99% to 99.9995%, but consult your OEM owners manual for exact requirements.

Recommended Nitrogen Systems for Surface Mount Technologies

Surface mount technology (SMT) is a specialized form of parts manufacturing that requires the use of high-purity nitrogen. If your operation focuses on SMT production, you need a nitrogen generation system to help ensure you have a constant supply of high-purity nitrogen. SMT requires seamless connections between surface-mounted parts and the surfaces to which they are arranged on. Nitrogen is an inert gas that is not affected by the high temperature that soldering produces. This enables better SMT processes without the appearance of films that other substances cause during soldering.

If you want a constant, uninterrupted supply of nitrogen for SMT and do not want the hassle of coordinating cylinder delivery, a turnkey nitrogen generator from On Site Gas may be the solution for you. A pressure swing absorption (PSA) nitrogen generator is ideal for open-air production facilities whereas a nitrogen membrane generator is more suited for enclosed workspaces. On Site Gas can help determine the best system to meet your needs.