Military Medical Oxygen Generators

Military Medical Oxygen

These FDA approved, modular oxygen generation systems are rugged but lightweight and portable. There are hundreds of reliable, battle-proven On Site Gas portable oxygen generation systems (POGS) operating today in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations. Our POGS produces 33 LPM of 93% O2 at 50 PSIG and 30 LPM of medical grade air, and fills high pressure cylinders to 2200 PSIG. The portable oxygen generation system is completely stand-alone, and only requires a 208 Volt, 3 Phase power, including oxygen cylinder-filling booster.

POGS can be located 30 feet from the compressor and 60 feet from the power source. The entire O2 generation system is completely modular and can be oriented in parallel or series. Its’ feed air compressor, O2 delivery systems, O2 Booster and control panel are all plug-and-play, and are interchangeable with other units. The oxygen generator includes automatic backup to supply oxygen if power is lost. Diagnostics include CO monitor with alarm and O2 Purity monitor with alarm. The system will produce O2 with full electronic failure. An optional high-volume booster is available to provide cylinder-filling capacity at 60 LPM.

POGS 33 is FDA cleared in the US for military, disaster relief, and emergency preparedness and also for medical air to operate various ventilation and anesthesia devices. Available in 50Hz and single phase.

Recommended Systems for Military Medical Oxygen

Portable Oxygen Generator System (POGS)
Our rugged, self-contained, man-portable USP 93% portable oxygen generating system (POGS) is designed to reliably deliver medical oxygen in remote locations and harsh environments. And it does it with simple, periodic maintenance.

Required Gas: Oxygen
Purity Range: USP 93 – %