Nitrogen Generator for Steel Cutting

Steel Cutting

Nitrogen is commonly used to cut all types of metals as it results in making high-quality products. Nitrogen gas operates as a screen in light gauge material and halts the progression of burning. It allows the laser to burn away the material. Nitrogen generation produces more power which in turn increases the cutting speed. Thus, the more power that nitrogen generation yields, the higher the cutting speed.

This enables cutting steel of varying thicknesses. Edges cut with nitrogen are of superior quality and do not contain any impurities. Additionally, the resulting edge is exceptionally receptive to applying powder paint coatings with proper welding surfaces.

Nitrogen Systems for Steel Cutting

The superior nitrogen generator systems manufactured by On Site Gas are a perfect match for the steel laser cutting industry. Our systems are affordable and used for laser cutting operations worldwide, producing 99 to 99.9995% purity, with output pressures meeting all application requirements.

To learn more about which nitrogen generator option is best for your needs, contact us today! Our experts can help you choose the nitrogen generator solution suited for your business.