Hospitals / Shelters

On Site Gas Systems’ PSA oxygen generators provide life-saving, medical-grade breathing O2 for hospitals and shelters. They are also an efficient, low-cost solution to the high cost of cryogenic oxygen and oxygen cylinder deliveries. On Site Gas makes it possible for hospitals and shelters to generate their own O2 on-site. Having this resource available at a moment’s notice is essential to the healthcare industry. A secure and safe medical oxygen source is crucial in operations, emergencies, and other instances where O2 is needed.

Oxygen generators may be hooked up directly to a manifold in emergency shelters and used with ventilators and anesthesia units. Many countries have followed the lead of the FDA and USP by setting required oxygen purities at 93%. For those governing bodies that cannot be moved from 99%, we provide the only tested and proven reliable source of 99% PSA O2 worldwide. On Site Gas was one of the first companies to gain acceptance for its PSA POGS military oxygen generation system to provide O2, medical-grade oxygen, and fill O2 cylinders in the field for the military. Contact us to set up a custom medical oxygen generator for your hospital or shelter today.