Nitrogen Generation as a Propellant

Nitrogen as a Propellant

Nitrogen is an ideal propellant — it helps maintain flow of the most viscous liquids through piping of almost any length. Nitrogen gas not only moves product efficiently around the plant, it does so without fear of spoilage, explosion, or foreign body buildup in the pipe. Nitrogen is such an effective propellant it keeps the entire system clean and germ-free when no product is in the line. With a reliable, efficient On Site nitrogen generator, your N2 will come so easily you’ll be saying what most of our customers say: “It works so well, I forget it’s there.” On Site PSA nitrogen generators and nitrogen membrane generation systems can reduce your cost of N2 to as little as 12 cents per hundred cubic feet.

Recommended Nitrogen Systems for Nitrogen as a Propellant

Portable Nitrogen Generator Container Systems
We design and build our nitrogen-generating systems to fit a steel ISO container or similar structure for ease and security of shipment.

Nitrogen Cylinder Filling
Nitrogen cylinder filling stations can be easily incorporated into any nitrogen generator system. We offer a convenient and reliable way to fill your own cylinders for a fraction of the cost of bottled-gas purchase and delivery.

Nitrogen Membrane Generator
The nitrogen membrane generator is a complete turnkey system. It arrives at your location designed and built to your specifications and you put it online.

Nitrogen Generator Membrane Trailer Systems
On Site Gas is one of the top manufacturers of mobile nitrogen generator systems worldwide – available in flows up to 90,000 SCFH and purity as high as 99.9%.

PSA Nitrogen Generator
On Site’s PSA nitrogen generator technology assures quick returns on your investment and stable year-to-year gas costs.

Required Gas: Nitrogen
Purity Range: 95 – 99%