Nitrogen Generation for Inert Glove Boxes

Glove Boxes

An inert glove box has a controlled atmosphere and is often referred to as an anaerobic box, dry box, humidity glove box, inert atmosphere glove box, or a nitrogen glove box.

The fundamental process for operating an inert glove box is to eliminate the atmosphere that is inside and then exchange it with a purified inert gas. Nitrogen is the most commonly used gas to perform this process, which is known as the “gas removal and refill procedure.” During this process, the levels of oxygen and moisture that are present within an inert glove box are decreased to 1% through displacement and dilution. To accomplish this, a constant flow of inert gas is required.

On Site Gas Systems designs nitrogen generation systems that are manufactured specifically for this highly technical process of removing and refilling the gas from inert glove boxes. On Site’s nitrogen generators are sourced for inert glove boxes and controlled atmospheres (CA) in various kinds of storage facilities worldwide. Applications include DeOxy such as loading white-phosphorous mortar shells, nuclear fuel-rod construction, pharmaceutical production, PC board storage, disease research, and more.

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