PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Nitrogen Generators

Our goal at On Site Gas is to provide our clients with the most technologically advanced, need-specific nitrogen generators available on the market. Our Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) generators are used in myriad applications across numerous industries. When you need a reliable source of high-purity nitrogen to operate your business, On Site Gas is the only company to choose. 

What Makes PSA Nitrogen Generation Systems Different? 

PSA nitrogen generators separate nitrogen from oxygen in the atmosphere at a purity level of up to 99.9995%. One of the first things to understand when you are wondering how this type of generator works is that adsorption refers to the process of physically separating molecules. In our applications, our machines generate nitrogen by separating it from the oxygen in the air.  

Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generators consist of a vessel that uses a carbon molecular sieve (CMS) and compressed air to produce high-purity nitrogen. The concept is relatively simple  the generator operates by trapping or adsorbing the smaller oxygen molecules in the CMS material. The larger nitrogen molecules are not trapped by the sieve and proceed to a receiving area where they wait to be collected for use. Our PSA systems have two vessels so that as soon as one is finished, the other takes over with the next process allowing for a continuous, uninterrupted flow of nitrogen. 

PSA generators are known as high-pressure nitrogen generators due to how the system works. The pressure within the generator is increased, causing the oxygen molecules to be adsorbed as they pass through the sieve. The CMS material is specifically designed to trap oxygen molecules and allow nitrogen to pass through to the receiving area. Once the pressure is released from the vessel, the oxygen molecules are released back into the air and the nitrogen is ready to use. 

Why Do So Many Industries Find PSA Systems Useful? 

There are various types of manufacturing processes that require high-purity nitrogen On Site Gas has maintained a strong focus on meeting the unique needs of our clients located in over 100 countries around the world. We have done so by offering customized PSA systems specific to the industry and the company’s budget. Some of the operations that reap the benefits of an On Site Gas nitrogen generator include: 

  • Electronics soldering. High-purity nitrogen used in soldering applications reduces dross and surface tension. Clients find that a PSA system assures a quick return on investment. 
  • Eliminating bacteria. Since bacteria need oxygen to grow and reproduce, PSA nitrogen systems are of great benefit to companies that need to prevent food from spoiling. They are also ideal for preventing the growth of mold and mildew. These applications demand nitrogen 24 hours a day, so an on-site generation system is the best solution. 
  • Food packaging. No matter what your product is, a long product shelf life is essential. Using a nitrogen system to produce the gas you need for packing coffee and other food products saves money and guarantees long-lasting results. 
  • Laser cutting. The metal and heat-treating industry require nitrogen gas for many reasons, but one of the top emerging uses for a PSA system in this field is laser cutting. At On Site Gas, we work oneonone with our clients to gather the specifics of their laser cutting system and the metals they cut to create a customized system that saves them money. 
  • Explosive environments. One of the most dangerous aspects of the chemical and plastics industries is the threat of explosion due to oxygen. When your job requires keeping a low oxygen atmosphere, a PSA system on location is one of the best ways to prevent a disaster. 
  • 3D printing. Yet another emerging field that requires nitrogen, 3D printing businesses have found that our systems improve their processes and increase their revenue. Since the presence of oxygen can cause discoloration and negatively affect the finished products, these companies find that they can use our PSA systems to give their clients the top-quality work they expect.
  • Pipeline insertion. Grain silos, heat-treating facilities, manufacturing plants, chemical facilities, offshore platforms, and oil fields are all areas where it is vital to maintain a low-oxygen atmosphere. These facilities choose On Site Gas nitrogen PSA systems to displace oxygen in the environment, which slows oxidation and prevents explosions. 

Why Do Clients Choose On Site Gas? 

Customers choose On Site Gas over the competition and continue to return for all of their industry’s needs. We stand out among PSA nitrogen generator manufacturers because we focus heavily on customer satisfaction. For more than 30 years in the business, our team developed a range of systemthat are perfect for any application and budget.  

When the details of your operation require specific nitrogen generation requirements, we take time to gain an understanding of your demands and build a custom PSA system that will ensure quality operations and a fast return on your investment. If you are searching for the industry leader in providing nitrogen generation, contact us today.