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What Applications Nitrogen Generators Are Used for

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Nitrogen generators are useful for multiple industries that utilize purified nitrogen. So, what are nitrogen generators used for? Some nitrogen generator applications include:

  • Food and Beverage – Generators produce nitrogen to displace the oxygen that harbors bacteria and other microorganisms. Nitrogen inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause aging and decay in food products.
  • Tires – Many high-performance tires, such as those on an aircraft, are filled with purified nitrogen, as its larger molecules do not permeate and escape the tire material as quickly. Filling stations for these kinds of tires often utilize nitrogen generators.
  • Glass, Metallurgy, and Electronics – During the manufacturing and heat treatment of many electronic products and components, generated nitrogen is used to displace oxygen.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Generated nitrogen is placed in pharmaceutical packaging and is used to prevent oxidation and extend shelf life.
  • Fire Protection – The fire protection industry utilizes nitrogen gas to suppress fires via hypoxic air fire prevention systems. In addition, this industry utilizes compressed air nitrogen to prevent corrosion in pressurized sprinkler systems.
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