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What Applications Oxygen Generators Are Used For

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So, what are oxygen gas generators used for? Oxygen generators are used in a variety of industries to supply oxygen, operate equipment, or help in certain manufacturing processes. Common industries where our oxygen generators are used include mining operations, welding and cutting operations, metallurgy industries, glass making, wastewater treatment, and in laboratories and medical facilities. Some oxygen generator applications include:  

  • Mining Operations – Oxygen generators supply miners with breathable oxygen when they are underground.  
  • Welding and Cutting – Our generators are used in oxy-acetylene welding to create high heat flames. 
  • Medical and Healthcare – Certain medical patients require an additional, direct supply of oxygen. Oxygen generators ensure that they have breathable air at all times.  
  • Metallurgy – Oxygen generators are used to reach higher temperatures in forges and furnaces.
  • Laboratories – Our generators create higher levels of oxygen saturation for use in research, experiments, and sanitization.
  • Wastewater Treatment – Oxygen helps facilitate a faster breakdown of organic materials, which is why oxygen generators are useful for improving water treatment efficiency. 
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