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10 Features & Benefits of Nitrogen Cylinder Filling Stations

Features and Benefits of a Self-Generating Nitrogen Cylinder Filling Station

Before the ability to generate nitrogen on-site became available, companies had to purchase their nitrogen elsewhere, schedule a delivery and worry about running out of nitrogen before the delivery arrives. Today, we have the ability to generate nitrogen on-site. These on-site nitrogen generation systems have changed the way that many companies attain their nitrogen.

On-site Nitrogen Generator Systems Eliminate the Need for Bulk Deliveries

The nitrogen generators and nitrogen filling stations On Site Gas Systems offers eliminate the need for bulk purchases of nitrogen. In addition, all of our systems usually provide a return on investment within 18 months’ time. The nitrogen generator systems we offer are designed to last for decades.

Our nitrogen filling stations are used all over the world. As long as you have air and electricity, our nitrogen generator systems can operate; furthermore, the N2 generator systems we offer are compatible with worldwide power supplies.

On-site N2 Generation

Membrane Technology for Nitrogen Generation
The membranes used in our nitrogen membrane generators are bundles of hollow fibers. These fibers are porous and designed to allow oxygen molecules to pass through; however, the nitrogen molecules are too large and unable to exit. Air is forced down the fiber, which pushes the smaller oxygen molecules out of the pores, meanwhile the nitrogen molecules are captured at the opposite end.

The air that is being pushed through the membrane is usually heated: This heated air excites the oxygen molecules; thus, increasing the likelihood that they will permeate the holes in the membrane.

If you add a nitrogen filling station – your Nitrogen Generaror your staff will be able to fill their own nitrogen cylinders.

10 Features & Benefits of Nitrogen Cylinder Filling Stations

Nitrogen fill stations are safe, inexpensive and easy to maintain, which is why any company that purchases bottled nitrogen can benefit from an onsite nitrogen filling station.

  1. With a nitrogen fill station, cylinders can be refilled quickly and easily.
  2. An onsite N2 filling station means you never have to worry about running out of nitrogen again.
  3. Waiting on a nitrogen delivery is a thing of the past.
  4. As long as you can access electricity and have air, you can produce nitrogen with a nitrogen generator wherever you need it.
  5. You produce nitrogen when you need it.
  6. There are no delivery or transportation charges when you use a nitrogen fill station.
  7. An N2 filling station takes up very little space and can last for decades.
  8. Safety is improved because there is no need to store or use huge containers of nitrogen.
  9. A nitrogen fill station eliminates the need for gas contracts.
  10. A nitrogen filling station is a cost effective solution: It can reduce the costs related to nitrogen substantially.

At On Site Gas Systems, we concentrate on providing our clients with the most dependable, innovative and versatile nitrogen generating systems and N2 filling stations available. If you are interested in learning more about the quality products we offer, contact us today.

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