Industrial Nitrogen Generators: What Sets an On Site Gas Systems Industrial N2 Generator Apart From The Competition?

Nitrogen is important in a variety of industrial settings. From food packaging and beverage creation to metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and other industries, nitrogen is required to support a variety of essential functions.

Although nitrogen is an important gas in many industries, finding an efficient gas source can present a challenge to some businesses. Traditional nitrogen supply methods entail the use of nitrogen cylinders or liquid nitrogen. These methods require regularly deliveries and can take up valuable space on a warehouse floor. Controlling nitrogen purity can be a challenge with nitrogen cylinders, and these cylinders also present an ongoing cost that can cut into profits.

This is why many businesses turn to nitrogen generators for a steady, limitless supply of nitrogen. Nitrogen generators offer convenience at a low operating cost and can save businesses money over time.

Companies that need quality generators turn to On Site Gas Systems for their nitrogen generation needs. We offer nitrogen generators that are built to last. Here’s what you need to know about our nitrogen gas generators.

Overview of On Site Gas Systems Nitrogen Generators

On Site Gas Systems is a company that manufactures nitrogen generators for businesses in a range of industries. We supplycustom nitrogen generator systems for businesses to meet their unique needs.

We build nitrogen generator systems of various types including PSA nitrogen gas generators and membrane nitrogen gas generators for companies in many industries including food and beverage industries, medical and pharmaceutical industries, electronics, labs, and more.

Customization and Flexibility

Every business is different, so we offer customizable solutions tailored to specific industry needs and requirements. We work with each of our clients to determine what flow rates, purities, and pressures are required to fulfill their manufacturing and production needs.

This flexibility ensures that our clients get the right system for their needs, budget and also for their business. Working with the experts at On Site Gas Systems helps ensure that the system your company buys will last for a long time and produce nitrogen of the purity and at the rate required to keep your business running efficiently.

Reliability and Quality

On Site Gas Systems has been in business for more than 35 years, and throughout that time, we’ve helped businesses augment or replace their gas delivery methods. Many of our customers save up to 80% on gas-related costs, and because our systems are designed to last, these cost savings go on year after year.

We meet all USP standards for food grade and medical grade N2 and O2 production, and have CE marking, FDA approval, and we’re UL-listed because our products meet safety and quality standards in a range of ways. We also have ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications to show that we meet global standards for quality management and medical devices.


On Site Gas Systems’ nitrogen generators provide a cost-effective solution compared to liquid nitrogen delivery and nitrogen gas cylinders.

Whereas nitrogen delivery systems represent an ongoing cost that creates storage problems, your nitrogen generator from On Site Gas Systems only needs to be delivered and installed once. Our systems take up very little floor space and need little energy to run. In addition, nitrogen delivery systems can experience supply chain problems that can cause delivery delays leading to production delays and administrative headaches. This is not the case with nitrogen generators from On Site Gas Systems.

In one study, the cost of a business requiring four million liters of nitrogen per year might spend $70,650 on nitrogen gas deliveries over three years. That same business would spend only $33,456 on 4 million liters of nitrogen over the course of three years with a nitrogen gas generator from On Site Gas Systems. The business that buys the nitrogen gas generator saves approximately $37,194 in three years.

Technological Innovation

On Site Gas Systems generators are energy efficient and allow for remote monitoring. They also have advanced control systems that allow users to produce nitrogen at the rate and purity they need to operate their business. Our nitrogen generators are designed and built by experts in their field for reliable, easy functioning.

Environmental Benefits

There are many environmental advantages to using On Site Gas Systems’ nitrogen generators. Once your nitrogen generator has been installed, you’ll enjoy decreased dependency on transported nitrogen supplies. In addition, nitrogen generators go into standby mode when no gas is needed, and the systems continuously monitor nitrogen output to ensure that it’s only generating what is required. This helps save energy and reduces waste.

Customer Support and Service

On Site Gas Systems is known for its excellent customer support. We provide start-up training, maintenance, and troubleshooting for your nitrogen gas system. Clients come to us because they trust us to be available when required for repair and replacement assistance.

See For Yourself What Sets On Site Gas Apart

On Site Gas Systems creates nitrogen generators that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and customized for your business needs. To find out more about getting a nitrogen generator from On Site Gas Systems, contact us today.

Nitrogen Generator Maintenance: What To Know Before Owning An N2 Generator

If your business needs a steady supply of nitrogen, a nitrogen generator can make your work easier in a variety of ways. Nitrogen generators cut expenses and provide a steady and constant supply of nitrogen, and reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

Owning a nitrogen generator means performing regular nitrogen generator maintenance. Fortunately, nitrogen generators require minimal maintenance to maintain peak functionality.

Knowing what to expect when your business owns a nitrogen generator, including the maintenance of a nitrogen generator and nitrogen generator maintenance costs can help you decide for yourself whether a nitrogen generator is the best option for your business.

Benefits of Owning a Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen cylinders are a common source of nitrogen for businesses. However, cylinders present an ongoing cost that can build up over time, eventually costing your business a great deal of money.

Nitrogen cylinders also take up space, need to be changed out as they run out of nitrogen, and do not always produce nitrogen at the desired purity levels for the task at hand. Compared to a nitrogen generator, nitrogen cylinders are expensive as well as an administrative headache.

On-demand nitrogen production has many advantages, including improved safety and environmental considerations. Some benefits of on-demand nitrogen production include:

  • Reduced carbon footprint. Nitrogen cylinders need to be delivered and picked up regularly, requiring fossil fuels to run vehicles. On-demand nitrogen generators only need to be delivered once, which makes them far more eco-friendly.
  • Reduced costs. While nitrogen generators have an upfront cost, when that cost is spread out over time, generators cost far less than both cylinders and bulk liquid deliveries.
  • Safer. Whereas any gas under pressure in a cylinder or in large volume liquid tanks can be dangerous, nitrogen generators are overall safer for a trained worker operating the equipment.
  • Consistent purity levels. Nitrogen generators produce high-purity nitrogen at consistent purity levels.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

When trying to determine whether a nitrogen generator is right for your business, start by assessing your nitrogen needs, including how often your business needs nitrogen, at what flow rate and pressure, and at what purity. Understanding the installation requirements can help as well, although your representative at On Site Gas Systems will help you with this.

Finally, it’s important to conduct an initial investment and a cost-benefit analysis. Speaking to an account specialist at On Site Gas Systems can help you determine the cost of a nitrogen generator system, so you can determine whether the one-time cost of a nitrogen generator will help your business save money over time.

Routine Maintenance for Nitrogen Generators

Maintaining your nitrogen generator may not require a lot from your business, but it’s still important to engage in regular maintenance routines.

  • Shut the generator down when you’re done with it. Always follow the shut down procedure when you’re finished using the nitrogen generator. This encourages a long lifespan for your machine.
  • Clean the equipment regularly. Cleaning the equipment monthly can help keep debris from the parts.
  • Change the system filters as indicated in the manual. Follow the manual instructions to ensure that your nitrogen generator filters are changed as often as required and according to the instructions in the manual.
  • Keep a record of system maintenance. Recording system maintenance helps you track how often your system is being serviced.

Long-Term Care and Management

Keep up with software updates and technological advancements to ensure that your generator is properly maintained. Check the gauges with each use to ensure that your nitrogen generator is producing nitrogen at the desired purity, pressure, and flow. Finally, re-calibrate your generator as often as indicated in the manual.

Costs Associated with Maintenance

Performing ongoing maintenance doesn’t have to be very costly. Train people at your workplace to perform as much in-house maintenance as possible.

Order Your Custom Nitrogen Generator from On Site Gas Systems

Nitrogen generator systems are a wise investment for businesses that require a steady, reliable supply of nitrogen. Maintenance and associated costs for these systems are relatively low, and can save your business a lot of money over time. Want to know more about getting a nitrogen generator for your business? Contact On Site Gas Systems to speak with one of our professionals about our membrane and PSA N2 generators.

Laser Cutting With A Nitrogen Generator: Why N2 Is Best

Laser cutting is a process that is often used in industries that use metal working to produce their goods. It can be used for cutting beams, pipes, tubing, sheet metal, and more. Industries like construction, automotive, and aerospace use laser cutting on a regular basis.

The process of laser cutting requires a steady supply of gas for functionality, and the most widely used gas for laser cutting is nitrogen gas. If your business needs a laser to operate, then nitrogen gas is one of your best options, and an N2 generator is likely an essential tool for your factory floor. Here’s what to know about nitrogen gas and its use with laser cutting.

Fundamentals of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a process that slices metals with a high-powered laser beam. Lasers can be used to cut stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel. Assist gas is the gas that’s used to ensure the quality and performance of the laser. The kind of gas you choose to use for your laser cutting depends on variables like what material is being cut and the thickness of the material.

Nitrogen Laser Cutting vs. Other Gases

Nitrogen is often identified as one of the leading gasses for laser cutting. Compared to gasses like air and CO2, nitrogen takes the lead. Air assisted laser cutting is not as precise, powerful or efficient. Air is sometimes used because it is abundant and easily made available, but air assisted laser cutting is not appropriate for every industry.

CO2 laser cutting has a similar problem. Like air assisted laser cutters, CO2 laser cutters cannot always slice through thick materials and are often very slow. CO2 is also very expensive. Many businesses opt for another option when using laser cutters for their industrial purposes.

Nitrogen Gas in Laser Cutting

Because of the disadvantages of the gases listed above, nitrogen gas laser cutters are common. There are many reasons that manufacturers turn to nitrogen gas when laser cutting, including:

  • Nitrogen gas makes an excellent cut that is efficient and accurate.
  • Nitrogen gas assists with the dissipation of heat, so the edge of the cut cools more quickly than other gases.
  • Cuts made with nitrogen gas have reduced discoloration along the cut edge.

Benefits of Using Nitrogen Gas

There are many reasons to use nitrogen gas over other gases in laser cutting processes. Nitrogen gas laser cutting is incredibly flexible, and this type of gas can be used for all laser cutting operations. It’s an excellent gas assist for cutting aluminum as well as stainless steel, and because the gas is inert, there are no other additional heat-producing reactions that occur while the laser cutter is functional. This allows operators to achieve cleaner cuts more quickly. Below are some of the many advantages of using nitrogen assist laser cutters.

Benefits of Using a Nitrogen Generator For Your Laser Cutter

If you have a laser cutter and are using nitrogen as your assist gas, you’ll be faced with the question of whether to use a nitrogen generator or rental cylinders. Using a nitrogen generator can make the process better and more efficient. There are many reasons to use a nitrogen generator over nitrogen cylinders. Some examples:

  • Nitrogen generators provide tremendous cost savings over traditional gas delivery methods
  • Nitrogen generators allow for variable purity options that maximize cut quality, efficiency and production costs
  • Generators produce a constant supply of nitrogen and can operate 24/7 without the chance of running out of nitrogen. Being dependent on nitrogen deliveries can create a downtime in production if nitrogen deliveries are delayed for any reason.

Does Your Business Need Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting

Nitrogen generators for laser cutting are an essential tool for most businesses that regularly use laser cutting as a part of their industrial processes.

It’s important to choose the right assist gas for your business’ laser cutting needs. If your business needs a nitrogen laser cutter, then a laser cutting nitrogen generator is an essential part of your industrial operations. On Site Gas Systems makes laser nitrogen generators for industrial operations. If you’re seeking a nitrogen generator for laser cutting, contact On Site Gas Systems.

4 Signs Your Facility Needs a PSA N2 Generator Manufacturer

Pressure swing adsorption and membrane nitrogen generators have many applications and benefits in various industries including food processing, pharmaceuticals, breweries and beverage manufacturing, welding, electronics, and more. Many businesses that use nitrogen and do not have an on site nitrogen generator can benefit from a PSA or membrane nitrogen generation system. Here’s how you can tell if your business needs this type of generator.

Sign 1: High Dependency on External Nitrogen Tanks

If your business has a high dependency on nitrogen cylinders or a liquid nitrogen tank, you could benefit from a PSA nitrogen generator. Cylinders and liquid nitrogen tanks have disadvantages that must be taken into consideration. For example, nitrogen cylinders and liquid nitrogen tanks must be stored onsite and can take up more room than a nitrogen generator. Cylinders and liquid nitrogen tanks also require regular delivery that, if disrupted, can cause downtime and lost profits at your facility.

In all, this means that a heavy dependency on nitrogen cylinders and liquid nitrogen tanks can be very problematic, and the more your business needs those cylinders and liquid nitrogen tanks, the more inconvenience you may experience. Using a nitrogen generator can eliminate this inconvenience.

Sign 2: Increasing Operational Costs Due to Nitrogen Usage

Nitrogen cylinders and liquid nitrogen tanks create ongoing rental charges that can be very expensive with time. Delivery charges, plus the cost of the nitrogen itself, can change with no warning, and it is not uncommon for additional surcharges on each delivery. If your business regularly deals with ongoing operational costs due to nitrogen rental, purchasing a PSA N2 nitrogen generator can all but eliminate these costs.

With your PSA or membrane nitrogen generator, you’ll never have to worry about where the next shipment of nitrogen is coming from or how much it will cost.

Sign 3: Need for Improved Maximum Nitrogen Usage and Consistency

Some amount of nitrogen is always wasted when the cylinders begin to run low, because many businesses will stop using nitrogen cylinders when the reserves in the cylinders reach a certain level or the pressure is lower than their application pressure. Liquid nitrogen tanks are constantly venting nitrogen to the atmosphere which wastes a lot of nitrogen.

PSA nitrogen generators, on the other hand, can produce consistent results each time the generator is used. PSA N2 generators can produce high purity nitrogen to the specifications of the owner, so that you can always have nitrogen of the proper purity level every time you use your generator.

Sign 4: Space and Environmental Constraints

Nitrogen cylinders contain pressurized gas, which means they pose safety risks for anyone using them, and anyone in the area when they’re being used. People who use nitrogen cylinders must be properly trained to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in the area when the cylinders are in use. Liquid nitrogen tanks store nitrogen in a liquid state and then converts to a gas. These tanks can take up considerable space and must have safety precautions in place.

If you’re constantly fighting with these space and environmental constraints, you can benefit from nitrogen generation PSA or membrane. PSA and membrane N2 generators have a much smaller environmental impact because they take up less space in your facility and also have a much smaller carbon footprint compared to nitrogen cylinders.

Benefits of Partnering with a PSA N2 Generator Manufacturer

When you partner with PSA or membrane nitrogen generator manufacturers like On Site Gas Systems for PSA or membrane nitrogen generation, your business will enjoy many benefits. Whether your business is in the pharmaceutical industry or you’re creating modified atmosphere packaging, pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generators can be customized to meet specific facility needs. Your business will also have the advantage of ongoing support and maintenance from On Site Gas Systems.

Your business could benefit from a PSA or membrane N2 generator if your company regularly struggles with nitrogen cylinders or liquid tanks and the many inconveniences that come from nitrogen cylinder or liquid tank rental. If you struggle to find space or manage the contract for your cylinder or liquid tank rental, it’s time to assess your nitrogen supply needs. Consider the long-term benefits of a PSA or membrane N2 generator and contact On Site Gas Systems for help.

How to Select the Best Nitrogen Generator Manufacturer: Why Choose On Site Gas Systems?


Nitrogen gas generators offer a cost-effective and reliable source of nitrogen for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food packaging, chemicals, and steel-making. Although they require an initial investment, these generators ultimately save businesses money by eliminating the ongoing expenses associated with renting nitrogen cylinders.

If it’s important for your business to save money on nitrogen, then it’s crucial to buy the right nitrogen generator for your business. But how do you ensure you’re investing in the right nitrogen generator for your needs? The answer lies in choosing a trustworthy manufacturer – like On Site Gas Systems.

Why does On Site Gas Systems stand out as the ideal choice for your nitrogen generator manufacturer in the USA? Let’s find out.

Qualities that Define a Premier Nitrogen Generator Manufacturer

When picking a nitrogen generator manufacturer, there are a few key things to consider. Here’s why we’re confident in saying we stand out:

Years of Experience

On Site Gas Systems has been serving clients for over 35 years. That’s a long time to learn, adapt, and perfect our products and services. Such a long-standing history not only proves our dedication to the industry but also offers assurance. Newer manufacturers might not always have the stability to honor warranties or promises, but we’ve been around, proving our reliability.

Variety of Options

Every business is unique, and so are its needs. Whether your company requires a membrane generator or a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generator, it’s crucial that the manufacturer you choose provides both. With On Site Gas Systems, you’re assured a variety of options, ensuring that your specific requirements are met.

Custom Solutions

Sometimes, off-the-shelf options just don’t cut it. Maybe your business operations demand a nitrogen generator with specific dimensions or capabilities. Recognizing the diverse needs of businesses, On Site Gas Systems specializes in creating custom solutions tailored to your industry, ensuring optimal production rates and efficiency.

Made in the USA

If your business operates in the United States, you’d likely prefer a nitrogen generator designed and manufactured to meet US regulatory standards. With On Site Gas Systems, every generator is crafted right here in the USA, ensuring compliance and optimum performance.

Commitment to Quality

Searching for a high-quality nitrogen generator can be challenging. However, a surefire way to ensure quality is by partnering with an ISO-certified manufacturer like On Site Gas Systems. This certification is a testament to our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in every product we produce.

Choosing the Right Nitrogen Generator with On Site Gas Systems

With On Site Gas Systems by your side, choosing the perfect nitrogen generator has never been simpler. It all starts with a conversation with our knowledgeable team, not merely to gauge their expertise but to understand how, as a manufacturer, we can align with your unique needs and challenges. It’s crucial to educate yourself on product specifics. With On Site Gas Systems, you’re not just getting a product; you’re tapping into decades of industry insights and unwavering dedication. By having the right information and a clear perspective on your needs, you can confidently select a nitrogen generator that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Why On Site Gas Systems?

On Site Gas Systems has been in business for over 35 years. We help our clients with their nitrogen generation needs by creating quality nitrogen generation systems. We offer pre-made, custom, and refurbished systems for our clients. We have a knowledgeable sales team that can answer your questions, and if you need a custom system, we’ll put you in touch with an engineer who can help. Call today to request a quote or contact a member of our customer care team to get started.

How To Prepare Your Business For An Onsite N2 Generator (What To Consider)

If your business is nitrogen dependent, then a nitrogen gas generator may be the right piece of equipment for your industrial processes. Nitrogen gas generators are an essential tool for businesses in pharmaceuticals, food processing, metallurgy, aerospace, and more. If your business has a need for nitrogen and is currently dependent upon nitrogen cylinders or liquid nitrogen you could be losing money on monthly expenses relating to nitrogen deliveries.

Purchasing a nitrogen generator system can help your business save money while also ensuring that your business will have the continuous supply of nitrogen that it needs to keep functioning. Before installing a nitrogen generator, it’s important to understand the many ways your business must prepare for this type of installation.

Why Get An N2 Gas Generator Installed?

Does your business need a nitrogen generation system? Below are some of the benefits of nitrogen generator installation:

  • Generators offer a continuous supply of nitrogen provided at a minimal monthly expense
  • Nitrogen generators need little monthly maintenance to function
  • Nitrogen generators are far more efficient and eco-friendly than nitrogen cylinders
  • Your business can save money on regular nitrogen costs with a generator

What To Consider Before Installing a Nitrogen Generator System

Before installing a nitrogen generator in your business, there are many notable factors. Here’s what to know about when trying to decide if a nitrogen generator is right for your business:

Do You Have the Space?

Nitrogen generators don’t have to be very large. In fact, membrane nitrogen generators, with no moving parts, have a relatively small footprint and can easily be used for mobile applications. The size required for a generator depends on how much nitrogen gas is needed for your process. Still, even businesses that need a lot of nitrogen can get by with a relatively small nitrogen generator. If you’re not sure what size generator is right for your needs, speak with the experts at On Site Gas Systems.

Infrastructure Considerations

Because nitrogen generators extract nitrogen from the air in the environment, your nitrogen generator will need piping from your compressed air supply. Your business may already have this type of piping network in place for your industrial processes. If this is the case, you may not need to make changes to your facility. However, if your facility does not have this piping in place, you’ll need to get it in place before the generator can be run on site. Work with your generator manufacturer to ensure that the piping that you’ve installed is adequate for your nitrogen generator.

Power Source

Your nitrogen generator will need a power supply. Nitrogen generators only require a minimum of power. Usually, no more power than it takes to run a desktop computer.

Ventilation Requirements

Ventilation is required for the space around the nitrogen generator. The nitrogen generator will expel waste (mainly in the form of low-concentrated oxygen) that should be ventilated from the space. Under normal conditions, the area where the nitrogen generator is located will have natural ventilation, and no changes are needed.

Ready to Install An N2 Generator System? Contact On Site Gas

At On Site Gas, we specialize in crafting custom nitrogen gas generation systems tailored to meet diverse industrial needs. Reach out to us today to explore more about installing and specifying an efficient N2 generation system, ensuring a seamless integration into your business operations.

The Differences Between PSA N2 Generators vs. Membrane N2 Generator Technology

If your business relies on nitrogen for its industrial processes, you may need an onsite nitrogen generator to produce the quantities of nitrogen you need on an ongoing basis. It takes only a little bit of searching online to discover that there are multiple types of nitrogen generators, including pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generators and membrane nitrogen generators.

These two types of generators function very differently. Each has specific benefits that make them important for different industries and types of businesses. If you need help determining which type of nitrogen generator is right for you, it helps to get assistance from the experts here at On Site Gas. At On Site Gas, we can help you decide which type of nitrogen generator is best for your business.

Here, we’ll discuss the differences between PSA and membrane nitrogen generators, covering everything you need to know.

What Is a PSA N2 Generator?

PSA nitrogen generators are the preferred type of generator for businesses that need high-purity nitrogen gas. High-purity gas is gas with a purity level of approximately 99.9995%. This purity level is often required in electronics manufacturing, chemical and petroleum industries, and metallurgy.

What Is a Membrane N2 Generator?

A membrane nitrogen generator uses a membrane to separate nitrogen from other elements in the air. Membrane nitrogen generators produce nitrogen at a purity level between 95 and 99.9%. This purity level makes membrane nitrogen generators a perfect choice for manufacturers in the food and beverage industry as well as the automotive and aerospace industries.

What Are The Differences Between PSA and Membrane Nitrogen Generator Technology?

PSA and membrane nitrogen generators each produce nitrogen, but they work very differently. Here’s how:

How Does a Nitrogen PSA Generator Work?

PSA generators pull air into a tank that contains a carbon molecular sieve (also called a CMS). The generator then increases pressure in the tank, and the CMS absorbs oxygen and other non-nitrogen particles. Once this is done, a high-purity stream of nitrogen is produced.

PSA generators usually have two tanks that work in tandem, so while one tank is filling and producing nitrogen, the other tank can clean out the CMS material. Then, the tanks switch roles. This repeats over and over again as the PSA nitrogen generator works.

Benefits of a PSA Generator

  • Low maintenance. PSA generators are generally low-maintenance. These generators require periodic filter changes but can otherwise last for many years without any needed repairs or other types of maintenance. With this level of care, PSA generators can last for two decades or more.
  • Consistent production of nitrogen. Even as they age, PSA generators continue to produce nitrogen at the same purity level. This makes PSA generators a good investment for businesses that need high levels of nitrogen.

How Does a Nitrogen Membrane Generator Work?

Membrane nitrogen generators work by pushing air through a cylindrical tube that contains a nitrogen generator membrane fibers. As the gas enters the membrane, the unwanted elements in the air (oxygen, for example) are directed to an exhaust vent, while the nitrogen gas exits at the outlet portion of the tube.

This produces a continuous flow of nitrogen gas. There are no moving parts for this type of generator, and that can be very helpful for processes that are sensitive to vibrations.

Benefits of a Membrane Generator

  • Simplicity of design. Membrane generators have no moving parts, which means that they’re especially easy to maintain. This also ensures a continuous supply of nitrogen.
  • Easy to store. Membrane generators are compact, so they’re easy to store in small spaces and can be configured for mobility as well.
  • Long-lasting and durable. Because they have few or no moving parts, membrane generators are easy to maintain and last for a long time.

Still Not Sure Which Generator To Buy? Call On Site Gas

The professionals at On Site Gas are available to help you decide which type of nitrogen generator is right for you. In addition, we design custom generators for our clients. Call for a consultation, and we can design the best nitrogen generator for your needs.

How Do Onsite Nitrogen Generators Work?

Nitrogen is a crucial element that makes up a significant portion of the air we breathe. It is an inert, non-toxic gas with a wide range of industrial applications, from preserving food to facilitating steel production. For businesses requiring a consistent supply of nitrogen, onsite nitrogen generators offer a cost-effective and reliable solution. But how do these generators produce nitrogen? Let’s dive into the mechanics.

Methods of Nitrogen Production

Onsite nitrogen generators employ various technologies to produce nitrogen gas tailored to specific industrial needs. Whether you’re looking for high purity levels or have budget constraints, there’s likely a nitrogen generator that fits your requirements. Here are some common types:

PSA Nitrogen Generator

PSA, or Pressure Swing Adsorption, is a popular method for nitrogen generation. In this system, air is drawn into the unit and passed through carbon molecular sieve (CMS). This sieve material has microscopic pores that trap oxygen, moisture, and other impurities, allowing only nitrogen to pass through. The system alternates between two chambers to ensure continuous operation.


  • Continuous Operation: Can run 24/7 to meet your nitrogen needs.
  • High Purity: Capable of producing nitrogen with up to 99.9995% purity.
  • Cost-Effective: Operating costs are significantly lower compared to renting nitrogen cylinders.

Membrane Nitrogen Generator

In a membrane generator, compressed air is forced through a bundle of hollow fibers. These fibers selectively permit nitrogen to pass through while filtering out oxygen and other contaminants. The purity level can be adjusted by manipulating the airflow.


  • Continuous Operation: Can run 24/7 to meet your nitrogen needs.
  • Purity Flexibility: Can achieve up to 99.9% nitrogen purity.
  • Low Maintenance: Simple design with few moving parts.
  • Available on demand when your operation needs it, no need to wait for deliveries.
  • Cost-Effective: Operating costs are significantly lower compared to renting nitrogen cylinders.

Custom Generators Available

On Site Gas creates custom generators for businesses, to meet the unique needs of our clients. If a custom generator is needed for your business, we can assess your needs and help you select the right design. Our custom-engineered systems are designed to be an ideal fit for your industry and production environment. We’ll design your generator to meet your unique needs, and provide training.

Refurbished Generators Available

Not every business needs a custom-built nitrogen generator for their business. In fact, some of our clients prefer a refurbished system. These generators have been used by previous clients and have since been completely restored. We fix up generators at On Site Gas to ensure that each refurbished generator we sell meets our most stringent requirements. When you purchase a refurbished generator, you can be sure that your generator will be in good condition and ready to operate for years to come.

Why a Generator Instead Of Nitrogen Cylinder Delivery?

Nitrogen cylinders are commonly used by businesses that only need a small amount of nitrogen, or only need nitrogen occasionally. Cylinders are effective but have many logistical problems, including:

Safety issues. Nitrogen is under high pressure when it’s in a cylinder, which can come with safety risks. Every person who uses these cylinders needs to be taught how to use them safely to avoid accidents.

Space consuming. Depending on how much nitrogen your business requires, and how much nitrogen you order at a time, nitrogen cylinders can take up a lot of space in your facility.

Some nitrogen is always wasted. Some nitrogen is always wasted when you’re using nitrogen from cylinders. Once the nitrogen reaches a certain quantity in the cylinder, the cylinders must be returned to be refilled.

Cost-inefficient. Nitrogen cylinders may be affordable for a one-time only rental, but consider the cost of renting cylinders on an ongoing basis, for many years. Over time, nitrogen cylinders can cost your business far more money than the one-time cost of purchasing a nitrogen generator.

Administrative costs. In addition to the costs of renting nitrogen cylinders, many administrative costs and inconveniences can come from cylinder rental. Supply chain problems can dramatically impact the availability of nitrogen cylinders when they’re needed. Searching for a new nitrogen producer/supplier could waste time and cost your business money.

Not Sure Which Type of Generator Is Right For You?

Do you need a PSA nitrogen generator? A membrane nitrogen generator? Or maybe a custom generator. The team at On Site Gas is ready to help you decide which type of generator is right for your business. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your new custom nitrogen generator system.

Portable Oxygen Generators: What Are POGS And The Benefits Of Portable Oxygen Generators?

Portable oxygen generator systems (POGS) can be life-saving devices that help military medical professionals, disaster relief professionals, and more. On Site Gas Systems creates oxygen generators to your organization’s specifications to ensure that you’ve got the oxygen you need, when you need it. We have a reputation as one of the most respected and dependable POGS manufacturers in the country for a reason. With 30+ years in the business, we’ve had years of opportunity to perfect our craft. If your business is in need of a portable oxygen generator, here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Portable Oxygen Generator?

On Site Gas Systems creates portable oxygen generators that can be used as a direct feed to a patient or to an application in need. POGS can also be used to fill cylinders up to 2200 PSIG, so your organization can take oxygen cylinders to the location where oxygen is needed most. Our oxygen generators have been used by military field hospitals, by FEMA and state governments following natural disasters, and by Homeland Security. POGS can be operated independently or in combination with other POGS to ensure an unlimited supply of oxygen 24/7.

POGS from On Site Gas Systems is designed to be flexible in their use to ensure that organizations using them have access to the type and amount of oxygen they need when they need it. Each portable oxygen generator system is portable, requiring only four people to carry them to the location where they’ll be used. This makes them easy to deploy in a time of need and ensures that medical and field professionals making use of POGS have access to a fast and continuous supply of oxygen. In the event that the oxygen generator is being used in a location where infrastructure has been damaged, POGS can still perform because they need little more than a power source and the people who can carry the system to the location where it will be used.

Benefits of Oxygen Generator Portable Devices

There are many benefits of portable oxygen generators. On Site Gas Systems creates oxygen generators that are used for a variety of applications. Below are some of the benefits of portable oxygen generators for use anywhere, at any time.


Portable oxygen generators are made for use in field hospitals and in temporary medical facilities. As a result, they are the preferred product for military hospital operations and disaster management operations. When there’s a need for oxygen to support patients and help ensure good medical outcomes, portable oxygen generators can quickly be lifted into difficult-to-reach locations to provide-life saving oxygen. POGS are designed to be used anywhere that supplemental oxygen is required. On Site Gas Systems POGS were used in field hospitals during COVID-19.

Help Patients Survive Deadly Injuries

Low oxygen levels can be a deadly problem, especially for a patient that has sustained a serious injury. When a patient has sustained an injury that prevents them from absorbing oxygen properly, supplemental oxygen from a portable oxygen generator can help increase their chances of survival.

Supplemental oxygen can help patients with injuries rest while waiting for transportation to a more permanent medical facility. On Site Gas Systems POGS provide unlimited oxygen flow during an emergency, to help support positive patient outcomes.


On Site Gas Systems oxygen cylinders are an affordable option for field hospitals and disaster relief organizations. Renting oxygen cylinders can become costly when the costs happen continuously over many months or years. Purchasing an oxygen generator is more affordable because the purchase happens one time, instead of time and again.

Available In When They’re Needed Most

POGS are designed to be used in disaster relief situations when victims of natural disasters are in need of supplemental oxygen. Even when far from the hospital, POGS can deliver oxygen to patients as needed. They’re durable and made to last.

Need More Information about Portable Oxygen Generator Systems? Contact On Site Gas Systems

On Site Gas Systems has been a trusted name in oxygen and nitrogen generation for 30 years. Our devices are made to meet your organization’s specific oxygen and nitrogen generation needs. Each of our devices is made in the United States. To learn more about how you can obtain POGS for sale for your organization, contact our team for a consultation about your specific needs.

What is a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generator?

Nitrogen gas has many uses in the chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, and steel production industries. Nitrogen is an inert gas that’s present in large quantities in the atmosphere and air we breathe. It can prevent food, drink, and medication spoilage, which makes it very important to some of the conveniences of modern life.

With the rise of industries that require industrial shipping, chemical manufacturing, and food storage, nitrogen has become increasingly in demand. While there are many ways to acquire nitrogen, many businesses turn to nitrogen generators. Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) generators are highly efficient nitrogen generators that produce high-purity nitrogen on site.

Here’s what to know.

What is a PSA N2 Generator?

A PSA nitrogen generator produces nitrogen through a process that starts when compressed air is passed through a combination of filters to remove oil and moisture, then the purified air is directed to adsorption vessels that contain carbon molecular sieve. The remaining moisture, carbon dioxide, and other impurities are adsorbed by the sieve material. At high pressures, the sieves also adsorb oxygen. The remaining nitrogen is produced at the desired purity and oxygen is vented back into the atmosphere.

How Does a PSA N2 Generator Compare to a Membrane Generator?

The way that a PSA N2 generator works is very different from the way a membrane generator works. The membrane generator works by forcing compressed air into thousands of hollow fibers. Elements of the air like oxygen and CO2 pass through the fibers differently than nitrogen, which is eventually separated out through the fibers, producing a stream of nitrogen out the other end.

Advantages of Nitrogen PSA Generators

PSA nitrogen generators have many benefits that draw industry professionals, especially when the generators are compared to nitrogen cylinders. Knowing the advantages of these generators can help you decide if a PSA generator is right for you.

24/7 Nitrogen Production

Nitrogen generators can work continuously, 24/7. Generators can be used to produce a nearly endless supply of nitrogen as needed. For many businesses, this is preferable to other options, like nitrogen cylinders. Whereas nitrogen cylinders are subject to delays due to interruptions in the supply chain, PSA nitrogen generators continue to work as long as they have power.

High-Quality Nitrogen

PSA nitrogen generators can produce high-purity nitrogen from the atmosphere. In fact, PSA nitrogen generators can produce up to 99.9995% pure nitrogen, which is useful for industries that require a high purity for their nitrogen content. The purity level that comes from nitrogen generators is also flexible, to meet the needs of the business.

Low Associated Costs

Nitrogen generators have a reasonable up-front cost, and then very low cost of operation thereafter. Maintenance and utilities to run the generators are overall a minimal expense. Nitrogen cylinders and bulk liquid, meanwhile, represent a large ongoing cost to the business.

With many applications using a PSA Nitrogen Generator will have operating costs of 10-20% of purchasing nitrogen cylinders or bulk nitrogen.

Reduced Environmental Footprint

Because PSA nitrogen generators are an on-site source of nitrogen gas requiring little utility to run the generator, these generators have a small environmental footprint. For businesses seeking an environmentally friendly solution to their nitrogen needs, and for businesses that prioritize eco-friendly processes, PSA nitrogen generators are an excellent option.

This is especially true when the generators are compared to nitrogen cylinder delivery. Nitrogen cylinder delivery relies heavily on vehicles that use fossil fuels for transportation, thus increasing your business’s carbon footprint.

Need a PSA Nitrogen Generator for Your Business? Contact On Site Gas Systems

PSA nitrogen generators are a reliable source of nitrogen for businesses that need high-purity nitrogen. PSA nitrogen generation is also convenient and can produce nearly limitless quantities of nitrogen as needed.

On Site Gas Systems sells PSA nitrogen generators and membrane nitrogen generators for your industrial processes. With a strong reputation in the industry, we set a gold standard for gas-generating systems. We design and build gas systems on site to ensure that your business needs are met. To find out more about our PSA nitrogen generators as well as our membrane generators, contact the On Site Gas Systems team.