Common Questions to Consider When Purchasing a Nitrogen Generator for Your Electronics Operation

If you’re purchasing a nitrogen gas generator for your electronics operation, you may have some initial questions. Below, we’re answering two of the most common inquiries we receive about nitrogen generators for the electronic industry.

Can Your Generators Provide High Enough Purity Levels (10 ppm) to Prevent Dross?

Eliminating dross is one of the main benefits of the wave soldering process. Doing so reduces maintenance needs and saves your company money. Plus, by completing soldering work in a nitrogen atmosphere, you can improve joint quality and manufacturing production. This also influences surface tension, solder spread, wetting force, and angle. A determining factor in dross production and cost-effectiveness is whether your operation uses liquid nitrogen or generated nitrogen processes.

The Types Of Nitrogen Generation Systems

There are two types of reliable nitrogen generation systems: Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and nitrogen membrane generators and On Site Gas Systems offers both of these options. Generated nitrogen gas offers a lower initial investment than using liquid nitrogen, and your generator will pay for itself rather quickly. Generated N2 gas is an effective and more convenient solution than dependence on nitrogen deliveries from a supplier.

When you purchase a nitrogen gas generator, you must evaluate the purity level of the nitrogen it produces to determine whether it meets your needs. In electronics manufacturing, you want the solder to spread at 205 degrees Celsius, which requires a rest oxygen atmosphere of 10 parts per million (ppm). Therefore, it’s essential to have an N2 generator that can produce nitrogen with a purity level of 99.99 percent and above. At On Site Gas, we provide a variety systems that are capable of producing high-purity nitrogen gas.

Can Your Generators Provide Enough Flow for Both Reflow and Wave Applications?

In reflow soldering, a mixture of powdered solder and flux temporarily attaches electrical components to their contact pads on a printed circuit board (PCB). The assembly is then heated in a reflow oven or under an infrared lamp. The solder paste reflows in a molten state, which creates permanent solder joints.
In the wave soldering process, the circuit board passes over a pan of molten solder in which a pump produces a swell, or “wave.” The circuit board makes contact with this wave, and the components become soldered to the board. In both processes, nitrogen gas is used to maintain a clean, dry, and inert atmosphere, which is essential in creating strong and lasting solder bonds.

When you purchase a nitrogen gas generation system for your electronics operation, you must consider whether it will produce enough flow for the processes you employ. Various types of generators are available to address specific electronics production needs, ranging from small generators for selective soldering to large systems that feed reflow ovens and wave solder applications. Nitrogen generators can also be custom designed in any size to suit your specific requirements.

In Need of a High-Quality Nitrogen Generator? On Site Gas Can Help

Once you have evaluated your company’s production methods and needs, the next step is to select a nitrogen generation system that will accommodate any necessary applications. At On Site Gas, we offer a variety of nitrogen generators that can be customized to fit your business’ unique specifications.
For more information about our nitrogen generators, reflow and wave applications, or dross reduction, reach out to our team today!


It is our priority to provide clients with high-quality, world-class nitrogen generating systems with proper care and maintenance services. Nitrogen generators are a cost-effective solution when compared to other systems, and when cared for, can continue producing nitrogen with accuracy and efficiency for decades.

Regular maintenance and upkeep should always be performed to ensure your generator is working correctly. Our experienced technicians at On Site Gas understand that completing basic upkeep on your nitrogen generating system is necessary. That is why we incorporate several easy procedures into our process that will help enhance the lifespan of your product. Following these six steps will help keep your nitrogen generator system functioning for as long as possible:

1. Keep the Equipment Clean

The first step to maintaining your nitrogen generator is always keeping it clean. Use a damp cloth to clean all parts carefully. While doing so, make sure to avoid contact with the nitrogen generator system’s electrical components.

2. Check Status Gauges and Indicators

There is a control panel visible on the front of nitrogen generators. Check the status of both the gauges and indicators to confirm the nitrogen generating system is functioning as it should. Ensure the system has no leaks and look over the quality of the inlet air, too.

3. Shut the Nitrogen Generator Down After Use

Follow the guidelines in your nitrogen generating system’s maintenance manual to properly shut the unit down after every use. This will help improve your nitrogen generator’s lifespan.

4. Regularly Change the System’s Filters

Many nitrogen generator systems use a combination of carbon and coalescing filtration. Carefully look at the instructions in your nitrogen generator system’s manual to change these filters and discard elements according to the waste disposal procedures utilized by your company.

5. Restart the Nitrogen Generating System

After changing the filters, restart the equipment. Again, check your nitrogen generator system’s manual to ensure you follow the proper start-up procedure.

6. Replace Your Oxygen Sensor and Valve

Typically, your nitrogen generator’s oxygen sensor needs to be replaced every three years. The frequency in which you change it will depend on the number of hours the nitrogen generator is in use. We recommend that an experienced service technician from On Site Gas perform this procedure for you.

Choose On Site Gas For Your System’s Maintenance Needs

Our nitrogen gas generating systems are used all over the world. There are many reasons why companies choose equipment such as pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generators. One being more cost-effective than other systems while allowing you continuous access and a steady supply of your gas without a delivery contract. Systems including nitrogen membrane generators also employ energy-saving tactics, eliminate the need for potentially hazardous cryogenic liquids, and are an overall more versatile option than other delivery systems.

The experts at On Site Gas are always ready to answer any questions about maintaining your nitrogen generating system. Contact us today to learn more about what we do or purchasing refurbished generators.

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Work?

Across the wide range of industries today, nitrogen gas is used in many different ways. Companies need a constant supply of high-purity nitrogen to maintain an inert environment or to ensure the quality of their products. No matter the situation, you are sure to find the level of quality you are searching for with On Site Gas nitrogen generators. Buying gas is expensiveinefficient, and can leave you high and dry at times when you run out of nitrogen and can’t receive immediate delivery. So, how does a nitrogen generator work to benefit your business? 

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generation systems have emerged as the premier means for businesses to maintain a continuous, uninterrupted supply of nitrogen for industrial applications. The purity level of nitrogen that PSA systems generate is up to 99.9995%. The systems pay for themselves many times over as they generate nitrogen from the atmosphere around you. Additionally, On Site Gas can build a custom system that is specifically suited to your unique needs. 

The PSA nitrogen generation system uses a method called adsorption to extract the nitrogen from the air. The generator contains two vessels that are filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS). This sieve material allows nitrogen molecules to escape into a containment area in the generator while it traps oxygen molecules. One vessel is filled with compressed air at high pressure and runs its cycle, then the other vessel takes over immediately to ensure a continuous stream of nitrogen. When the pressure is released on the first vessel, the oxygen is released back into the air and the process keeps repeating itself 

The Most Popular Nitrogen Generation Systems and How They Are Used 

Every business is different, and the specific needs of their operations depend on their configurations of nitrogen generation systems. At On Site Gas, we recognized the demand for innovations that would benefit every industry and business, large or small. We stepped up to the plate by developing advancements in nitrogen generation technology that fit many molds, then took it a step further by offering customization for companies with special requirements. As you can see by the variety of nitrogen generation systems and products listed here, we have something for every size business and budget.   

  • Custom engineered nitrogen generation systems. When your applications involve very specific needs, our custom engineered systems are perfect for your company. They are designed to suit your demands and are an ideal fit for your industrial specs.
  • Nitrogen membrane generators. Turnkey nitrogen generation systems are ready to ship to your locationYou simply connect them and get to work. 
  • Nitrogen container systemsThese highly efficient systems are cost-effective and are built right into an ISO container that can be transported to your location by truck. Once they reach you, all you have to do is hook them up and they are ready to be put to use. 
  • Nitrogen cylinder filling systems. These systems are a perfect way to eliminate buying bottled gas. You no longer need to rely on delivery as these systems allow you to fill your bottles with nitrogen. 
  • Used nitrogen generatorsOn Site Gas provides a selection of nitrogen generation systems that have been used before but have been completely refurbished. When we fix up products at On Site Gas, they are as good as new. 

Whether your needs are in food preparation or take place in a lab setting, you can see that On Site Gas has a collection of products that can accommodate applications in a significant number of ways. 

Why Choose Us Over the Competitors?  

When you work with On Site Gas to create a perfect solution for your nitrogen generation needs, you know you are getting a top-quality product from a company that has built a strong reputation for more than 30 years. We are focused on our brand and have developed innovations that you can’t expect from anywhere else. Other companies that try to build other products that are not related to nitrogen generation simply can’t keep up with the technology that On Site Gas develops. 

We are a large company that can also provide creative solutions to your company’s demands. Regardless of your size, location, or specialty, On Site Gas can assure you that investing in our systems will save you money and increase your revenue for years to come. Reach out to us today to learn more.  

Contact On Site Gas today to grow your business with our nitrogen systems.  

Never Run Out of Nitrogen with a Nitrogen Generator from On Site Gas

Nitrogen generators from On Site Gas provide a consistent supply of nitrogen drawn from the surrounding atmosphere. Because the air we breathe is almost 80 percent nitrogen, taking advantage of it can be an incredibly cost-effective solution for organizations that rely on the gas for their everyday operations. That’s why On Site Gas offers high-quality nitrogen generators that extract the gas from the surrounding air. This results in a near-constant supply of nitrogen with a purity level of up to 99.9995 percent.
Below, we’re discussing the benefits of a nitrogen generator, including how it can be used to meet your organization’s daily demand.

High-Quality Nitrogen, Whenever You Need It

Conventional nitrogen use requires timely delivery of replacement cylinders or liquid delivery’s. Many organizations that rely on liquid nitrogen for their everyday operations partner with service providers who deliver and install new nitrogen dewers when their current supply runs out or delivery bulk liquid nitrogen. This method also requires the handling of dewers, which ultimately results in more overhead. Nitrogen generators from On Site Gas, by comparison, virtually eliminate the need for Dewer or liquid  delivery and cuts costs downtremendously.
A nitrogen generator provides as much nitrogen as needed in a continuous stream, on-demand. On Site Gas helps customers configure their nitrogen generator systems to their exact needs and preferences. If your enterprise uses nitrogen for everyday operations, you likely need an uninterrupted supply of high-quality gas from a reliable source. Nitrogen generators from On Site Gas can cut the need for liquid delivery, even allowing your team to fill your own cylinders as needed.

On Site Gas Nitrogen Filling Systems

If your organization relies on nitrogen cylinders, you might wonder whether a generator would be the best solution to meet your daily demand. Luckily, On Site Gas can provide a customized generator system complete with storage options. Nitrogen filling stations, for example, are easy for On Site Gas to install with any nitrogen generator system. By incorporating a filling station, you can use your generator to fill canisters at any time. That way, you’ll always have enough nitrogen on hand for your daily operations.
Filling your own cylinders dramatically cuts down on overhead and ultimately increases the long-term value of your nitrogen generator system. The best part about choosing an On Site Gas generator is that the system comes with virtually maintenance-free operation. Plus, our nitrogen container systems are easy to deploy for remote or stationary applications and provide a rapid return on investment.

Storing Nitrogen During Off-Hours to Meet Daily Demand

The main advantage of investing in an on-site nitrogen generator is that these systems can eliminate reliance on nitrogen canisters. While traditional nitrogen use typically involves frequent deliveries of fresh cylinders, a generator means you can enjoy high-quality nitrogen whenever you need it.
Ultimately, storing nitrogen off-hours is unnecessary for enterprises that invest in On Site Gas nitrogen generators. These systems provide consistent streams of nitrogen capable of reaching purity levels of 99.9995 percent. However, the integration of an On Site filling station can provide the means to store nitrogen off-hours for future use, adding another layer of reliability and value to a generator system.

Looking to Enhance Your Business Operations with On-Demand Nitrogen? On Site Gas Can Help

In short, a nitrogen generator system from On Site Gas will likely eliminate the need to store extra canisters to meet daily demands, as these systems create an uninterrupted supply of gas at your business location. However, On Site Gas makes it easy to configure a filling station integrated into a nitrogen generator for easy storage of extra cylinders. The option to produce and store additional nitrogen is always there when your organization chooses On Site Gas.
Ready to learn more about our products? Contact On Site Gas today!

Developing a Preventive Maintenance Plan for Your Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen generators are easy to use and require minimal upkeep. However, we strongly suggest that you follow a preventive maintenance plan for keeping nitrogen generating systems running efficiently. As with any of your business’s valuable equipment, maintenance checks are crucial. A simple inspection will ensure that things continue to operate as smoothly down the road as they did at the onset of your purchase.  Every On Site Gas Systems Nitrogen Generator comes with a complete owners manual that will include the recommended maintenance schedule specific to your system.  Please follow this schedule to ensure your Nitrogen Generator is properly maintained at all times.

How to Do a Preventative Checkup for Your Generator

Before you begin maintenance procedures on your generator, you need to verify that the power supply has been turned off.  Then you should start by cleaning the equipment with a damp cloth (steering clear of any electrical components). After wiping the machine down, check the status indicators and look for leaks and inlet air quality by inspecting the control panel on the front of your generator. Your control panel offers status details and indicators to make this step easy.
You should also change your filters regularly to ensure that your system works at peak performance. This step varies depending on how often you use your generator and the type of filters the system requires. Typically, you only need to replace carbon filters once a year, but you should change coalescing filters every six months. Meanwhile, particulate filters require replacement every three months.
One last thing to keep in mind is your T70X-V or N-1100 analyzer. You should replace the analyzer sensor immediately if you have not changed it in over a year. Valve maintenance and Zirconia oxygen sensor replacement, on the other hand, are generally necessary every three years. After replacing the necessary maintenance items, you can restart your generator according to the appropriate start-up procedure.
Although all systems vary, it’s typically best to conduct a preventative maintenance check-up every six months. However, you should check your system’s specific manual to verify the recommended operating procedures.

How to Know When Your Generator Needs Service

While inspecting your generator system, it’s important to look for any signs that indicate a need for service from a professional technician. These may include:

  • Water or oil within the filter housings.
  • Abnormal sounds or unusual processes during operation.
  • Changes in your purity level.

Regardless of how big or small the problem may seem, it’s always best to have anything out of the ordinary checked out before it leads to serious damage. Luckily, the experts at On Site Gas are here to help you address a variety of generator needs.

Need Assistance with Your Maintenance Plan? Reach out to On Site Gas

If you need assistance completing your generator maintenance process, On Site Gas can help. We offer Annual Maintenance Program Kits that contain all of the replacement filters your system needs. We also provide a variety of services and spare parts upon request. Plus, if you would like to learn how to maintain and operate your nitrogen generator system, we offer training classes at our Newington, CT office, as well as at your business location.
A preventive maintenance plan is a simple step in ensuring that your nitrogen generator will continue to meet your needs for years to come. For more information about nitrogen generator maintenance, contact us today!

Top Ten Reasons to Choose On Site Gas Systems as Your Nitrogen Generator Provider

Whether you’re in food and beverage, electronics, or one of the other numerous sectors that need nitrogen for daily operations, you already know that delivered gas often isn’t a practical solution. Air is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, so it’s just good business sense to utilize a supply that is already present in your work environment. However, you’ll need to choose a nitrogen generator provider.

Why On Site Gas Systems?

While there are multiple nitrogen gas generator providers in the industry, we at On Site Gas Systems remain the number one choice for clients across numerous sectors. Why? Consider the top ten reasons clients choose us:

  1. Our generators are made in the USA. For over 30 years, we have proudly manufactured all nitrogen generators right here in the United States.
  2. We are fully certified. We are a fully certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 manufacturing facility. In addition, our commercial products are UL, CE, and CSA certified along with all our pressure vessels being ASME certified.
  3. We offer matchless engineering experience. Our in-house engineering team is the best in the business, featuring over 70 years of combined experience in nitrogen and oxygen generator technology.
  4. Nitrogen generators are our specialty. We’ve built over 30 years of experience designing, adapting, and manufacturing pressure swing adsorption and membrane generators for a variety of applications across numerous sectors of business. From on-site high-output nitrogen trailer membrane systems to the more versatile portable nitrogen, PSA and even filling stations, our expertise is your advantage.
  5. We offer some of the purest nitrogen and oxygen in the business. With nitrogen purities between 95% and 99.9995% in our nitrogen trailer systems and the only oxygen generator in the industry capable of producing 99±1% pure oxygen, you’ll know you’re receiving the best gas by the most efficient means possible.
  6. Choose from standard production models and completely customized systems. Whether you need a turnkey nitrogen generator for a standard application or prefer a customized system designed, built, and manufactured from the ground up, we can accommodate your needs. Custom options such as adjustable purity setting controls make generators practical for multiple applications.
  7. Our standard product line is one of the most feature-rich in the business. Nitrogen generator systems come standard with oxygen analyzers and pre-filtration systems for enhanced control.
  8. You can obtain ultimate control and monitoring with HMI and PLC options. Our nitrogen generators can include human machine interface (HMI) and programmable logic controller (PLC) options from Siemens, Allan-Bradley, and others for superior monitoring and control capabilities.
  9. Our models boast supreme efficiency compared to competitors. Our Onsite Gas Systems nitrogen generators require the lowest feed air volumes in the industry. Others simply can’t compete.
  10. Our generators are the most durable in the business. Each product is designed to last in excess of twenty years of continuous service. In fact, most of our original nitrogen generator systems are still operating flawlessly after nearly thirty years.

No matter your industry or application, On Site Gas Systems has the reliable nitrogen generator technology you need. With incomparable customization, industry-best purity, and the support of our expert engineers, we simply outclass the competition. Contact us at 860.667.8888 or request an online quote today.

Nitrogen Generators for Breweries and Wineries

Does your brewery or winery still use delivered nitrogen cylinders for pressurizing and preserving your spirits? If so, you could be spending unnecessary money. At On Site Gas, we sell permanent and portable PSA and nitrogen membrane generators that can save you money and enhance your business operations.

Types of Nitrogen Generators for Breweries and Wineries

Nitrogen generators work by separating and removing oxygen from the air so only the nitrogen is left. The nitrogen is then stored in a tank to be used in the beer and winemaking process. There are several types of nitrogen generators available for use in wineries and breweries, including:

Benefits of Nitrogen Generators for Breweries

A generator can save you anywhere from 40 to 75 percent on your nitrogen costs and provide you with a reliable source that will never run out or leak. Beyond saving you money, nitrogen generators offer a myriad of benefits for breweries. These are just some of the ways a generator can improve your operations:

  • Can be used in conjunction with carbon dioxide
  • Helps pressurize kegs
  • Helps prevent spoilage
  • Can purge tanks between batches
  • Creates a more consistent product
  • Improves color, flavor, and carbonization

Benefits of Nitrogen Generators for Wineries

Nitrogen gas is used to displace oxygen during the winemaking process in order to preserve flavor and prevent spoilage due to contamination. Wineries typically use nitrogen for flushing, sparging, blanketing, and bottling. Flushing is needed during the transfer stages in order to purge pumps, hoses, and transfer containers. During the fermentation stage, nitrogen is added as tiny gas bubbles to remove oxygen – a method known as sparging. Blanketing is the process of pushing nitrogen through bottles, barrels, and tanks in order to remove oxygen prior to storing the wine.
It is estimated that wineries can save between 40 and 80 percent on nitrogen costs when they choose to install a generator versus renting cylinders. Not to mention, you’ll be improving your winery’s environmental friendliness.
Here are just a few more of the many benefits of nitrogen generators for wineries:

  • Improve your ROI and profit margin
  • Never run out of nitrogen
  • Prevent nitrogen leakage, which is common in cylinders
  • Reduce wasted wine due to spoilage

Enhance Your Brewing and Winemaking Operation with On Site Gas

On Site Gas has been manufacturing high-quality nitrogen and oxygen equipment for over 30 years. To learn more about our nitrogen generators for breweries and wineries, or to order your PSA, membrane, or custom nitrogen generator, contact us today.

Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting

Nitrogen generators are extremely beneficial for manufacturing operations and businesses that offer precision laser cutting services. Using nitrogen during the laser cutting process can help reduce oxidation of metal surfaces and provide for a faster cleaner cut.

Laser Cutting with Nitrogen Generators

Using nitrogen during your laser cutting process can help you achieve precise, optimal cuts on metal, glass, and ceramic as well as other types of materials. Nitrogen keeps oxygen away from the cut, which prevents discoloration, scorching, and burning. Additionally, materials that are laser-cut with nitrogen are more likely to pass the bend test after welding and have a lower risk of paint adhesion failure.

Benefits of Using a Nitrogen Generator for Laser Cutting

Nitrogen isn’t flammable and doesn’t interact with the laser beam or the cut surface, which makes it ideal for use with laser cutters as well as welding machines.
These are just a few of the benefits of using a nitrogen generator during the laser cutting process:

  • Displaces oxygen around the cut to reduce the risk of burning, scorching, and oxidation
  • Removes molten metal from the path of the cut
  • Reduces laser cutting costs and improves ROI when compared to renting nitrogen cylinders
  • Allows for precise control of nitrogen purity levels
  • Reduces nitrogen waste
  • Provides access to a constant supply of nitrogen

Best Types of Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting

There are several different nitrogen generators that can be used for laser cutting. The type of machine you choose will depend on your current needs. Some of the best types of nitrogen generators for laser cutting operations include:

  • Nitrogen Filling Stations – If you already rent nitrogen cylinders or frequently need to take nitrogen to off-site locations, a nitrogen filling station may be the best solution. With this type of generator, you will be able to fill your own cylinders and transport them to various locations.
  • Nitrogen Membrane Generators – Because they have no moving parts, nitrogen membrane generators offer easy installation and low maintenance costs. In order to produce nitrogen, oxygen and moisture are separated from the atmospheric air via the membrane. We can custom build these systems to fit your desired specifications.
  • PSA Nitrogen Generators – These machines offer nitrogen purities of up to 99.999 percent. They use Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) to separate nitrogen from the normal atmospheric air. The nitrogen is then collected in a receiver while the oxygen is released into the atmosphere. PSA nitrogen generators are extremely efficient and cost-effective.
  • Engineered Nitrogen Generators – This type of generator is custom designed for laser cutting businesses. We take into consideration the volume of nitrogen currently used, future demands, optimal purity levels, on-site laser cutting equipment, and the types of materials your company cuts in order to custom design the perfect generator for your business.

Enhance Your Laser Cutting Business with a High-Quality Nitrogen Generator

Interested in cutting down on nitrogen costs and improving the efficiency of your daily operations? A nitrogen generator from On Site Gas might be just what you need. For more information about our machines, contact us today!

How to Determine the Cost of a Nitrogen Generator

Are you considering purchasing a nitrogen generator and wondering how much they cost? These systems can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to more than $30,000, depending on the size of the generator and your specific needs.
Let’s take a look at how to determine the cost of a nitrogen generator.

How Much Nitrogen Do You Use?

Before you purchase a nitrogen generator, it’s important to determine how much you use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If you’ve previously used nitrogen cylinders, an easy way to determine your average usage is by examining your past purchases. What was the volume of gas in those cylinders? How much did they cost to rent, and did you run out of nitrogen at any point?

What’s the Ideal Purity of Your Nitrogen?

Nitrogen generators have the ability to produce purities of up to 99.999 percent.. In addition to determining your purity level, you need to know the required flow and outlet pressure. These three variables will help to determine the cost of your equipment.

What Type of Nitrogen Generator Do You Need?

Nitrogen generators typically come in two forms – stationary and portable. Stationary nitrogen generators do not move; once they are installed, they must remain in place. Portable generators, on the other hand, can be moved using a trailer system. Your cost to purchase will depend on the type of system you need for your business.

How Nitrogen Generators Can Save You Money

For many businesses that require nitrogen, the go-to solution is to rent cylinders because it’s fast and reasonably reliable. However, these tanks usually never get emptied and you are wasting as much as 20 percent of the encased nitrogen. Cylinders must also be transported within your facility, which can lead to workplace accidents and an increase in workers compensation claims.
Unlike nitrogen cylinders, on-site nitrogen generators provide a constant supply of nitrogen directly on your property, you won’t have to worry about the risks associated with transportation. Therefore, while there is an initial investment to purchase a nitrogen generator , purchasing one could save you money in the long run.

How to Buy a PSA Nitrogen Generator

Here at On Site Gas, we offer new and used nitrogen generators. We have membrane nitrogen generators, portable generators, nitrogen filling stations, custom engineered systems, and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generators for sale. If you know the type of system you’d prefer, you can order it directly from us at affordable prices. And if you’re not sure or you want to spec your system, we offer custom quotes. Contact us today to discuss your nitrogen needs!

What Is a Nitrogen Generator?


What Is a Nitrogen Generator?A nitrogen generator produces nitrogen from standard compressed air, replacing the need for a delivered supply in the form of high pressure cylinders, liquid mini-tanks or bulk storage vessels. The process results in a safe, inert, and consistent flow of stabilized industrial nitrogen gas.
Business owners can choose between pressure swing adsorption (PSA) or membrane technology to serve their nitrogen generation needs.

What Is the Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generation Process?

On Site Gas Systems PSA technology is frequently sought and purchased by businesses that need high nitrogen purity and a required flow rate while saving about 50 percent per year on annual gas expenses.
Part One: Adsorption
Adsorption is the first part of the PSA process. A PSA system features two adsorption towers or vessels that are filled with Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS.) As compressed and dried air flows through one tower, oxygen is adsorbed in the CMS. The remaining nitrogen flows into the buffer tank to ensure a steady downstream supply. On Site Gas Systems is able to provide a range of nitrogen purities.
Part Two: Desorption
As one bed is in the adsorption process the second bed is in the desorption process. This process releases the trapped oxygen molecules from the adsorption process back to the atmosphere. The vessel is now ready to start the adsorption process again.
The total time that the PSA nitrogen generation process takes is a mere 60 seconds.

What Are Additional Benefits of Investing in an On Site PSA Nitrogen Generator?

In addition to the overall savings, you may need some additional information about how having an On Site Gas PSA nitrogen generator can help your business. Consider just a few of the following advantages that our nitrogen generators can offer your business:

  • An average return on investment within the first 15 months of purchase.
  • We provide on-demand systems designed for 24/7 use, which means that the more the system runs, the more money you save.
  • You will not see any losses from your product venting into the atmosphere.
  • There is no boil-off of gas, as there would be with the cryogenic process.
  • Nitrogen generators do not have special safety concerns, so the generator can be located on the shop floor, right where it’s needed most.
  • Having the generator close to the application means you do not need to place large bulk tanks in other areas, which translates into more space for other needs. It also means costs to pipe the plant drop considerably.
  • You will not need to switch out cylinders and dewars, so productivity stays high, and risk of injury stays low.
  • You will use less electricity with On Site Gas’ nitrogen generators than you would with other options, meaning overall costs and carbon footprint remain low.

What Are the Most Common Uses for PSA Nitrogen Generation Processing?

Applications in industries that rely on an environment rich in compressed and stable nitrogen, and without oxidation and potential combustion, use PSA nitrogen processing and include:

  • The preservation of packed or bulk products in the food processing industry.
  • The delay of rancidity in wine that would occur quickly without nitrogen generation, allowing for prolonged freshness.
  • The safe and stabilized storage of paints and solvents.
  • The production of electronic parts, such as integrated circuits and transistors, to prevent moisture and oxidation.

Those are only a few of the possible uses for nitrogen generation to provide safe and high-quality products that can withstand a reasonably long shelf life without the worry of oxidation or combustion.
If you believe your company might benefit from having a nitrogen generator on site, but you need more information, contact us at On Site Gas to discuss your many options.