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What Is An Ultra-High Purity (UHP) Nitrogen Generator Used For?

Some industries use nitrogen to achieve their manufacturing objectives. Nitrogen comes in various grades, from low-purity nitrogen and up. Knowing what ultra-high purity nitrogen is used for can help you decide if this type of nitrogen is right for your industrial application. What is Ultra-High Purity Nitrogen Gas? Ultra-high purity nitrogen generators (UHP) produce ultra-high […]

How Does an Oxygen Generator Work?

Many industries need high purity oxygen for their manufacturing needs. Getting oxygen gas can be expensive and impractical without a dedicated oxygen generator. Knowing how an oxygen generator works can help you decide if this type of generator is right for you. What is an Oxygen Generator? An oxygen generator is an application that uses […]

How To Choose A Nitrogen Generator Manufacturer For Your Application

Nitrogen generators are a valuable asset to many industries that find nitrogen gas necessary to conduct their daily operations. These industries range from food processors and pharmaceutical companies to aerospace and offshore drilling. Nitrogen generation boasts a variety of benefits that outweigh traditional liquid nitrogen delivery and storage. For example, nitrogen generators have fewer safety […]

What Is Modified Atmosphere Packaging?

Regardless of your refrigeration or packaging system, food is always subject to spoiling. The most common examples of food spoilage include milk curdling and fermenting, fruit browning or rotting, and nasty mold spore growth on bread. To combat this, the food packaging industry uses a processing system known as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to package […]


The Types of Nitrogen Purging Systems

Impurities, oxidation, and unwanted vapors (or gases) can occur within many industrial manufacturing systems. The presence of these gases runs the risk of creating a hazardous or explosive environment within the system. Nitrogen purging is the safest method for eradicating any potentially damaging or threatening ambiance by using a technique that implements an inert nitrogen […]

How Nitrogen Flushing Is Used in Food Packaging

The food industry strives to incorporate food packaging processes that ensure the ability to safely eliminate microbial spoilage, keep food products free from oxidation, and extend shelf life once it is packaged. There is continued pressure to use natural alternatives as opposed to harsh chemical preservatives. One of the most efficient ways of extending food […]