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How N2 Generators Can Improve Your Recycling Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Does your plastics recycling business rely on nitrogen cylinders for production and manufacturing? Demand for nitrogen can be difficult to manage, especially when you’re getting your nitrogen supply from cylinder delivery. Not only are nitrogen cylinders inefficient, but they’re also expensive. Fortunately, there’s a way to cut finances and make your business more eco-friendly at […]

Nitro-Infused Shoes: What Are Nitrogen-Injected Sneakers?

Nitrogen injection is popular in a range of products throughout the food and beverage industry. But did you know that nitrogen injection is also becoming prevalent in other industries, like footwear? That’s right, nitro-infused shoes exist, and they’re incredibly comfortable! Brooks, one of the most respected names in athletic footwear, has recently invented a type […]

Nitrogen-Infused Cola: What is NITRO PEPSI™?

Nitrogen-infused drinks are more popular than ever – and for a good reason. Consumers enjoy the texture, appearance, and flavor nitrogen brings to their favorite drinks. The most recent addition to the nitrogen-infused beverages sold in stores may come as a surprise – it’s Pepsi! The NITRO PEPSI™ drink looks like other nitrogen-infused drinks, similar […]

What is the Density of Nitrogen Gas?

At 78.084 percent by volume, nitrogen gas is the principal component of the Earth’s atmosphere. This odorless, tasteless, colorless gas is known for being relatively inert. What does that mean? It doesn’t usually react with most substances and does not support combustion. The Density of Nitrogen Gas At 32 degrees Fahrenheit and one atmosphere of […]

Five Advantages of a Portable Oxygen Generator

Portable oxygen generators provide life-saving medical assistance to anyone experiencing oxygen deprivation or difficulty breathing. Oxygen generators from On Site Gas are used in field hospitals, disaster relief situations, and in emergencies to provide medical-grade oxygen for people in need. Whether you’re working in healthcare, military operations, or providing help to disaster victims in the […]

How Much Does an Oxygen Generator Cost?

Owning your own oxygen generator can save your business money, especially if you need a dependable flow of oxygen regularly. Having a generator on hand can keep production moving and ensure that you won’t experience problems with your oxygen supply that could cause expensive delays. Of course, owning your own oxygen generator only makes sense […]