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The Benefit of On-Site Nitrogen Generators for Coffee Producers

Freshly roasted coffee beans closeup

Coffee dates back to the 10th century in Ethiopia. It was not until the 20th century, however, that coffee producers realized the benefits of nitrogen for their product. Nitrogen preserves coffee’s integrity and greatly extends the shelf life of the product. More and more, coffee producers are using on-site nitrogen gas generators and saving a bundle by doing so. The Problems with Oxygen Oxygen comprises 21% of the atmosphere on Earth. We know it as the gas we need to breathe and sustain life. However, due to its molecular structure, oxygen reacts easily with other chemicals in a process called oxidation and it can cause problematic reactions, especially pertaining to preservation. The rust on your car is due to reactions with oxygen, and a similar process inside…

The Role of Nitrogen Generators in Oil Well Pressurization

Oil Mining

Only 12% to 15% of the original oil well can be obtained during the oil extraction process. This is due to the drive pressure produced by the oil well, which makes extraction difficult. Oil companies have adopted a number of practices, including fracturing, gas lift, and stimulation, to try and obtain the rest of this available oil. However, these methods are met with varying levels of success and face criticism regarding their environmental impacts. In addition, 60% to 70% of oil usually remains in the well even after these processes. Nitrogen generators can assist in oil well pressurization and other extraction processes to obtain the maximum amount of oil possible. This tertiary recovery technique can aid in increasing oil reservoir pressure, thus promoting the additional recovery of hard-to-extract oil. Nitrogen Generators and Oil Extraction Nitrogen is a common gas that is ideal for re-pressurizing oil wells due to its inert,…

How Nitrogen Generators Improve the Jewelry Making Process

Jewelry manufacturers practice soldering in nearly every aspect of their craft, from forming bases for their pieces to adding delicate, gorgeous detail for the final product. However, this process can be hindered by the presence of oxygen in the environment, leading to damage and corrosion of the metal involved. To reduce this risk, many jewelers are including nitrogen generators in their manufacturing process to create a barrier between the metal and the environment. What Is Soldering? Soldering is fusing two metals together with the application of heat. This heat source usually comes from a blow torch or other industrial device. During the soldering process, the manufacturer melts the metal objects and joins them together. A filler metal with a relatively low melting point fills the joint where the objects meet, forming a permanent connection when the metal cools. Soldering is a delicate and dangerous process. However,…

What Using Nitrogen Generators Means in Semiconductor Manufacturing – The Trend That Our Smartphones Demand

Semiconductor Manufacturing

When you get right down to it, almost all electronic devices we use on a day-to-day basis contain semiconductors of some kind, and nitrogen is a key component in producing them. Gases have been imperative to the electronics industry since the middle of the last century, when the earliest examples of commercial transistors and circuits began being produced on a large scale. Today, several factors are driving up the consumption of gases, but the most notable is the sheer scale of deployment of semiconductor fabrication plants to meet the demands of large economies. Gases are a desirable element in the world of tech for many reasons – they are easy to store, easy to produce on site and simple to deliver high quality nitrogen throughout the facility to multiple points of use with simple inexpensive piping. Additionally, it is easy to control gases’ chemical…

How Nitrogen Generators Improve Wine-Making

Nitrogen Generators Improve Wine Making

Wine-making is a delicate and sophisticated process that requires a skilled hand and deep knowledge of the science behind it. When wine is aging, it is crucial that the wine is protected from any contact with oxygen – if oxygen happens to seep into the cask or barrel, yeast and aerobic bacteria can grow. Oxidation can spoil the wine and drastically change its color, taste, and aroma, ruining years of hard labor. A solution to wine-making’s oxygen issue comes in the form of another common atmospheric gas: nitrogen. By using a nitrogen generator, like the ones supplied by On Site Gas, winemakers can reduce oxygen levels in the environment to preserve the wine’s integrity. How Do Nitrogen Generators Work? On Site Gas offers multiple nitrogen…

On Site Nitrogen Generators for Chemical Blanketing

Chemical Blanketing

It is common for many industries (including Chemical and Refinery plants) to store their liquids and gases in storage tanks. However, it’s important to note that oxygen can degrade and oxidize, and if the stored substances (like flammable liquids) come into contact with oxygen this could create a potentially explosive and hazardous situation. This makes it essential for industries that store hazardous materials to implement a way to prevent a fire or explosion of their tanks. With nitrogen and chemical blanketing, you could provide ideal protection of your tanks, while at the same time, safeguarding the contents inside. How Blanketing Works Nitrogen and chemical blanketing (sometimes known as tank padding) is an ideal application for generated non-cryo nitrogen. It applies nitrogen gas to the vacant…

Visit On Site Gas Systems at the PACK EXPO

International Pack Expo

The PACK EXPO is an international trade show dedicated to the packaging industry. With over 1.2 million square feet of space, over 2,500 exhibitors, and more than 50,000 attendees, it is the place to be from October 14-17th. This year, the PACK EXPO is taking place at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, and On Site Gas Systems is thrilled to be an exhibitor (booth E-10535). About the PACK EXPO International Trade Show The PACK EXPO attracts attendees from over 40 vertical industries, with all positions attending. There are executives, production supervisors, quality assurance teams, engineers, purchasers, marketers, and essentially any other job within the packaging industry you can imagine in attendance. The exhibitors include all of the top suppliers of packaging materials, packaging equipment, automation…

Nitrogen Generators for Effective Fruit Storage

Nitrogen Generators for Fruit Storage

Fresh fruit is enjoyed all year round; however, it cannot be grown all year round. That’s where controlled atmosphere storage (CA) comes in. By strategically controlling the atmosphere the fruit is stored in with the help of a nitrogen generator, fresh produce can continue to be sold all year round. Why Nitrogen for Fruit Storage? Oxygen is fresh fruit’s enemy. When exposed to oxygen, produce begins to grow bacteria, including mold and mildew, making it spoiled and unsellable. By using nitrogen to inert the oxygen, just-picked fruit can be successfully stored without any spoilage in sight. Through this controlled atmosphere storage, fresh produce can be sold all year long, and the consumers will not be able to tell that the fruit was, in fact, picked…

Nitrogen in Lab Equipment

When it comes to science, it all comes down to the details. Laboratories require very specific atmospheric conditions so that they can ensure accurate results and lasting cells, and they use nitrogen gas to maintain them. Here is a closer look at how nitrogen gas is used around lab equipment as well as why on-site nitrogen gas is the best option. How Nitrogen Helps Lab Equipment Working with cells is serious business, and even the slightest variance in temperature, humidity, or oxygen level can have a big impact on the results. By infusing the necessary space with nitrogen gas, scientists can effectively control every aspect of the environment to make sure the cell incubators, mass spectrometers, dry boxes, IVF incubators, and more, can all maintain…

Nitrogen Gas and Nanotechnology

When working with and manipulating individual molecules and atoms, the environment is of the utmost importance. Whether in the manufacturing process, the experimentation process, or the storing process, it is vital that the parts used in nanotechnology remain in dry, stable conditions. With nitrogen gas, the environment can be upheld easily. Here are just some of the ways nitrogen gas is used every day in the nanotechnology industry. How Nitrogen Helps the Nanotechnology Industry Working with literal molecules requires the utmost precision. As such, nitrogen gas is used in many ways throughout the industry to ensure everything remains dry and safe. Dry Boxes– When  critical components are put into boxes for storage, their environment must be maintained so the atoms do not degrade. To make…

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