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Nitrogen in Lab Equipment

When it comes to science, it all comes down to the details. Laboratories require very specific atmospheric conditions so that they can ensure accurate results and lasting cells, and they use nitrogen gas to maintain them. Here is a closer look at how nitrogen gas is used around lab equipment as well as why on-site nitrogen gas is the best option. How Nitrogen Helps Lab Equipment Working with cells is serious business, and even the slightest variance in temperature, humidity, or oxygen level can have a big impact on the results. By infusing the necessary space with nitrogen gas, scientists can effectively control every aspect of the environment to make sure the cell incubators, mass spectrometers, dry boxes, IVF incubators, and more, can all maintain…

Nitrogen Gas and Nanotechnology

When working with and manipulating individual molecules and atoms, the environment is of the utmost importance. Whether in the manufacturing process, the experimentation process, or the storing process, it is vital that the parts used in nanotechnology remain in dry, stable conditions. With nitrogen gas, the environment can be upheld easily. Here are just some of the ways nitrogen gas is used every day in the nanotechnology industry. How Nitrogen Helps the Nanotechnology Industry Working with literal molecules requires the utmost precision. As such, nitrogen gas is used in many ways throughout the industry to ensure everything remains dry and safe. Dry Boxes– When  critical components are put into boxes for storage, their environment must be maintained so the atoms do not degrade. To make…

Nitrogen Gas for Manufacturing Molded Plastics

Nitrogen gas is a key component of successful plastic manufacturing. Through various methods, nitrogen gas helps to prevent discoloration and oxidation during the manufacturing process. Additionally, it helps the plastic polymer stay strong, which is especially important when large molds are being used. Here is a closer look at how nitrogen gas is used in plastic manufacturing and why on site nitrogen gas makes it all the more efficient. Plastic Manufacturing Methods that Rely on Nitrogen Gas There are several different uses for nitrogen gas, some of which include: Injection Molding– In this method, nitrogen is used as an inert gas to displace any oxygen that is in the mold. Oxygen holds moisture, so if it is molded into the plastics, it can lead to…

The Many Uses of Oxygen Gas

You know you need oxygen to breathe, but did you know there are thousands of companies out there relying on oxygen gas to conduct business? There are hundreds of industrial uses for oxygen gas, and On Site Gas Systems has been providing these companies with the oxygen they require for over 30 years. Here is a look at just some of the oxygen gas uses that exist. Save Lives Whether it’s within healthcare facilities, on marine vessels, or on emergency vehicles, a steady oxygen supply is required to save lives every minute of every day. By having an oxygen generator on site, medical facilities can be sure they always have the oxygen they need, even in remote locations. Improve Wastewater Processing Without intervention, wastewater takes…

How Nitrogen Is Contributing to Less Expensive Electronics

It’s no secret that the price of electronics has gone down dramatically over the past few years. Televisions that used to cost over $1,000 can now be purchased for a few hundred. So what exactly is causing the price of electronics to drop? It all comes down to the streamlined manufacturing process. And while there are several components involved in the price reduction, a lot of the credit can go to the introduction of nitrogen gas to the surface mount technology process. Nitrogen’s Role in Reduced Manufacturing Expenses As you may know, surface mount technology is a meticulous process that requires extreme precision. During the process, solder paste is used to apply each and every tiny component onto the board. However, in order for the paste…

What Is the ROI of an On-Site Nitrogen Generator?

Whether you package food, manufacture electronics, or brew beer (along with a slew of other industries), you use nitrogen on a daily basis. And if you are like most companies who rely on nitrogen for their daily operations, you have probably contemplated what the ROI for a nitrogen generator is. You currently rely on nitrogen delivery and are done with the recurring costs and hassles they bring, but you aren’t sure if the nitrogen generator system ROI is worth it. To assure you that it is, here is a closer look at a realistic nitrogen generator ROI. Factors to Include when Calculating an On Site Nitrogen Generator ROI Before you can begin to do the actual calculations of what a nitrogen generator ROI really is,…

Nitrogen Gas Is the Secret Behind Crisp, Effective Laser Cutting

Lasers are used in many diverse applications, and they aid in the production of everything from cut sheet metal to computer chips. Lasers are essentially extremely intense beams of radiation and they can be refined and guided to help companies perform sharp, precise cuts on a variety of materials. Lasers allow manufacturers to produce more products in less time with a high accuracy rate, and they are in high demand. How Nitrogen Gas Assists with Laser Cutting While lasers can transform the way a company does business, they also require extreme precision to be effective. That’s where nitrogen gas comes in. High-purity nitrogen gas (99.99% for most applications) is commonly used in these two ways: It Clears Oxygen from the Cutting Zone– Oxygen is the…

Why All Marine Vessels with Medical Facilities Need an Oxygen Filling Station Onboard

From private yachts to cruise ships, if there is a medical facility onboard a marine vessel, then an oxygen filling station is a must. With the USP 93 oxygen generators from On Site Gas Systems, both commercial and personal facilities can be sure that when there is a medical emergency they will have the oxygen supply required to keep the patient healthy. About Our Oxygen Filling Station Our newest oxygen filling station is the O-7-FS-T, which is both an on-site oxygen generator and oxygen cylinder refill booster in one. Everything needed is contained in one inconspicuous cabinet, including the mufflers, air compressor, sieve beds, oxygen sensor, oxygen tank, human machine interface (HMI), and a programmable logic controller (PLC). This oxygen filling station can withstand a wide variety of…

Nitrogen Gas Is Essential for the Electronics Industry

Surface mount technology is now the standard way of manufacturing in the electronics industry. By using surface mount technology, electronics can be created in a safer environment, and since the process is simpler, the electronics can be manufactured faster. However, this method is extremely sensitive to the environment around it. If not performed in an extremely controlled environment, surface mount technology will not be effective. How Nitrogen Gas Ensures the Proper Environment for the Electronics Industry When manufacturing electronics using surface mount technology, precision is paramount. Every detail must be perfect for the soldering to work, and nitrogen gas plays a key role in this, and it does so by displacing all of the oxygen. Oxygen is solders enemy. If oxygen interacts with solder, it…

Why Your Microbrewery Needs an Onsite Nitrogen Generator


While the ingredients in beer are basic, making beer is anything but. It is basically one big chemistry experiment, and every detail needs to be perfect for the beer to have the ideal taste and mouthfeel. And one of the key components of this process is nitrogen. Why a Nitrogen Generator for Craft Brewery? The basic brewing process can be broken down into four steps: malting, mashing, boiling, and fermenting — and nitrogen is used in many of them. Here are just some of the ways to use a nitrogen generator for a craft brewery: Nitrogen gas is used to completely clean out tanks between batches. The nitrogen removes any wort, mash, or beer to make sure it doesn’t oxidize in the tank and add…

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