Looking For Oxygen Gas Cylinders? Consider These O2 Gas Cylinder Options

Oxygen gas cylinders aren’t always available when you need them. Sometimes supply chain issues get in the way of cylinder delivery, leaving your company in a tough position.

Oxygen generators, on the other hand, offer an onsite alternative that’s available all the time. If your business relies on oxygen gas for its production and profits, then your business may benefit from an oxygen gas generator, which can provide a constant supply of oxygen gas. There are many benefits of using an oxygen gas generator for your business. Below, we’ve listed many reasons to consider an oxygen generator for your commercial property.

No More Gas Supply Contracts

Gas supply doesn’t come for free – it often requires a contract to ensure a continuous supply of oxygen at your facility. Oxygen supply contracts lock your business with a supplier, and that’s not always a positive experience. If the business you enter into a contract with fails to deliver, or if the company is difficult to do business with, you could find yourself struggling to remediate the situation or get out of the contract.

There are no supply contracts when you own an oxygen gas generator. Your oxygen gas generator will supply your business with the oxygen it needs. The supply will be constant, reliable, and on-site, so you’re always ready to increase production if needed.

Small Footprint for Your Spaces

Oxygen cylinders can require a lot of storage space, depending on how many cylinders you need. If your company decides to increase production, you’ll require more oxygen cylinders than usual. Which then means you’ll have to find more space for cylinder storage. Some cylinders take up more space than others, so the challenge may grow exponentially depending on what kind of oxygen containers you choose, whether that’s dewars, tanks, or something else.

An oxygen generator requires your business to make some room one time only during the installation process. Once the generator is installed, you’ll never have to find more space for your oxygen generator again – even if your company’s need for oxygen increases over time.

Less Maintenance Required

Oxygen generators are automated systems. Cylinders, however, must be hooked up when they arrive. And once they’re empty, they must be disconnected for a new cylinder to be hooked up in its place. This will require manpower and work hours from your staff.

Over time, installing new cylinders and switching out old ones can take more time than you realize. Installation of an oxygen generator is a one-time-only event. Your crew will spend less time maintaining your oxygen generator than time spent maintaining cylinders. And that means more time for other important tasks.

Customization Options Available

On Site Gas offers customizations for clients to ensure that their oxygen generator is right for their needs. Each generator can be fabricated under all relevant codes. Oxygen cylinders are simply what they are – they do not come customized for the client.

Save Money Over Time

Oxygen gas cylinders cost your business a lot of money over time. While the oxygen gas cylinder price may vary, the installation of a generator represents a one-time-only cost. Once the generator is installed, the savings begin. Your business will be free from the monthly or quarterly purchases of oxygen gas, and thus free to spend that money in other ways.

Tech Support Available

On Site Gas offers technical support to companies once the equipment is installed, so your company can troubleshoot issues and keep production moving. Need information to ensure proper installation? Need help with a maintenance problem? On Site Gas is your source of efficient, effective oxygen generators to help your business. Reach out to our team at On Site Gas for more information on how to maintain your oxygen generator.

Five Advantages of a Portable Oxygen Generator

Portable oxygen generators provide life-saving medical assistance to anyone experiencing oxygen deprivation or difficulty breathing. Oxygen generators from On Site Gas are used in field hospitals, disaster relief situations, and in emergencies to provide medical-grade oxygen for people in need.

Whether you’re working in healthcare, military operations, or providing help to disaster victims in the field, here’s what you need to know about the benefits of portable oxygen generators from On Site Gas.

1. Increases Chances of Survival

Oxygen is needed for survival. Often, injured people need supplemental oxygen because their bodies can’t absorb enough oxygen. For anyone with damaged lungs, low oxygen saturation levels can be dangerous.

Supplemental oxygen can help these patients get proper rest and maintain safe, healthy oxygen saturation levels. This helps ensure that patients can get rest after an injury while waiting for transportation to a nearby clinic or hospital.

Portable oxygen generators are designed for convenience as well as portability and effectiveness. On Site’s oxygen generators provide unlimited oxygen flow 24/7, increasing the chances for survival whether on the field, for disaster relief, or in any emergency.

2. Portable and Effective

Portable oxygen generators can be set up in a field hospital, or used in any facility housing military medical or disaster management operations. These machines provide life-saving oxygen to patients who have been badly injured, whether in an everyday accident or a natural disaster. Portability makes oxygen generators easier to use in the field and on-site, where ever supplemental oxygen is needed.

3. Available for Disaster Relief

Effective disaster relief is critical for victims of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires. Portable oxygen generators can easily be transported to areas that have been affected by natural disasters, thus providing critical care to people suffering from life-threatening injuries, even when they’re far from a hospital.

Durability is another important component of these portable generators because they can withstand the challenge of transportation from one location to another without breaking.

4. Efficient and Low Cost

Although oxygen cylinders are another option for medical professionals who need oxygen for injured patients, a portable oxygen generator is much more cost-efficient. This machine requires a larger up-front cost but is less expensive than purchasing multiple cylinders over time.

5. Improves Mental Alertness

Oxygen is one of the essential elements that keep our organs and brain functioning properly. One of the symptoms of oxygen deprivation is confusion and disorientation. For an injured patient experiencing a mental fog, oxygen from a small portable oxygen generator can mean the difference between the clarity of thought and regular disorientation.

Do You Need Supplemental Oxygen?

If you represent a healthcare facility or a medical relief team in the field, having a small portable oxygen generator can help you serve your patients. When it comes to purchasing a portable oxygen generator, it’s important to buy the best portable oxygen generator you can. For more information about purchasing a portable oxygen generator, contact On Site Gas to get a quote.

How Much Does an Oxygen Generator Cost?

Owning your own oxygen generator can save your business money, especially if you need a dependable flow of oxygen regularly. Having a generator on hand can keep production moving and ensure that you won’t experience problems with your oxygen supply that could cause expensive delays. Of course, owning your own oxygen generator only makes sense if the price is right.

Knowing all the essential O2 generator price information can help you decide whether this purchase makes sense for your business. Keep in mind that an O2 generator is an investment so you can pay it off over time.

At first, the cost may seem high compared to the price of getting regular shipments of O2. However, the average return on investment (ROI) for the purchase price is under 18 months and after that, the cost of producing oxygen is no more than running a computer.

O2 Generator Costs

Generator costs can vary substantially. The size of the system and the demand that your company has for O2 can impact the price dramatically. While it’s easy to find information online about O2 generators for home use, the price for commercial use remains much more elusive. Businesses that require oxygen to continue producing their products or services can vary in scope and demand. So, the cost depends on many factors.

Factors that Influence Oxygen Generator Cost

So, what are the factors that can influence O2 generator costs? Here are a few of the variables that can affect the price of the system you need.


The required oxygen purity impacts your system’s functionality. The higher the purity rate, the more this impacts cost. When you contact On Site Gas to learn how much an oxygen generator costs, you’ll need to know your required purity rate.

Flow Rate

How much oxygen does your business require and how quickly must it be produced? Be ready to talk about flow rates when you speak with our experienced sales staff or customer service representatives.

Pressure Requirements

High-pressure oxygen generators can cost more than low-pressure generators. Know your company’s specific pressure requirements before having a conversation about the cost of the oxygen generator you hope to purchase.

How to Find a Good Oxygen Generator Price

To find out how much your oxygen generator will cost, start by contacting On Site Gas Systems. Once you’ve requested a quote, we’ll work with you or representatives from your company to find out more about your oxygen generator needs. We’ll ask you questions about pressure requirements, flow rate, and purity. When this is done, we’ll give you a price for the system you need.

We’ll also calculate your payback time, which is the length of time it would take your business to start saving money after the initial investment of an O2 generator. You may find that your payback time is surprisingly quick. To get started with a quote, get in touch with our team to tell us more about your O2 needs!

How Does an Oxygen Generator Work?

Many industries need high purity oxygen for their manufacturing needs. Getting oxygen gas can be expensive and impractical without a dedicated oxygen generator. Knowing how an oxygen generator works can help you decide if this type of generator is right for you.

What is an Oxygen Generator?

An oxygen generator is an application that uses a unique selective adsorption technology to separate the oxygen from the nitrogen and other components in compressed air. The oxygen can flow through sieve that retains any nitrogen, producing high purity oxygen.

Oxygen generators are very similar to nitrogen generators. One way that oxygen generators are different is the material inside the sieve is made from zeolite instead of carbon.

Air channeled through the oxygen generator is separated into the gasses that make up the air. The sieve selectively absorbs the nitrogen with the zeolite, thus allowing the high purity oxygen to flow through the generator and be used in an application, or stored in tanks as needed.

What Are Oxygen Generators Used for?

Various applications can use an oxygen generator, including medical, sewage and wastewater treatment, paper making, food and beverage industries, glass manufacturing, mining, commercial fish farming, metallurgy, gasification processes, and more.

How Do Oxygen Generation Systems Work?

So, how do oxygen generators work? The generator uses an adsorptive tower with zeolite to retain nitrogen while allowing oxygen to pass into a collecting tank. The generator continues functioning until the zeolite sieve has reached full saturation and can no longer absorb nitrogen.

Once the zeolite has fully absorbed as much nitrogen as it can handle, the cylinder is depressurized to release the nitrogen into the atmosphere. This process is regulated by a unit that detects oxygen and nitrogen gas saturation levels.

Oxygen Generator vs. Oxygen Concentrator

The terms oxygen generator and an oxygen concentrator are often used interchangeably, and in general, these terms mean the same thing. Often, the term oxygen concentrator is used to describe a smaller, more portable oxygen generator, while the term oxygen generator is used to describe a large device that produces large quantities of oxygen for industrial use.

What Parts Make Up an Oxygen Generator?

Oxygen generators are generally made up of the following pieces:

  • Particulate and coalescing filters
  • Air compression unit
  • Zeolite sieve
  • Air dryers
  • Single pressure stabilizing reservoir
  • Gas circulation tubing
  • Inlet and outlet valves

Contact On Site Gas Systems

Oxygen generation isn’t a simple process, so you may still question how oxygen generators work. On Site Gas Systems make and install oxygen generation systems for companies worldwide. If you still have questions about how oxygen generators work or want to learn more about our products and processes, or whether or not an oxygen generation system is right for you, we’d be happy to help. Contact us today!

Oxygen Generator Machines: How Businesses Benefit From O2 Generators


Oxygen generator machines are valuable for businesses in a variety of industries. Oxygen gas is vital in many functions in supporting life and essential chemical reactions. Whether you are looking to replace your oxygen supplier soon or are in the market for buying an oxygen generator, it’s good to educate yourself on the many benefits an oxygen generator system can have in the business sector. Let’s take a look.

Benefits of Oxygen Generator Machines Explained

Oxygen has sustained human life on earth for countless millennia. The essential gas is also helpful in hospitals, welding facilities, aerospace, and many other industries. Today’s oxygen generator systems are safer at regulating oxygen production than other current means of oxygen supply. Their notable applications include fish farms, welding, research labs, veterinaries, and medical life support. On Site Gas manufactures high-quality oxygen generators to provide oxygen when you need it during those critical times.

In welding and metalworking, oxygen increases the temperature of the welder’s flame, making it useful in the precise cutting of steel and other metal alloys. While it takes skill to operate an oxygen-powered flame, its uses are advantageous and sometimes required for specific applications. It also melts the metal in a more localized area than other types of gas could.

In zoos and aquariums, oxygen plays a vital role in aquarium keeping and veterinary medical life support for many animals as the need arises. The oxygen supply is available quickly and efficiently minimizing any risk to the animals.

Many research facilities use oxygen generators daily in their line of work, including biochemists, universities, government science departments, and more. Depending on the research being conducted, a generator in this setting needs to operate dependably to preserve a safe working environment.

In the gold and silver mining industries, using oxygen to convert mineral sulfides to sulfates and processing them, gold yield can be more than doubled over standard or gravity separation and concentration. Oxygen is safer and produces a higher yield, effectively lowering the liability and increasing profits simultaneously. High-purity oxygen gas can be delivered directly to the worksite via a portable oxygen generator machine.

Last but not least, oxygen is best known for providing life support in various medical applications. Therefore, an oxygen generator machine needs to deliver the gas consistently and be dependable. It is a vital tool for hospitals, in-patient services, hospices, urgent care facilities, and ambulances. Portable generators are particularly useful in these situations.

Experience Money and Energy Savings with On Site Gas

Is your business curious to learn more about how much you can save with an oxygen generation machine? In today’s economic climate, every ounce of energy counts for your bottom line. On Site Gas is the reputed leader in oxygen generation machines and more. Contact us today to find out how much you can save with an oxygen generator that’s right for you!

The Role of Portable Oxygen in the Future of Mobile Clinic Medical Centers

In any disaster or emergency situation, it’s essential to have timely responses and adequate supplies of quality medical equipment. Proper preparation and access to machines like portable oxygen generators can mean the difference between life and death for those affected by a crisis.

Below, we’re discussing the pivotal role portable oxygen generators play in mobile medical clinics, as well as how these machines have been used throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Mobile Clinics

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and clinics around the world – especially in locations that are most hard hit by the virus – are scrambling to come up with alternative solutions to treat as many people as possible. When the existing medical infrastructure doesn’t have enough beds and equipment, solutions like mobile clinics can be used to expand resources and increase the number of patients that can be treated. Mobile hospitals are also flexible and able to move to where they are most needed.

Many cities are setting up temporary shelters outside of hospitals to use as extra triage and treatment spaces. Additionally, some states are converting stadiums and convention centers into mobile medical clinics to accommodate for the large number of COVID-19 patients. Because the virus causes respiratory symptoms, oxygen is a crucial resource for treatment. Therefore, these temporary healthcare establishments require access to a reliable supply of oxygen at all times.

Emergency Oxygen Equipment for Mobile Clinics

The COVID-19 virus is known to cause severe coughing and breathing problems, requiring all medical facilities to have ventilators, oxygen masks, and oxygen tanks or generators on hand. Medical oxygen generators provide a continuous supply of oxygen to the patients who need it most. They are also easy to transport and can be used in virtually any location.

Some key features of portable oxygen generators include:

  • Reliability – Oxygen generators for field hospitals produce their own oxygen and have back-up power sources, so they can keep running without any additional equipment. This also allows them to operate during power outages or in remote locations.
  • Safety – When treating patients with oxygen, it’s essential to provide the safest gas possible. At On Site Gas, our portable oxygen generator systems (POGS) are medical-grade and FDA-approved for patient use. They produce oxygen at the proper saturation and pressure levels necessary for use in healthcare operations.

The Critical Need for Oxygen Generators During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Emergency medical oxygen generators are an absolute necessity during the current COVID-19 outbreak. Many patients require oxygen therapy due to the breathing issues that result from the virus, and healthcare systems across the country are being flooded with more patients than they are built to handle. Specialized equipment like oxygen generators for hospitals is critical for providing much-needed oxygen therapy in mobile clinics and other temporary medical establishments.

Oxygen generators can be quickly and easily moved into place and remain for as long as the disaster requires. Plus, they eliminate the need for oxygen cylinder deliveries, which are more expensive and may leave healthcare operations without oxygen if they run out before a new shipment arrives.

On Site Gas: Providing Life Saving Oxygen When It’s Needed Most

The future of the pandemic is uncertain, but On Site Gas is here to provide oxygen generators to help COVID-19 patients for as long as necessary. For more information about how our generators can provide critical oxygen for mobile medical clinics, contact us today.

On Site Gas Provides COVID-19 Medical Oxygen Generators for Samaritan's Purse

As the COVID-19 virus spreads across the globe, many cities are preparing for a drastic increase in individuals needing medical assistance. Many of our hospitals and clinics simply do not have enough beds, resources, and medical equipment to support the massive influx of patients. In response, many healthcare systems are establishing temporary facilities in hotels, stadiums, and other large buildings as well as field hospitals in outdoor tents. As more and more mobile clinics open, there is an increasing need for medical supplies and equipment.

Below, we’re discussing our involvement in the treatment of COVID-19 patients through our client, Samaritan’s Purse.

Emergency Field Hospitals in New York City

New York City has quickly become the epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis in the United States. To keep up with the influx of patients, the city is actively searching for new solutions to help alleviate the strain the virus has put on its hospitals. Over the past few weeks, they have established several mobile medical clinics, including:

  • The USNS Comfort, a Navy hospital ship, which is now docked in New York Harbor to care for extra patients that hospitals can’t accommodate.
  • The Javits Center, a large convention center, which has been converted into a large field hospital for more patient overflow.

An additional field hospital has also been constructed in Central Park to treat patients. It will serve as a respiratory care unit, dealing with COVID-19 exclusively. Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian humanitarian aid organization, was at the helm of the Central Park field hospital project, gathering volunteers and erecting tents along the East Meadow, near Mount Sinai Hospital. The group of tents houses 68 hospital beds, as well as an additional 10 beds that are equipped for ICU-level care. Samaritan’s Purse’s efforts have helped to relieve some of the strain on local hospitals, many of which are at capacity in terms of space and supplies.

On Site Gas Provides Oxygen Generators to Help COVID-19 Patients

Because the COVID-19 virus causes severe respiratory symptoms in some patients, oxygen has been a vital resource for treatment. Emergency medical oxygen generators, in particular, have proven invaluable, making it quick and easy to set up oxygen supplies in field hospitals and other temporary establishments. Instead of relying on oxygen tanks and cylinders, which are cumbersome to haul and need to be refilled or delivered regularly, medical oxygen generators can continually produce the gas with no waiting time..

The Samaritan’s Purse field hospital will utilize oxygen generators from On Site Gas to treat COVID-19 patients with severe respiratory problems. These high-quality oxygen generators for field hospitals provide a continuous supply of medical-grade oxygen, with no need for refills or additional servicing. Not only does this save money, but it offers the flexibility and reliability that healthcare workers need to treat patients as the pandemic progresses.

The Need for Oxygen Generators During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 demands swift action and access to reliable medical equipment. Due to the nature of the virus and the respiratory distress it causes, oxygen generators for hospitals are critical. On Site Gas is proud to be the oxygen generator supplier of choice for the Samaritan’s Purse NYC field hospital, and we remain dedicated to assisting with relief efforts wherever possible.

For more information about our portable oxygen generators and disaster management solutions, contact On Site Gas today.

Oxygen Generators for Disaster Relief


When disaster strikes, time is of the essence and preparation is key.  Preparation is started at the Federal, State and Local level.  Disaster Management Plans consist of a cache of medical equipment, including complete portable hospital tents that can be turned into field operated hospitals.  With these portable hospital tents oxygen is a major requirement.  On Site Gas Systems, Oxygen Generators have become a mainstay component of the field hospitals.  Having the ability to generate oxygen on site when needed eliminates the need to truck oxygen in assuming that oxygen is even available to be trucked in.  In many disasters there is no power to create oxygen in the traditional cryogenic manner and road access may be limited or non existant.
Keeping oxygen generators as part of an emergency management plan can help you stay safe during emergency situations. Investing in an oxygen generator system before disaster strikes will ensure that, in the event of an emergency, your oxygen supply will not be at risk.
What Emergencies Can You Use Oxygen Generators For?
You never know when a disaster situation will occur. In the event of an emergency, hospitals including field hospitals  will need to have access to oxygen in order to provide to their patients. Time is of the essence and waiting too long for oxygen delivery can mean the difference between life and death, assuming delivery is even avaliable.
On Site Gas offers many different oxygen generators for you and your company to use as a form of disaster preparation. You can use our oxygen generators to assist in multiple types of emergency relief, such as:

  • Epidemic outbreaks
  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes, and flooding
  • Accidental emergencies such as infrastructure collapse and equipment malfunction
  • Terrorism
  • Medical emergencies
  • Chemical and biological disasters

How Do Oxygen Generators Help During Disasters?
On-site oxygen generators can provide multiple benefits for disaster relief.

  • Instant Oxygen Supply – When disaster strikes, you may need oxygen immediately. Waiting for oxygen delivery is not an option. With on-site oxygen, you can receive the life-saving oxygen you need in a fraction of the waiting time.
  • Fewer Costs – Paying for oxygen delivery can add up quickly, especially during large-scale disasters. Investing in an on-site oxygen generator from On Site Gas can help you save hundreds of dollars.
  • Consistent Supply – When you rely on an outside oxygen source, resources are finite. You can run out of oxygen quickly and need to order more. With an on-site oxygen generator, you can always receive the exact amount of oxygen you need.

Oxygen Generator Systems for Disaster Relief from On Site Gas
Different disasters, locations, and emergencies require different kinds of oxygen systems. On Site Gas provides multiple types of oxygen generator systems for your convenience during disasters and emergencies.

  • Simple and Convenient Systems – Our Oxygen Container Systemsprovide oxygen with up to 99% purity in a simple and convenient system. We can integrate your oxygen container system with a built-in compressor or cylinder filling systems for quick oxygen access in the event of a disaster.
  • Customization – We offer Custom Engineered Oxygen Generatorsto fit your location’s specific needs. On Site Gas will design and install your custom system to your direction and specifications.
  • Portable Oxygen – On Site Gas also provides Portable Oxygen Generator Systemsto deliver emergency oxygen any time, and any place. They are self-contained and portable for ultimate convenience. We design our Portable Oxygen Generator Systems to withstand harsh environments and travel to remote locations.
  • Oxygen Filling Stations – We can integrate an Oxygen Filling Stationor System into your oxygen generator so that you can fill your own oxygen cylinders at a fraction of the time and cost. These filling stations can provide oxygen at 93%, 95%, or 99% purity.

Are you ready to prepare sfor emergencies and invest in an on-site oxygen generator? Contact OnSite Gas today to learn more about our generator options and schedule your delivery today.

6 Key Benefits of Oxygen Generators for Water Treatment

Despite water covering 70% of the earth, actual usable, fresh water is a scarce commodity. According to the World Wildlife Foundation, the fresh water necessary for human life only comprises 3% of the world’s water supply, two-thirds of which is inaccessible. In our everyday lives, we use water not only for consumption but for cleaning and irrigation as well.
The water left over from these processes is wastewater and needs treatment before it is safe to use again. Normally, to recycle our water for reuse, wastewater (used water containing pollutants) gets recycled at water treatment plants. Thankfully, now over-stressed water systems can get a break, thanks to the benefits of oxygen generators for water treatment facilities.

How Oxygen Generators Improve Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater takes an extremely long time to biodegrade. The biodegrading process occurs with the help of bacteria. Without oxygenation, the biodegrading process causes malodorous output and potentially harmful chemical reactions. With oxygen “feeding” the bacteria, the process significantly neutralizes the odors and negates the production of hydrogen sulfide and methane gas. Along with these two overall benefits to using oxygen generators to treat water, the following six additional benefits make the case in favor of water oxygenation self-evident:

  • Low Cost.The system of producing oxygen is self-contained, which means the unending bills for delivery of cryogenically produced oxygen are non-existent. These systems are cost-effective in terms of low-energy use, as well. The lower the energy requirement, the less you’ll be spending to run it.
  • Easy and Fast.This process is fast to implement and quick in practice, making the subsequent availability of freshwater more worth the effort in comparison to other methods.
  • Low Maintenance.One can accomplish maintenance on an oxygen generator system without technical expertise or complex training. Besides the basic upkeep and maintenance every machine needs, the requirement for repair is minimal.
  • No More High Wastewater Charges.Wastewater incurs its own charge, much like the use of clean water. The cost of treatment to sewage water drives up the bills of consumers. When the generator cost and the production of the generator are low, it drops the price of processing the wastewater.
  • Low Energy Output is Great for the Environment.Throughout the world, the quest to keep the use of traditional fossil fuels (gas, coal, etc.) to a minimum continues. The less energy needed to power the process, the less the negative effect on the environment.
  • The Purity Rating is Higher.Oxygen generators remove more pollution in water than traditional methods. Oxygen generators produce water at 95% purity while oxygen containment systems offer a 99% purity rate.

When one stacks the rewards of oxygenation of water against the drawbacks, the rewards far outweigh any potential cost. This clean, safe, easy, and low-cost method will contribute greatly toward solving current water scarcity problems, with lasting effects for the future.
We at On Site Gas Systems are committed to helping you find the perfect water treatment system for your needs. Contact On Site Gas today to learn more about all our oxygen generator options.

Oxygen Filling Station is an Essential for Healthcare Facilities.


Oxygen Filling Station is an Essential for Healthcare Facilities.On Site Gas Systems is proud to provide quality products and service for Healthcare Facilities in need of replenishing their oxygen cylinders. Because oxygen cylinders can be refilled rather than purchasing pre-filled (from a supplier) cylinders, having a filling station at your Healthcare Facility reduces costs.
With high-pressure booster pumps, your facility can refill several oxygen cylinders without concern for running out, or the specter of taking too long to get filled cylinders to patients who need them most. That can provide peace of mind, and can help patients literally breathe easier when it comes to their health and medical conditions.

Focus on Facilities

We provide filling for Healthcare Facilities only. On Site Gas Systems does not provide personal oxygen filling.
If you operate a Healthcare Facility and need an oxygen filling station, On Site Gas Systems is the company to call. Having a reliable oxygen filling station is vital for Healthcare Facilities, as patients may need oxygen at any given time. A Healthcare Facility’s oxygen needs may vary, and having an on-site oxygen cylinder filling station allows the facility to produce as much oxygen as needed when it is most important. On Site Gas Systems knows it is critical that there is always enough oxygen for patient safety and comfort. Rather than worrying about your facility running low, you can feel at ease knowing your filling station will be ready when your patients need it.

Why Choose On Site Gas Systems?

In business since 1987 we have been providing oxygen filling stations to ambulance services, hospitals, nursing homes and disaster management services, and On Site Gas Systems provides experience and expertise.
We always look for new and better ways to help Healthcare Facilities with their oxygen needs. The systems we design and build can and do save lives, and they provide cost-effective solutions to enterprises likes yours, so you can care for your patients more effectively.
Are you ready to set up a filling station for your care facility? Contact us today, and let On Site work with you to ensure every patient’s oxygen needs are met.