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The POGS 33 Unit in Action: How Our Oxygen Generators Helped Save Lives During Samoa’s 2019 Measles Outbreak

POGS 33 Unit

On December 29th, 2019, the Samoan government lifted a six-week-long state of emergency that was put in place in response to a deadly measles outbreak. In fact, the epidemic was so severe that the government was forced to shut down all public services for two days in early December. On Site Gas, in conjunction with one of our partners in Australia, worked to help stop the outbreak by deploying a portable oxygen generator system (POGS) through the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Read on to learn more about how our oxygen generators were used to combat this epidemic. The Global Measles Resurgence For decades, measles was widely believed to have been nearly eradicated across the globe. However, in the past few years, many industrialized nations…

Oxygen Generators for Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence and preparation is key.  Preparation is started at the Federal, State and Local level.  Disaster Management Plans consist of a cache of medical equipment, including complete portable hospital tents that can be turned into field operated hospitals.  With these portable hospital tents oxygen is a major requirement.  On Site Gas Systems, Oxygen Generators have become a mainstay component of the field hospitals.  Having the ability to generate oxygen on site when needed eliminates the need to truck oxygen in assuming that oxygen is even available to be trucked in.  In many disasters there is no power to create oxygen in the traditional cryogenic manner and road access may be limited or non existant. Keeping oxygen generators as part of…

Using Oxygen Generators for Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment

Clean, pure water is a fundamental human necessity. Whether it be for cooking, or hygiene, every person needs safe water. Clean water is becoming harder to obtain as our worldwide consumption of water continues to grow. By injecting oxygen into your water system it can increase the effectivity of removing contaminants and impurities from your water supply. How do Oxygen Generators Work? Oxygen generators allow you to produce your own oxygen when and where you need it (versus relying on a liquid oxygen supply or depending on filled cylinders). By using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) to generate oxygen, nitrogen is separated from the oxygen that is in the regular air. At On Site Gas Systems, our oxygen generators have a vessel that absorbs the nitrogen…

How Oxygen Is Used in Glassblowing

Glassblowing is a unique art that combines the skill of melting glass with the subtle blowing of air to form masterful decorations. However, in order to work properly, the flame that the glassblower uses must be a specific temperature. That’s where oxygen gas comes in. With the high purity of oxygen gas provided by our 95% O2 PSA on site oxygen generators, glassblowers can make sure their torches remain the proper temperature for their masterpiece. How They Use It As mentioned, glassblowers rely on oxygen as their fuel for the burners and torches they use to melt the glass. Basic compressed air just doesn’t produce the necessary heat. Oxygen is the only fuel source that will ensure the flame is hot enough to effectively and…

On Site Oxygen Use in Vet Clinics

With National Dog Day right around the corner (August 26th), there is no better time than now to discuss why veterinarians need an onsite oxygen generation system. A 95% pure oxygen gas is used on animals both during and after any type of surgical procedure. It helps to keep the animal stable until they can effectively breathe for themselves. In a typical situation, the on site oxygen generator is installed outside of the vet clinic or hospital, with feed lines going in to each of the operating rooms, so it does not take up the minimal space in most surgery rooms. On site oxygen generation can be used effectively for both large and small veterinary clinics. Why On Site Oxygen for Vets Just like other…

Why the Military Relies on Portable Oxygen Generators

Every moment of every day, U.S. soldiers are risking their lives for our country, and more times than not, they are in extremely remote locations surrounded by rugged conditions. So, when medical care is needed, they need an oxygen generator that can withstand the harsh conditions without being too bulky to transport. With our portable oxygen generator systems, referred to as POGS, the military can receive the on-demand oxygen they require to provide medical care to our soldiers across the globe. Examples of On Site Oxygen Uses Our USP 93% POGS were built with the brutal environment of a war zone in mind. Meaning they are very well made and durable, yet they are small and simple to transport to remote locations. Most importantly, they...

Oxygen Filling Station is an Essential for Healthcare Facilities.

On Site Gas Systems is proud to provide quality products and service for Healthcare Facilities in need of replenishing their oxygen cylinders. Because oxygen cylinders can be refilled rather than purchasing pre-filled (from a supplier) cylinders, having a filling station at your Healthcare Facility reduces costs. With high-pressure booster pumps, your facility can refill several oxygen cylinders without concern for running out, or the specter of taking too long to get filled cylinders to patients who need them most. That can provide peace of mind, and can help patients literally breathe easier when it comes to their health and medical conditions. Focus on Facilities We provide filling for Healthcare Facilities only. On Site Gas Systems does not provide personal oxygen filling. If you operate a…


At On Site Gas, the process of the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology is an extremely clean operation. The only ‘raw material’ is air. On-site generators allow for an uninterrupted supply of gas with a high purity output. This means that you can produce gas where and when you need it, and in the exact quantity and quality you need.

Any business that uses more than one cylinder of nitrogen or oxygen a week should consider an on-site nitrogen or oxygen generator. On Site Gas Systems provides generators to businesses all over the world. These systems are not only more convenient than bulk delivery; they can pay for themselves in less than 12 to 15 months. Custom-Designed, On-Site Oxygen Generators On Site Gas System’s generators are custom-designed to meet the needs of each client. Generator sizes range from 2 SCFH to 75,000+ SCFH depending on the gas and purity requirement. A Cost-Effective Solution This ability to generate nitrogen or oxygen on-site offers businesses considerable savings because it eliminates the need to purchase bulk gas and have it delivered. Convenience With Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology When one of On Site Gas System’s generators is…