Nitrogen-Infused Cola: What is NITRO PEPSI™?

Nitrogen-infused drinks are more popular than ever – and for a good reason. Consumers enjoy the texture, appearance, and flavor nitrogen brings to their favorite drinks. The most recent addition to the nitrogen-infused beverages sold in stores may come as a surprise – it’s Pepsi!

The NITRO PEPSI™ drink looks like other nitrogen-infused drinks, similar to Guinness and Nitro Coldbrew from Starbucks. The nitrogen craze should not be ignored if you’re a beverage maker. In this article, we’ll discuss nitrogen-infused beverages and the newest product from Pepsi.

What Is a Nitrogen Infused Soda?

As you might imagine, a nitrogen-infused beverage is a drink infused with nitrogen gas. Some consumers prefer nitrogen-infused beverages because adding nitrogen to any drink produces a silky texture with a thick, creamy foam head. If you’ve ever had a glass of Guinness Stout, you know exactly what that perfection looks like.

Why Nitrogen Works in Drinks

First, a word about carbon dioxide: for decades, carbon dioxide (CO2) has been the gas of choice for beverages like sodas, sparkling waters, and more. CO2 is highly soluble in beverages, so it dissolves well and comes out relatively slowly in large, appealing bubbles that tickle as they go down. It also creates a fizzy texture and an aroma.

How does nitrogen differ from carbon dioxide? Nitrogen is far less soluble than carbon dioxide. Nitrogen gas comes out of beverages more quickly, forming much smaller bubbles and a much creamier head than carbon dioxide. This creates a smooth, thick texture and a velvety head.

Nitrogen even adds sweetness to the beverage, which can influence the taste. This distinctive difference makes nitrogen-infused drinks seem entirely different from their carbon dioxide-infused beverages.

One more thing that makes nitrogen-infused drinks more appealing than CO2-infused drinks: the aesthetics. You can see how this manifests on the NITRO PEPSI™ website, where you can see small swirling bubbles in the dark brown nitrogen-infused soda.

How NITRO PEPSI™ Appeals to Consumers

NITRO PEPSI™ may be the first of its kind from a major soda producer. What’s making NITRO PEPSI™ successful? Let’s take a look.

  • Capitalizing on a craze. Pepsi is one of several beverage-producing businesses that have jumped on the nitrogen-infused bandwagon. In addition to Guinness and Starbucks, other well-known businesses (like Dunkin Donuts and Sam Addams) have been riding (and building) a wave of enthusiasm for nitrogen-infused drinks.
  • Creamy, attractive beverage. Nitrogen adds character and charisma to beverages. This infusion makes a completely drinkable, aesthetically appealing beverage in a Pepsi.
  • Smart marketing. Take a look at Pepsi’s website to see how the company is marketing its new product to consumers, and you’ll see one more example of how Pepsi is doing nitrogen work for its customers.

Want to Take Advantage of Nitrogen Infused Drink Craze?

Whether you’re producing local beverages from a small commercial operation or a significant beverage producer in search of the next big thing, if you want to create a nitrogen-infused soda or another type of drink, you will need a steady supply of nitrogen.

A nitrogen generator is an eco-friendly way of obtaining a reliable (and unending) supply of nitrogen.

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What is the Density of Nitrogen Gas?

At 78.084 percent by volume, nitrogen gas is the principal component of the Earth’s atmosphere. This odorless, tasteless, colorless gas is known for being relatively inert. What does that mean? It doesn’t usually react with most substances and does not support combustion.

The Density of Nitrogen Gas

At 32 degrees Fahrenheit and one atmosphere of pressure, nitrogen gas has a density of 0.07807 lb/cubic foot (0.0012506 grams/cubic centimeter). Nitrogen gas in one atmosphere of pressure boils at -320.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Importance in Nature

Nitrogen is a required element in the synthesis of many organic compounds. While many organisms cannot consume nitrogen, they can get a supply through a nitrogen fixation process. During this process, some bacteria synthesize nitrogen molecules from atmospheric nitrogen gas.

In addition, nitrogen in the air dissolves into the body’s tissues when a person breathes air under pressure. When removed from the pressure, the nitrogen gas comes out of the solution. This situation is known as decompression sickness but is also called “the bends.” This condition can be life-threatening and is also painful.

Industrial Uses for Nitrogen Gas

Approximately two-thirds of nitrogen sold and produced is in its gaseous form – the rest is a liquid. This non-reactive gas can also be used to prevent combustible dust explosions. Below are the common uses of nitrogen.

Food Industry

Because nitrogen gas is so non-reactive, it can be used as a preservative to prevent oxidation, preventing foods from turning colors and delaying rancidity. This gas can preserve freshness in packaged and bulk foods.

Stainless Steel Manufacturing

Did you know that nitrogen is used during steel making? Nitrogen helps improve steel’s mechanical and corrosion properties, and when added to austenitic steel, it can improve strength, wear, work hardening rate, and corrosion resistance.

Electronics Manufacturing

Nitrogen is a versatile gas used in many electronics manufacturing applications. For example, high-purity nitrogen gas is used in lead-free solder applications. Its benefits include reduced dross on solder pots and surface tension. It can also be used for surface mount technologies (SMT), semiconductors, and more.

Chemical Production

In the chemical industry, nitrogen is in the production of fertilizers, nylon, dyes, nitric acid, and explosives. Nitrogen is also used during sample preparation to reduce the volume of liquid samples.

Fire Suppression Systems

Nitrogen can be used in fire suppression systems because these systems must reduce oxygen concentration. Reducing oxygen concentration in the air enables the fire to extinguish. Nitrogen is a safe gas because it’s safe for human exposure for a short period.

Pressurized Drinks

Nitrogen replaces carbon dioxide in drinks, especially in British ales. The gas is preferred in certain drinks because it produces smaller bubbles for a creamy, headier drink.

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Nitrogen Generator Supplier: Questions to Ask Your N2 Generator Supplier

Nitrogen cylinders incur ongoing costs, while nitrogen from a generator can save your business money in the long run. Generators also provide an eco-friendly solution for businesses that require a consistent nitrogen supply. Once the decision is made to buy a generator, picking the right nitrogen generator supplier can often be challenging.

Finding a nitrogen gas generator supplier that only sells quality products is crucial. Years of experience and references are a couple of factors that make a difference when choosing the right nitrogen gas supplier for your business.

Asking these suppliers the right questions can help make the selection process easier. Let’s see which questions will help you choose the right nitrogen generator dealer and manufacturer for your business.

What Types of Nitrogen Generator Systems Does Your Business Offer?

Nitrogen generators come in various types, including pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and membrane. Your nitrogen generator supplier can recommend the type of generator best for your business. Still, it’s important to work with a supplier that can assess your needs and make an accurate recommendation.

On Site Gas sells a range of nitrogen generator systems, including PSA, membrane, engineered systems, and more. As experts in our field, we can supply you with accurate information about each type of system and recommend the right type accordingly. All we’ll need from you is some information about your use of nitrogen and your business – it’s that simple!

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Working with a business with a good reputation and a long history of offering quality customer service is valuable. This is especially true when buying a system like a nitrogen generator. A supplier that has been around for many years should know how to keep customers happy and deliver on promises.

Long-standing businesses have staying power, so they can be held accountable for their products years after a generator has been purchased. New companies can sell quality products but may not be around in future years to be held responsible for their products.

On Site Gas Systems has been manufacturing oxygen and nitrogen generators for over 35 years.  We are experts on gas generation.

Where Was Your Equipment Manufactured?

Units sold in the United States should meet the North American standards for safety, including electrical safety, pressure vessels, and so on. When buying equipment manufactured in the United States, you can expect that the manufacturer will adhere to the national standards their customers would be expected to follow. This may not be true of units manufactured in China or other countries. All of our products are manufactured in the United States.

Have You Sold Nitrogen Generators to Other Businesses Like Mine?

Every industry is different. If possible, choose a nitrogen generator manufacturer familiar with your industry and needs. This will help ensure that your nitrogen generator will come with the various parts, features, and functions that are required by your particular industry. Some businesses provide a list of previous clients for their clients to browse. Ask for this list if you cannot find it on their website.

What Type of Quality Control Systems are in Place?

Manufacturing standards can vary so it is important to make sure that quality management systems are in place. On Site Gas Systems quality management systems are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 certified. This ensures that all products adhere to a strict quality protocol to produce consistent reliable equipment for your business.

Will This Equipment Generate More Nitrogen if my Demand Increases?

Some generators are expandable, while other types of nitrogen generators cannot increase capacity. Unless you’re confident that your business will never increase its nitrogen needs, purchasing a generator that can expand its capacity on demand is important. Ask the manufacturer if the generator you’re considering can produce more nitrogen if needed, and if so, what its maximum capacity is.

Do You Offer System Service and Support?

Nitrogen generators can be complex. It’s best to work with a company that offers system service and support. Work with a company that will service your system if needed, answer questions when you have them, and provide support in case of a breakdown.

Do You Have References?

Knowing whether other clients have had a good experience with the company you’ve selected is critical. Choose a company that offers testimonials and or references that you can contact.

Buy Your Nitrogen Generator from a Supplier You Can Trust

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