Common Questions to Consider When Purchasing a Nitrogen Generator for Your Food Packaging Operation

Common Questions to Consider When Purchasing a Nitrogen Generator for Your Food Packaging Operation

If you operate a food packaging business, nitrogen likely plays a pivotal role in the preservation of the products you create. A nitrogen generator could improve your overhead costs by providing an on-demand supply of high-purity gas. Whether you need nitrogen to preserve or package food products, On Site Gas Systems offers a variety of top-of-the-line systems to suit your business’ needs.
To help you determine which system best suits your unique specifications, we’re breaking down three common questions to consider when purchasing a nitrogen generator from On Site Gas Systems.

Question 1: Do Your Generators Produce Nitrogen That Meets the Specification for Food-Grade Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is one of the most in-demand industrial substances for the food production sector. From the moment food is harvested, spoilage begins. Therefore, it’s essential to preserve not only raw materials like crops and meat products but also finished products that use those fresh ingredients.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) places strict regulations on food product manufacturing, including the equipment used in food processing. On Site Gas Systems provides turnkey nitrogen generation systems that produce  up to 99.9995 percent pure nitrogen, and meets current good manufacturing practices to qualify as food-grade.

Question 2: Are Your Generators Built with Materials That Meet the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 – Food and Drugs?

The FDA Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Volume 3, Section 184.1540 covers nitrogen for use in food product manufacturing. This section of Title 21 explains that nitrogen is safe and acceptable for use in food manufacturing as long as the production and storage of the gas meet current good manufacturing practices. To comply with these standards, On Site Gas Systems provides nitrogen generators built from reliable, rigorously tested materials. We are also dedicated to maintaining a research and development practice that ensures our products remain up to date with federal regulations at all times.
An on-site nitrogen generator can provide a lasting solution for manufacturers who require reliable, food-grade nitrogen without the need for repeat cylinder or liquid deliveries. Ultimately, a nitrogen generator from On Site Gas Systems is a cleaner, more efficient, and more cost-effective solution for nitrogen use in food packaging operations.

Question 3: Do Your Generators Meet the European Industrial Gas Association’s Containment Specifications Pertaining to Gas Approved for Use as a Food Additive E941?

When gasses like nitrogen, come in contact with food it is considered a  food additive in the food packaging process, and must meet all applicable regulations pertaining to food-grade additives. The European Industrial Gas Association sets firm guidelines for every type of gas used as a food additive, including food additive E941 (nitrogen). Specifically, the association has set maximum contaminant levels acceptable for a gas to be considered food grade. This high purity threshold ensures that any gas used as a food product additive will not leave a residue behind that may interfere with consumer use or health.  The nitrogen produced from an On Site gas System’s Nitrogen Generator has been independently tested by an accredited scientific analysis laboratory to confirm it complies with containment levels well below EIGA’s specified maximum containments.
On Site Gas Systems provides a variety of nitrogen generators capable of producing up to 99.9995 percent purity levels on demand. If your manufacturing operation must meet European Industrial Gas Association standards and uses nitrogen as food additive E941, you can rest assured that our generators will help you maintain purity levels that meet these strict regulations.

Enhance Your Food Packaging Operation with a Nitrogen Generator from On Site Gas Systems

Your food packaging business can depend on On Site Gas Systems nitrogen generators to provide a steady supply of high-purity nitrogen whenever you need it. Contact us today for more information about our nitrogen generators and how they can be used to enhance food packaging operations.