Nitrogen Membrane Generators for Mining in Africa

nitrogen membrane generator

Large amounts of nitrogen are essential to the nickel extraction process. Without nitrogen, the nickel mining process can be shut down with a loss of production.

How Nitrogen Gas is Used in Nickel Mining

When raw material is extracted from nickel mines, it travels “as is” to the processing facility. In the processing facility, nickel is separated from the raw material and captured for further processing. Nitrogen is a key part of this process; without large volumes of nitrogen, the nickel extraction process will inevitably come to a standstill.

Why On-Site Nitrogen is Crucial for Mining in Africa

The nickel mines in Africa are often in very desolate or remote locations, making it nearly impossible-or at least extremely expensive-for liquid nitrogen to be used. Not only that, but having to rely on liquid nitrogen deliveries can often leave mines without the supply they need to continue the nickel extraction process. If the mine is required to shut down because of a lack of nitrogen gas supply, it can result in over $1,000,000 per day of lost revenue, depending on the size of the mine.

On the contrary, with an on-site nitrogen membrane generator, the nickel mines in Africa are able to create their own consistent supply of nitrogen gas. They won’t be shut down because of bad weather or other delays of the delivery trucks. On-site nitrogen gas is the only way for mines to have a reliable, stable nitrogen gas supply to keep them operating at maximum efficiency.

Why Nitrogen Membrane Generators from On Site Gas Systems

We are known worldwide for our nitrogen membrane generators that provide mines with a dependable nitrogen gas supply. Our on-site nitrogen systems are available for long and short-term usage, as well as either for rental or for purchase. They can produce nitrogen gas at a purity up to 99.9% and a volume up to 6000 SCFM. There is no location too remote for our nitrogen membrane generators, and there is no application too complex. To experience the benefits of your own on-site nitrogen membrane generator, contact On Site Gas Systems today.

Refurbished, for Sale, or for Rent, Nitrogen Generators Improve Operations

Used Nitrogen Generators For Sale

If you rely on nitrogen gas for your operations, nitrogen generators from On Site Gas Systems are the most efficient way to meet your needs. Our nitrogen generators are used worldwide in some of the most rugged, remote environments, and we are confident they will make your life easier while saving you money. Whether you are looking for customized on-site nitrogen generators, used nitrogen generators, or a nitrogen generator rental, we have a nitrogen gas solution for you.

Benefits of On-Site Nitrogen

When you select a nitrogen generator for your company, you are investing in your future success. Here’s why:

  • Our nitrogen generators deliver high cost savings. Many of our clients are able to cover the cost of their system within a year or two of use, which means from there forward it’s all profit.
  • With on-site nitrogen, the logistics of your nitrogen gas usage just got a lot easier. You don’t have to worry about nitrogen deliveries and the hassles that go along with them, and you also never need to fear running out of the nitrogen gas you need.
  • Our nitrogen generators are extremely easy to use, yet they use the most innovative technology to ensure their efficiency.
  • You can rely on our on-site nitrogen generators to work when you need them. They are very low maintenance and extremely dependable.

Options for Nitrogen Generators

As a world leader in on-site nitrogen generators, we know that every industry and application has different needs, which is why we offer several different nitrogen gas solutions for every situation:

  • Our most popular option is our custom nitrogen generators. We work with you to custom engineer an on-site nitrogen gas system that specifically matches your budget and production requirements. To help offset the costs, we also have the option of trading in your current nitrogen gas generation system for one of our upgraded ones.
  • Another choice is our refurbished nitrogen generators, which still give you the benefits of ownership without as much of an initial investment. Since our nitrogen generators are crafted with such precision, they are very durable. Many of them have been in operations for nearly 30 years, and they are still going strong.
  • Finally, if you are still unsure if you want to use our on-site nitrogen generators long-term—or you want to minimize your upfront costs while still experiencing the convenience of on-site nitrogen gas—we have nitrogen generator rental options available. This allows you to test out the nitrogen generator for yourself without the commitment of a purchase. In the future, if you decide you want to convert the nitrogen generator rental to a permanent purchase that is not a problem.

At On Site Gas Systems, we have a vast array of nitrogen generators to meet your every need. From our refurbished nitrogen generators to our customized on-site nitrogen systems to our nitrogen generator rental options, whatever you desire, we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.