Comparative Analysis: Oxygen Gas Generators vs. Oxygen Gas Cylinders

Comparative Analysis: Oxygen Gas Generators vs. Oxygen Gas Cylinders

Oxygen generators are used in various industries, including production facilities and hospitals. Some industries that require oxygen supply include computer chip manufacturing, medical life support, glass blowing, and wastewater treatment. Having a steady supply of oxygen on hand is critical for ensuring proper functioning and production in these industries.

Oxygen can come from two main sources: generators and cylinders. It’s important to recognize the differences and how one can be more cost-effective and convenient than the other. In this article, we’ll compare the two sources of oxygen.

Understanding Oxygen Gas Generators

PSA generators use a molecular sieve to separate gas molecules. They remove the N2 from the air to produce oxygen. They constantly pressurize and depressurize two towers to produce a continuous supply of oxygen.

The key advantages of using oxygen generators over oxygen cylinders include:

  • Continuous oxygen production and reliability. These generators produce a continuous supply of oxygen without running out. They never need to be swapped out, unlike oxygen cylinders.
  • Environmentally friendly. Oxygen generators offer eco-friendly oxygen production that requires only a small energy supply to run. In addition, there are no trucks consuming fossil fuels needed for delivery.
  • Economical. Oxygen cylinders represent an ongoing cost for your business. Some businesses spend thousands on oxygen cylinders every year. Oxygen generators represent a small up-front cost, but once purchased, they require little energy to run

Understanding Oxygen Gas Cylinders

Oxygen cylinders come in different sizes and offer oxygen at a variety of purity levels. Although O2 cylinders require no power to function, they are only cost-effective for businesses that need only a small supply of oxygen throughout the year.

Comparative Analysis: Oxygen Cylinder vs. Generator

If your business relies on a steady supply of oxygen, consider the following variables when trying to decide between oxygen cylinders and generators.


The cost of running an oxygen generator is low compared to the cost of replenishing oxygen cylinders regularly. Oxygen cylinders can cost thousands annually. While costs vary, many businesses say their oxygen generator pays for itself within 6-18 months after purchase.

Supply and Capacity

Oxygen generators produce a continuous supply of oxygen without requiring the user to rely on an external supplier. A supply of oxygen cylinders is subject to supply chain problems, which can fail to meet the oxygen demand. In addition, consumers who order oxygen may also be subjected to ongoing changes in costs, making budgeting difficult. Oxygen generators, on the other hand, are always available, on-site, and ready to produce oxygen as needed.

Purity and Quality

Oxygen purity and quality vary depending on whether the customer is using an oxygen cylinder or generator. Oxygen generators produce oxygen at a purity level of up to 99%.

Safety and Risks

Oxygen cylinders can present a safety risk because high-pressure compressed gases can be hazardous. It’s important to train workers to handle oxygen cylinders properly to ensure job site safety.

Operational Flexibility

Oxygen cylinders can take up a lot of space. Depending on how many oxygen cylinders your business uses at one time and how many cylinders it continuously stores for pickup and replenishment, oxygen cylinders can use a lot of valuable floor space.

Oxygen generators are typically more compact and can meet the customer’s business needs without requiring this storage space.

Making the Right Choice

Deciding whether to use an oxygen generator or an oxygen cylinder can be a tough business decision. Some factors to consider:

  • Business size
  • Annual oxygen cylinder costs
  • Business commitment to eco-friendly practices
  • Budget

For many businesses, deciding whether to get an oxygen generator is easier after consulting with On Site Gas Systems. Our experts can discuss your custom system, including costs and specs.

Need An Oxygen Generator? Contact Us

Oxygen cylinders represent an ongoing cost with few advantages. Oxygen generators provide a continuous supply of oxygen with low operating costs.

Does your business require an oxygen generator? The next step is to determine whether your business needs a PSA or VPSA generator. The experts at On Site Gas Systems can help. We create custom solutions for our clients. Schedule a consultation to discuss your business needs and how our systems can benefit you.

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