Why Are Potato Chip Bags Filled with Air? Using Nitrogen in Potato Chip Bags

You know you’ve been there: You open a potato chip bag only to hear a loud pop and air release, and then you look down and the chips take up a mere fraction of the bag. This has probably left you with all kinds of questions, such as, “What air is in a potato chip bag?” “Why do bags of chips have air in them?” and “How much air is in a potato chip bag?” Now is the day you get answers.

What Air Is in a Potato Chip Bag?

Before we get into why bags of chips are filled with air, let’s talk about what is actually being used. The secret ingredient that you refer to as air is actually nitrogen gas. Regular air contains all kinds of particles, including oxygen and water vapor, both of which will cause the chips to rapidly decay. So food manufacturers displace the oxygen and water vapor with nitrogen to make the food more shelf stable. This process is often referred to as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and helps foods to maintain their quality.

Why Do Bags of Chips Have Air in Them?

We have briefly answered the question, “Why are potato chip bags filled with air?” but now it’s time to break it down into more detail. These are the main reasons why bags of chips have nitrogen in them:

  • It gives the chips a longer shelf life. Bacteria need oxygen to thrive, and if all of the oxygen is removed, it can’t grow. This means there is no chance of mold, mildew, or other substances showing up on the chips.
  • It keeps away moisture. In addition to oxygen, moisture is an enemy of potato chips. By filling every last ounce of space with nitrogen, water vapor will not be able to enter the bag, and the chips will stay nice and crispy until you are ready to eat them.
  • It keeps the chips whole. Finally, bags of chips have nitrogen in them to act as a barrier as the chips are being transported from the manufacturing facility to the store and from the store to your home. The nitrogen acts like a pillow, buffering out any impact so it keeps the chips intact.

How Much Air Is in A Potato Chip Bag?

The answer to this question can vary quite a bit. However, products are supposed to list the actual net weight of their product on the packaging, so you will know exactly how much you are getting. So instead of looking at the size of the bag, pay attention to the net weight of the chips inside.
Even though it may seem like the nitrogen in a potato chip bag is only there to deceive you, it actually serves a very important purpose: to protect the chips from being crushed or going bad. It is especially effective because it does not impact the taste or texture at all.
If you manufacturer potato chips and you want to make sure you always have enough nitrogen to keep things moving, contact us today. With our on site nitrogen gas generators, you will never run out of the nitrogen gas you need to keep your chips in tip-top shape.

Why Your Microbrewery Needs an Onsite Nitrogen Generator

While the ingredients in beer are basic, making beer is anything but. It is basically one big chemistry experiment, and every detail needs to be perfect for the beer to have the ideal taste and mouthfeel. And one of the key components of this process is nitrogen.

Why a Nitrogen Generator for Craft Brewery?

The basic brewing process can be broken down into four steps: malting, mashing, boiling, and fermenting — and nitrogen is used in many of them. Here are just some of the ways to use a nitrogen generator for a craft brewery:

  • Nitrogen gas is used to completely clean out tanks between batches. The nitrogen removes any wort, mash, or beer to make sure it doesn’t oxidize in the tank and add an unwelcome sour flavor to the next batch.
  • Nitrogen gas can displace the carbon dioxide and oxygen in a tank to help move the beer from one tank to the next.
  • Nitrogen gas is injected into a keg before shipping or storage to help pressurize it.
  • Nitrogen gas can be infused into the beer itself during the brewing process. Instead of solely using carbon dioxide to create carbonation, a mixture of 70% nitrogen and 30% carbon dioxide is used. This gives the beer a more complex taste and mouthfeel.

Benefits of On Site Nitrogen Generators for Breweries

With so many uses for nitrogen in the brewing process, it just makes sense to use a nitrogen generator for a microbrewery. Instead of ordering nitrogen in bulk, dealing with empty cylinders, scheduling deliveries and pickups, and wasting the gas in the process, you can create your own nitrogen on demand. Here is a close look at the benefits of nitrogen generators for breweries:

  • Save Time — If you rely on nitrogen deliveries, there is a good chance you will face delivery delays at some point. This means you have to halt production until your gas supply is replenished. With an onsite nitrogen generator, you will never run out because you are making your own.
  • Reduce Costs — Even though a nitrogen generator for a microbrewery costs more money upfront, these costs are usually recouped within a couple of years. Which means over time, the cost of using nitrogen gas goes down dramatically because there will be no recurring charges.

Choose an Onsite Nitrogen Generator for a Microbrewery

With so many uses for nitrogen gas in the brewing process, and so many benefits of using nitrogen generators for breweries, the choice is pretty clear: with on-demand, onsite nitrogen gas, you can save time and money and make a better beer. To learn more about how an onsite nitrogen generator can help your beer brewing endeavors, contact us now.