The Many Uses of Oxygen Gas

You know you need oxygen to breathe, but did you know there are thousands of companies out there relying on oxygen gas to conduct business? There are hundreds of industrial uses for oxygen gas, and On Site Gas Systems has been providing these companies with the oxygen they require for over 30 years. Here is a look at just some of the oxygen gas uses that exist.

Save Lives

Whether it’s within healthcare facilities, on marine vessels, or on emergency vehicles, a steady oxygen supply is required to save lives every minute of every day. By having an oxygen generator on site, medical facilities can be sure they always have the oxygen they need, even in remote locations.

Improve Wastewater Processing

Without intervention, wastewater takes a lot time to break down, which can result in all kinds of issues. By aerating the wastewater with oxygen, the natural bio-degradation process can occur quicker and without adding harmful chemicals.

Increase the Yield in Gold Mining

Another important use of oxygen gas is for gold mining. In fact, when used, gold miners are able to get a much greater yield for their efforts. They use the oxygen gas to convert the mineral sulfides to sulfates and to convert arsenic into ferric acid. By doing this, the gold is much easier to retrieve and many miners report being able to double their yield.

Make Sure Trout Thrive

When it comes to trout farming, the taste of the trout is dependent on the quality of the conditions the trout is raised in. As such, fish farms and hatcheries inject the water with oxygen. By oxygenizing the water, the fish stay healthy, their appetites increase, and they are substantially larger and tastier when it comes time to sell them.

Blown Glass

Whether it’s making decorative items or medical/science supplies, glass blowing is an extremely common use of oxygen gas. Gas blowers use the oxygen to masterfully create the steady stream of air that is necessary to shape the glass in a multitude of ways.
No matter what oxygen gas is used for, one thing is consistent: companies need on site oxygen generation to ensure they can continue operations. If oxygen runs out, the business comes to a halt, and in the case of medical facilities, lives can be at risk. At On Site Gas Systems, we carry large and small oxygen generation systems, including portable oxygen refilling stations, to make sure every company has oxygen when they need it. To learn more about what oxygen gas uses can benefit your industry, contact us today.

How Nitrogen Is Contributing to Less Expensive Electronics

It’s no secret that the price of electronics has gone down dramatically over the past few years. Televisions that used to cost over $1,000 can now be purchased for a few hundred. So what exactly is causing the price of electronics to drop? It all comes down to the streamlined manufacturing process. And while there are several components involved in the price reduction, a lot of the credit can go to the introduction of nitrogen gas to the surface mount technology process.

Nitrogen’s Role in Reduced Manufacturing Expenses

As you may know, surface mount technology is a meticulous process that requires extreme precision. During the process, solder paste is used to apply each and every tiny component onto the board. However, in order for the paste to get hot enough to melt, it must be placed in a reflow oven. The problem is that solder is metal based, so when it is exposed to the heat and oxygen in the oven, there is a high chance of corrosion.
This corroded solder paste, also called dross, is the most common cause of waste during the surface mount technology process. The damaged paste has to be cleaned from the board, connections have to be reworked, and the process has to start again. This costs the company both material and labor costs that quickly add up.
If the oxygen can be removed from the atmosphere, the amount of wasted solder and bad connections goes down dramatically, which is exactly what nitrogen gas is used for. By blanketing the entire board in nitrogen, there is no room left for oxygen, so boards can be made with significantly less damage along the way. Additionally, the nitrogen cuts back on the surface tension, so when the board is complete, the solder can break away cleanly.

On Site Nitrogen Generators Save Even More

Adding nitrogen to the manufacturing process has saved electronics manufacturers millions of dollars in saved labor and materials, but there is a way they can save even more. With on site nitrogen generators, companies can create their own nitrogen gas on demand instead of dealing with nitrogen cylinder deliveries. There is no risk of the nitrogen running out, and there is no additional overhead every month to pay for the gas. In fact, most companies can recoup the costs of a nitrogen generator within a year or two.
By integrating nitrogen gas into the surface mount technology process, manufacturers can reap the benefits of less waste and fewer re-dos, and by using an on site nitrogen generator to get the gas, they can save even more. If you want to learn more about how nitrogen gas generation can benefit your processes, contact On Site Gas today.