Common Questions to Consider When Purchasing a Nitrogen Generator for Your Electronics Operation

If you’re purchasing a nitrogen gas generator for your electronics operation, you may have some initial questions. Below, we’re answering two of the most common inquiries we receive about nitrogen generators for the electronic industry.

Can Your Generators Provide High Enough Purity Levels (10 ppm) to Prevent Dross?

Eliminating dross is one of the main benefits of the wave soldering process. Doing so reduces maintenance needs and saves your company money. Plus, by completing soldering work in a nitrogen atmosphere, you can improve joint quality and manufacturing production. This also influences surface tension, solder spread, wetting force, and angle. A determining factor in dross production and cost-effectiveness is whether your operation uses liquid nitrogen or generated nitrogen processes.

The Types Of Nitrogen Generation Systems

There are two types of reliable nitrogen generation systems: Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and nitrogen membrane generators and On Site Gas Systems offers both of these options. Generated nitrogen gas offers a lower initial investment than using liquid nitrogen, and your generator will pay for itself rather quickly. Generated N2 gas is an effective and more convenient solution than dependence on nitrogen deliveries from a supplier.

When you purchase a nitrogen gas generator, you must evaluate the purity level of the nitrogen it produces to determine whether it meets your needs. In electronics manufacturing, you want the solder to spread at 205 degrees Celsius, which requires a rest oxygen atmosphere of 10 parts per million (ppm). Therefore, it’s essential to have an N2 generator that can produce nitrogen with a purity level of 99.99 percent and above. At On Site Gas, we provide a variety systems that are capable of producing high-purity nitrogen gas.

Can Your Generators Provide Enough Flow for Both Reflow and Wave Applications?

In reflow soldering, a mixture of powdered solder and flux temporarily attaches electrical components to their contact pads on a printed circuit board (PCB). The assembly is then heated in a reflow oven or under an infrared lamp. The solder paste reflows in a molten state, which creates permanent solder joints.
In the wave soldering process, the circuit board passes over a pan of molten solder in which a pump produces a swell, or “wave.” The circuit board makes contact with this wave, and the components become soldered to the board. In both processes, nitrogen gas is used to maintain a clean, dry, and inert atmosphere, which is essential in creating strong and lasting solder bonds.

When you purchase a nitrogen gas generation system for your electronics operation, you must consider whether it will produce enough flow for the processes you employ. Various types of generators are available to address specific electronics production needs, ranging from small generators for selective soldering to large systems that feed reflow ovens and wave solder applications. Nitrogen generators can also be custom designed in any size to suit your specific requirements.

In Need of a High-Quality Nitrogen Generator? On Site Gas Can Help

Once you have evaluated your company’s production methods and needs, the next step is to select a nitrogen generation system that will accommodate any necessary applications. At On Site Gas, we offer a variety of nitrogen generators that can be customized to fit your business’ unique specifications.
For more information about our nitrogen generators, reflow and wave applications, or dross reduction, reach out to our team today!

On-site Nitrogen Generators Improve Electronics Manufacturing


Nitrogren Gas in Electronics Manufacturing

In today’s world of electronics manufacturing, it’s all about using surface mount technology. Not only are these devices safer and easier to produce than their leaded predecessors, they also perform better—as long as they are created under the right conditions. That’s where nitrogen gas generators from On Site Gas Systems comes in.

Why Nitrogen Gas for Electronics Manufacturing?

It’s no secret that the manufacturing of electronics is complex, and the process requires precision—there is no room for error. Nitrogen gas works to ensure this perfection is achieved in three ways:

  • Maintains the Ideal Atmosphere – Electronics manufacturing calls for a very specific temperature and environment to work successfully. With nitrogen gas, both can be achieved and sustained throughout the entire workday.
  • Produces Crisper Results – Pure nitrogen gas is also required in electronics manufacturing to ensure sharp finishes. It cuts down on the amount of dross that is formed in the soldering process, while also reducing surface tension to allow the solder to cleanly break away.
  • Prevents Oxidation – In convection reflow and selective soldering, nitrogen gas is crucial in order to eliminate the oxygen from the air, otherwise oxidation can occur, which weakens the solder. With nitrogen gas, the amount of oxygen is greatly reduced so the integrity of the solder can remain intact.

Why an On-site Nitrogen Generator?

The need for nitrogen gas in electronics manufacturing is clear, and when you break it down, so is the need for an on-site nitrogen generator from On Site Gas Systems. Here’s why:

  • Eliminates Dependency – When electronics manufacturers need nitrogen gas, they oftentimes rely on the delivery of nitrogen gas. However, this causes them to be dependent on someone else for their supply, and it usually requires a contract. With an on-site nitrogen gas generator from On Site Gas Systems, electronics manufacturing companies are able to produce their own nitrogen gas supply. This means they will always have it available when they need it and they don’t have to worry about the logistics of getting nitrogen gas cylinders or N2 bottles
  • An On-Site N2 Generator Reduces Expenses – It is true that there is an upfront cost to get an on-site nitrogen generator from On Site Gas Systems, but even the Surface Mount Technology Association believes that it is well worth it. Since the nitrogen gas improves the quality of the electronics manufacturing tenfold, there are fewer repairs needed. You can further increase your saving by generating your Nitrogen On Site and On Demand. After a short time, the on-site nitrogen generator will pay for itself by greatly reducing the amount spent for your nitrogen needs.

An on-site nitrogen gas generator from On Site Gas Systems is ideal for use in electronics manufacturing. Not only does it improve the quality of the product and the efficiency of the facility, it also eliminates the need for nitrogen gas deliveries.

If you are ready to experience the ease of use and cost savings an on-site nitrogen generator can provide, contact On Site Gas Systems today.