Five Advantages of a Portable Oxygen Generator

Five Advantages of a Portable Oxygen Generator

Portable oxygen generators provide life-saving medical assistance to anyone experiencing oxygen deprivation or difficulty breathing. Oxygen generators from On Site Gas are used in field hospitals, disaster relief situations, and in emergencies to provide medical-grade oxygen for people in need.

Whether you’re working in healthcare, military operations, or providing help to disaster victims in the field, here’s what you need to know about the benefits of portable oxygen generators from On Site Gas.

1. Increases Chances of Survival

Oxygen is needed for survival. Often, injured people need supplemental oxygen because their bodies can’t absorb enough oxygen. For anyone with damaged lungs, low oxygen saturation levels can be dangerous.

Supplemental oxygen can help these patients get proper rest and maintain safe, healthy oxygen saturation levels. This helps ensure that patients can get rest after an injury while waiting for transportation to a nearby clinic or hospital.

Portable oxygen generators are designed for convenience as well as portability and effectiveness. On Site’s oxygen generators provide unlimited oxygen flow 24/7, increasing the chances for survival whether on the field, for disaster relief, or in any emergency.

2. Portable and Effective

Portable oxygen generators can be set up in a field hospital, or used in any facility housing military medical or disaster management operations. These machines provide life-saving oxygen to patients who have been badly injured, whether in an everyday accident or a natural disaster. Portability makes oxygen generators easier to use in the field and on-site, where ever supplemental oxygen is needed.

3. Available for Disaster Relief

Effective disaster relief is critical for victims of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires. Portable oxygen generators can easily be transported to areas that have been affected by natural disasters, thus providing critical care to people suffering from life-threatening injuries, even when they’re far from a hospital.

Durability is another important component of these portable generators because they can withstand the challenge of transportation from one location to another without breaking.

4. Efficient and Low Cost

Although oxygen cylinders are another option for medical professionals who need oxygen for injured patients, a portable oxygen generator is much more cost-efficient. This machine requires a larger up-front cost but is less expensive than purchasing multiple cylinders over time.

5. Improves Mental Alertness

Oxygen is one of the essential elements that keep our organs and brain functioning properly. One of the symptoms of oxygen deprivation is confusion and disorientation. For an injured patient experiencing a mental fog, oxygen from a small portable oxygen generator can mean the difference between the clarity of thought and regular disorientation.

Do You Need Supplemental Oxygen?

If you represent a healthcare facility or a medical relief team in the field, having a small portable oxygen generator can help you serve your patients. When it comes to purchasing a portable oxygen generator, it’s important to buy the best portable oxygen generator you can. For more information about purchasing a portable oxygen generator, contact On Site Gas to get a quote.

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